*** NOTICE ***
New Application for Relocation Towing Employment Permit

Effective April 7, 2014, the application process for Relocation Towing Employment Permits for dispatchers and operators has changed. The application has been updated and is currently posted on the Commission’s website. In order to apply for an employment permit, dispatchers and operators must utilize the updated form. Any applications submitted on the outdated form will be rejected.

Applications for Relocation Towing Employment Permits will no longer be accepted at the Des Plaines office.

Applications for Relocation Towing Employment Permits accompanied by the required fee must be mailed to the Springfield office at the following address:

Illinois Commerce Commission
ATTN: Processing and Information
527 E. Capitol Ave.
Springfield, IL 62701

Applications will not be accepted via fax or e-mail. A fully completed application with original signatures must be submitted via US Mail.

PLEASE BE ADVISED that all parts of the application must be completed fully and truthfully. Failure to complete any portion in full will result in the rejection of the application. The application will not be processed until it is properly completed. Also, the application must be properly completed before the applicant will receive approval from the Processing and Information Section to proceed to get fingerprinted.

Applicants must wait for authorization from the Processing and Information Section before proceeding to get fingerprinted.

*** Any omission, incomplete answer or untruthful answer may result in the denial of the Relocation Towing Employment Permit to the applicant. ***