The ICC has prepared Product Comparison Worksheets that consumers may use to evaluate various products offered by Alternative Gas Suppliers (AGS). There are separate worksheets for residential and small commercial customers of each utility that offers a natural gas choice program (Nicor Gas, North Shore Gas and Peoples Gas). Please be careful to use the proper Product Comparison Worksheet.

To use the worksheet, enter your annual natural gas consumption along with the prices and terms of the AGS products in the shaded cells. The worksheet will compute your estimated average monthly cost for each of the AGS products you are evaluating as well as your utility's current gas charge. Your estimated average monthly cost is based on the average monthly gas consumption. It is important to understand, however, that your usage may vary greatly from month to month based on the weather and other factors and that your utility's gas charge is a variable charge so future utility gas prices may differ from current charges. Therefore, the estimated average monthly cost may vary from your current monthly gas bill.

It is also important to understand and take into consideration the type of products you are evaluating as well as the contract terms for each of the product offers. These factors include whether the product is a fixed price, variable price or some hybrid combination of fixed and variable prices. For products that have a variable price component, consider when and why the price may change. You should also consider the length of the contracts for the products you are evaluating and check to see if any early termination fees or other charges may be assessed.