The Staff of the Commission has been advised by the Illinois Power Agency (“IPA”) that, pursuant to Section 16-115D(a)(4) of the Public Utilities Act, the following Excel files each comprise a part of the IPA's list of resources located in Illinois, within states that adjoin Illinois or within portions of the PJM and MISO footprint in the United States that qualify under the definition of renewable energy resources in Section 1-10 of the Illinois Power Agency Act for compliance with Section 16-115D. These files are published for informational purposes only as a courtesy to Alternative Retail Electric Suppliers and electric utilities operating outside their service areas. Neither the Staff nor the Commission guarantees these files to be complete or accurate. Any inquiries regarding these files should be directed to the Illinois Power Agency as the agency responsible for identifying qualifying resources under Section 16-115D(a)(4) of the Public Utilities Act.

IPA's List of Resources that Qualify Under The Definition of Renewable Energy Resources