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On July 28, 2011 the Governor signed Senate Bill 1396 into law as Public Act 97-0222, which required the Commission to direct the Office of Retail Market Development (ORMD) to review existing consumer education information for residential and small commercial customers and consider whether updates are necessary. The ORMD is directed to seek input from interested persons, including RESs, electric utilities, the Attorney General and the Citizens Utility Board, to further its review of the consumer education materials and possible proposed changes.

To implement the requirements of this law, the Commission issued a Notice of Inquiry on October 19, 2011 and requested Initial Comments to be sent by December 1, 2011 and Reply Comments to be sent by December 15, 2011. On February 15, 2012, the ORMD provided the Commission with a report that summarized the comments received and that contained recommendations based on those comments. On March 21, 2012, the Commission approved the recommendations.

Below you will find the new law, the Commission's Notice of Inquiry, the ORMD's report, as well as all Initial and Reply Comments received.

NOI Initial Comments

NOI Reply Comments