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How to Report a Violation of the Underground Utility Facilities Damge Prevention Act

Suspected violations of the Act that occurred after July 1, 2002 (the effective date of the enforcement law) can be reported on this website via the on-line report form or the form can be printed out and sent in by mail, fax or e-mail. Reports can also be made by telephone. However, to ensure that the information you provide is correct and not subject to errors in transcription, you are encouraged to use the on-line form or submit a hard copy form.

If you use the on-line report from, when you press the "submit" button, you will have the opportunity to print the submission on your printer so you can retain a copy for your records.You will also be notified if your submission was successful and be given the case number that has been assigned to your incident report. Once a report is submitted, Staff will review the information submitted and will contact you for additional information, if necessary.

Hard copy forms can be mailed to:

Manager, One-Call Enforcement
Illinois Commerce Commission
527 East Capitol Avenue
Springfield, IL 62701

Forms and supporting documentation can be e-mailed to: Bill Riley

Forms can be faxed to: (217) 524-5516

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the incident call (217) 782-5911