Information for Prospective Telecommunications Carriers

Competitive telecommunications carriers are required by law to be certified by the ICC prior to providing service in Illinois. This page provides prospective competitive local exchange carriers, ("CLECs"), and interexchange carriers, (IXCs"), the resources necessary to apply for certification. The application form provided below is designed to simplify the process of applying for local or interexchange certification in Illinois. By providing a completed application, (and all supporting materials requested in the application), at the time of filing, carriers reduce the time it takes to complete the certification process. This application does not replace the hearing process. For hearing alternatives, please review 83 Illinois Administrative Code Part 200, "Rules of Practice"External Link.

Many carriers augment their application with written testimony. Testimony, if provided, should be filed with the application or shortly thereafter. If at anytime during the certification process, your company files any additional information, please provide a copy to the Administrative Law Judge and all staff members participating in the docket. Please do not file your tariffs with the application or testimony. Tariffs should be filed after certification has been received and prior to providing service.

One signed verified original application should be filed with:

Chief Clerk
Illinois Commerce Commission
527 East Capitol Avenue
Springfield, Illinois 62701

Additionally, a copy of your application should be submitted to the Telecommunications Division at the same address listed above.