Account Application

Anyone who wishes to file case-related documents with e-Docket's electronic filing functions must have an active e-Docket account.  To apply for an account:
  1. Download and print out the Application for an e-Docket Account.

  2. Fill out the application on the hard copy, providing, at a minimum, the following information:

    1. First name, last name
    2. Primary mailing address and phone number
    3. Preferred user name (to be used if available)
    4. Security information: password, challenge question and answer
    5. Notarized signature

      The ICC also encourages you to provide other contact information, such as an e-mail address and alternate mailing addresses.

  3. You can hand-deliver the application to the Chief Clerk's Office at the ICC or mail it to:

    e-Docket Help Desk
    Illinois Commerce Commission
    527 E. Capitol Avenue
    Springfield, IL 62701

The ICC reserves the right to refuse any user account request.  When the ICC notifies you of your new account, you will be informed of your user permissions and rights.

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