ComEd's Grand Prairie Gateway Project

What and Where: ComEd proposes to build an overhead 345,000-volt transmission line between ComEd’s existing substations near the communities of Byron and Wayne. The new line, built on steel poles approximately 135-170 feet tall, will connect these substations and be located within the counties of Ogle, DeKalb, Kane and DuPage. The primary route of the project is approximately 60 miles long, and the alternate route is about 68 miles long. Link

Why: According to ComEd, the addition of the transmission line will allow for more efficient flow of electricity across the electrical grid, alleviating congestion and providing ComEd and other electric suppliers and their customers the ability to secure the electricity they need at the least cost.

Process: The law's expedited procedures required ComEd to hold at least three public meetings in each county in which the transmission lines would be located. The meetings, which were held in each affected county (with the DeKalb and Kane county meetings combined) between July and October 2013, were intended to provide area residents, landowners, and other interested persons the opportunity to learn more about the Grand Prairie Gateway Project and its possible impact on the surroundings. The meetings also allowed interested persons to communicate their views about the project to the company.

ComEd filed its application with the Illinois Commerce Commission for approval of the project on December 2, 2013. The company is seeking approval under the expedited procedures contained in Section 8-406.1 of the Public Utilities Act. See that section of the law here  Link).

The final date allowed by law for Commission action is July 15, 2014.

The ICC will arrive at a decision in the case after considering evidence and testimony from all parties. Information about the case may be found on the ICC's e-Docket system under docket 13-0657. Interested persons may petition to intervene in the ICC proceeding. By intervening, a person may submit into the record of the case evidence and argument regarding the project. Rules for intervening may be found here: Intervening in a Docket [83 ILL. ADM Code 200, Section 200.200]External Link

You may also submit public comments regarding the project through the ICC website, (click here to comment) or by calling 1-800-524-0795.

Landowner Information: ComEd, as required, included a preferred route and alternate route with its petition for the transmission line. All landowners affected by these routes receive noticesExternal Link from the Chief Clerk of the ICC that explain the ICC’s regulatory process governing the proposed transmission line and information concerning acquisition of land or land rights-of-way by the transmission public utility.

Case Information: All information related to the case including the application, other filings, the case schedule and ICC rulings can be found on the ICC's e-Docket at t