• Public Utility - Inter-Exchange Carrier (IXC)

    Activated: 11-0417 June 2, 2011

    The latest designated agent form was accepted January 27, 2015.
    The latest annual report was accepted March 26, 2015.
    The initial tariff filing was made June 22, 2011.

  • Public Utility - Interconnected VoIP Service Provider

    Activated: May 23, 2013

    No designated agent form information is available at this time.
    No annual report information is available at this time.
    A tariff has not been filed.

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Dave Lewis
    3243 Meadowbrook
    Springfield, IL 62711
    Phone: (217) 698-2860
    E-Mail: regulatoryaffairs@anpi.com
  • In-State Designated Agent

    Document Processor
    Illinois Corporation Service Company
    801 Adlai Stevenson Dr.
    Springfield, IL 62703-4261
    Phone: (217) 544-5900
  • Out-of-State Designated Agent

    Judith A. Riley
    Telecom Professionals
    PO Box 720128
    Oklahoma City, OK 73172
    Phone: (405) 755-8177
    E-Mail: jriley@telecompliance.net
  • Temporary Designated Agent

    No Temporary Designated Agent information available at this time.
  • Customer Service Representative

    No Customer Service Representative information available at this time.