Case Number: 11-0701

  • 02/17/2012
    Service - Order

    Copy of Final Order served to parties.
  • 02/16/2012
    Order Entered - Final

    Final Order entered.
  • 01/24/2012
    Filing - Response

    Response to Administrative Law Judge's Ruling, filed by EnerNOC, Inc. (mailed by UPS Next Day Air - no date noted)
  • 01/20/2012
    Service - Administrative Law Judge Ruling

    Notice given by the Administrative Law Judge that the deadline for Commission Action is this proceeding is extended 90 days, until April 28, 2012. Parties advised by letter.
  • 11/16/2011
    Service - Administrative Law Judge Ruling

    Notice given that the Administrative Law Judge has completed a preliminary review of the application filed by EnerNOC, Inc. (“Applicant”) in Docket No. 11-0701, and hereby rules that a verified response, containing the information and clarifications described below, shall be filed with the Commission. If filed electronically via the Commission's e-docket system, this verified response shall be filed with the Chief Clerk of the Commission on or before November 28, 2011. If the filing is made by non-electronic means, then November 28, 2011 is a mailing date. Applicant shall serve a copy of its response on the Administrative Law Judge ( For purposes of doing so, November 28, 2011 is a receipt or “in hand” date, not later than 5:00 P.M., by electronic mail, Fax (217-524-8928) or otherwise. Miscellaneous Requirements -
    The Applicant is directed to disclose whether it is licensed as an Agent, Broker or Consultant in any other jurisdictions, similar to the licensure required under Section 16-115C of the Illinois Public Utilities Act.
    The Applicant is directed to disclose whether it has had any complaints filed against it for its provision of any services in the electric or gas industry in this or any other jurisdiction. If yes, the Applicant is directed to include in its response the nature of the complaint, the jurisdiction, and the ultimate resolution. Section 454.80 Financial Licensing Requirements - Section 454.80 provides as follows: a) The applicant shall execute and maintain a license or permit bond issued by a qualifying surety or insurance company authorized to transact business in the State of Illinois in favor of the People of the State of Illinois. The amount of the bond shall equal $5,000. The bond shall be conditioned upon the full and faithful performance of all duties and obligations of the applicant as an ABC and shall be valid for a period of not less than one year. The cost of the bond shall be paid by the applicant. The applicant shall file this bond as part of its application for certification. The Applicant failed to sign the bond provided as part of its Application. The Applicant is directed to submit a signed license or permit bond in this proceeding pursuant to Section 454.80. Notice mailed to parties.
  • 10/31/2011
    Filing - Petition/Application

    Application for Licensure of Agents, Brokers and Consultants, filed by EnerNOC, Inc. (mailed by UPS Next Day Air - no date noted)