Information for Prospective Interconnected VoIP Service Providers

Interconnected voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service providers are required by law to be registered with the ICC in Illinois. This page provides prospective interconnected VoIP service providers the resources necessary to apply for certification. The application form provided herein is designed to simplify the process of registering in Illinois. By providing a completed registration, (and all supporting materials requested in the registration), at the time of filing, carriers reduce the time it takes to complete the registration process.

Filing Information

Where to File-Submit Complete registration forms in triplicate to:
Chief Clerk's Office
Illinois Commerce Commission
527 E. Capitol Avenue
Springfield, IL 62701

Questions-Direct questions regarding this registration to:
Telecommunications Division
Illinois Commerce Commission
(217) 558-7163

Revisions to Registration Information
Please note that, pursuant to Section 13-401.1(a) of the Public Utilities Act [220 ILCS 5/13-401.1(a)], a provider must notify the Commission of any change in the information herein within 5 business days after any such change.

Please note that a provider may designate information that it submits in its registration form as confidential or proprietary, provided that the provider states the reasons the confidential designation is necessary. Providers seeking confidential or proprietary treatment shall indicate the period for which proprietary treatment is sought and an explanation of why that period is appropriate. The burden of proof to demonstrate that the designated information is confidential shall be upon the provider. Whenever a provider files a registration form which contains information which is claimed to be or determined to be confidential or proprietary, the provider shall file both public and proprietary copies of the registration form (each in triplicate). Providers shall indicate that confidential or proprietary information has been deleted by any method that plainly indicates on the public copy that information has been deleted and plainly identifies on the proprietary copy what specific information has been claimed to be or determined to be confidential or proprietary.

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