The Illinois Commerce Commission has obtained copies of Voluntary Mitigation Agreements (VMAs) that were executed by communities located along the former Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway (EJE) Corridor in northeastern Illinois and Grand Trunk Corporation (GTC), a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary and owner of the U.S. rail operating subsidiaries of Canadian national Railway Company (CN). The CN purchased the EJE in 2009. The VMAs, which set out certain commitments CN will make in order to address train-related and public safety-related issues, are available on the Illinois Commerce Commission’s website at

A total of 29 Illinois communities are located along the EJE Corridor. The ICC has obtained copies of VMAs that were executed by 21 communities. CN has agreed to contribute nearly $23 million for quiet zones, operations, safety, noise mitigation and other items. In addition, CN will provide free training for emergency responders in those communities who requested it.

The ICC will monitor the CN's compliance with those portions of the agreements for which it has jurisdiction, which include any items that affect public safety at public highway-rail crossings.

Voluntary Mitigation Agreements