for Trucking

On-line registration is available at Link (extra fees apply).

Enforcement of the UCR program began nationwide February 1, 2013. Motor Carriers, both private and for-hire that must register under the UCR program will not be required to display or carry the UCR receipt in their vehicless. Enforcement personnel will use electronic records to verify UCR compliance.

The criteria allowing the deletion or exclusion of vehicles, found on the UCR application, Section 4, # 1 (optional), used in intrastate commerce has been clarified by the UCR Board. A vehicle may be subtracted from UCR fees if the vehicle is used exclusively in the intrastate transportation of property, waste or recyclable material and;

  1. The vehicle did not or will not travel outside the state;
  2. The vehicle did not or will not carry property, waste or recyclable material that originated outside the state or is destined for a location outside the state, and;
  3. The vehicle was not or will not be registered under the International Registration Plan (IRP). The vehicle must not have an apportioned plate.

For auditing purposes, you must maintain a list of vehicles deleted or excluded under this option.

A blank UCR application and additional information is available on the Illinois Commerce Commission website at