Crossing Information

DOT/AAR Number:372172J
Railroad:Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Corp. Railrd
ICC Line Code:L6
Crossing Type:Public (At Grade) Crossing
Type of Private Crossing:Not private
County Name:Du Page
In Or Near:In
Street Name:ADDISON ST
Highway Number:MUN2210
Railroad Division:MWD
Railroad Subdivision:ELGIN
Number of Main Tracks:2
Number of Other Tracks:0
Description of Other Tracks:
Crossing Surface Type:Rubber
Average Number of Daily Trains:86
Train Speed - Timetable:70
Train Speed - Minimum Likely:1
Train Speed - Maximum Likely:70
Maximum Warning Devices:Gates
Highway - Railroad Interconnect:CWT
Channelization:All Approaches
Signs Other Quantity 1:2
Signs Other Description 1:2 TRACKS
Signs Other Quantity 2:2
Signs Other Description 2:W10-9
Traffic Lanes:2
Truck Percent:5
Land Use:Commercial
Angle of Intersection - Road to Rail:60° to 90°
Highway Type:Non-Federal-Aid
FHWA Road Class:Local, urban
On State Highway:No
Roadway Paved:Yes
Pavement Markings:Both-Line/Symbl
Advanced Warning Signs:Yes
Track Within Street:No
Road Intersection Near:LT 75ft
DOT Structure ID 1:
DOT Remarks 1:
FRA Quiet Zone:24 Hour
Passenger Train Type:Other
Average Passenger Trains Per Day:70
LAT LONG Source:Actual
ENS Sign:Yes
EMERGENCY Phone Number:8773494283
Posted Highway Speed:30
Narrative Railroad:38565
Narrative State 1:
Data Last Updated:03/31/2014


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