Initial Report of Emergency Telephone System Boards/Qualified Governmental Entities

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Section 27 (b) of the Wireless Emergency Telephone Safety Act institutes the following requirement: “By October 1, 2014, each emergency telephone system board, qualified governmental entity, or unit of local government described in Section 15 of this Act and Section 15.4 of the Emergency Telephone System Act or any entity imposing a wireless surcharge pursuant to Section 45 of this Act shall report to the Illinois Commerce Commission audited financial statements showing total revenue and expenditures for each of the last two of its fiscal years in a form and manner as prescribed by the Illinois Commerce Commission's Manager of Accounting.”

The entire text of Section 27 of the Wireless Emergency Telephone Safety Act (50 ILCS 751/27) can be found at Link.


AR 9-1-1 Filings

Below are the list of 9-1-1 Authorities that are required to file AR 9-1-1.

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