The Post 2006 Initiative is an opportunity for stakeholders to participate in various workshops and identify issues and concerns as the end of the transition period nears. The state's legislatively mandated transition period from a fully regulated electric market to a largely deregulated electric market concludes at the end of 2006. This forum should serve as a starting point among the stakeholder groups that includes utilities, consumer groups, large business customers, alternative retail electric suppliers, governmental, and other industry participants. Chairman Hurley has appointed Commissioner O'Connell-Diaz to chair the Post 2006 Initiative. If you have any questions regarding the Post 2006 Initiative, please contact Beth Bosch, Office of Public Affairs, 217-782-5793.

Post 2006 Initiative Report

Post 2006 Working Groups' Final Reports

Working Group: Competitive Issues

Working Group: Energy Assistance

Working Group: Procurement

Working Group: Rates

Working Group: Utility Service Obligations

Post 2006 Initiative Stakeholder Comments

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