• I want to use my expertise in finance, law, economics, accounting, or engineering in the rapidly changing field of utility regulation.
  • I would relish the challenge of developing an energy strategy for the 21st Century that will be a key part of national policy decisions.
  • I would prefer to apply my education and skills in the areas of telecommunications, energy, and water in a time of sweeping economic and technological change.
  • I would thrive as part of a highly professional management team.
  • I desire to make a difference in ensuring safe and reliable utility service to citizens in the nation's sixth-largest state.
  • I want to be engaged in optimizing the management of information in cyberspace.

If you agree...

with even ONE of these statements, the Illinois Commerce Commission may be the place for YOU. Whether you are seeking to develop experience at the beginning of your career, extend your track record in the middle, or continue your personal and professional growth following an early retirement, the ICC is looking for your talent. We can offer you the unique challenges and satisfaction afforded by public service. Moreover, the varied, but concentrated, experience of Commission employment can provide powerful career shaping opportunities.

Opportunities in Public Service

  • Accounting
  • Administrative Law
  • Consumer Protection
  • Economics
  • Energy Policy Planning
  • Engineering
  • Financial Analysis
  • Industrial Management
  • Information Systems
  • Public Administration
  • Rate Design
  • Telecommunications Policy Planning

The experience and expertise gained at the ICC is unique in state government. In order to regulate the state's investor-owned utilities in a fast-changing environment, the Commission relies on a diverse group of highly trained staff members most of whom hold a Master's degree, Ph.D., J.D. or a professional license. Our standards are high because our challenges are many. Opportunities exist for talented individuals who are committed to excellence, think creatively, want to be a part of shaping utility regulatory policy, and want to see their ideas make a difference.