Towing of Trespassing Vehicles

In Illinois, private property owners have the right to have unauthorized vehicles removed from their premises. Ordinarily these actions are regulated by, and subject to, local ordinances.

However, under the Illinois Commercial Relocation of Trespassing Vehicles LawExternal Link, any county may opt to provide that the towing of vehicles from private property be regulated by the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Currently, the Commission regulates the towing operations of 56 licensed companies in Cook, DuPage, Kane, Will and Winnebago counties.

NOTE: This law does not affect the towing of vehicles parked on public streets, the activities of towing companies who tow damaged or disabled vehicles, companies engaged in the repossession of motor vehicles, or vehicles that are towed at the direction of the police.

If you desire to provide towing service for the removal of trespass vehicles from private property, or if your vehicle has been towed from private property, and the property is NOT located in Cook, DuPage, Kane, Will and Winnebago counties, you should contact your local authorities for licensing and public protection information. Relocation towing companies, tow truck operators, and dispatchers are licensed by the Illinois Commerce Commission for two year periods. Information concerning criminal records and driving records are carefully checked before licenses are issued or renewed.