Case Number: 13-0223

  • 06/26/2013 11:00 AM

    HEARD & TAKEN. EXHIBITS AMITTED AS FILED ON E-DOCKET: [Exhibit F: Pre-filed Testimony of Joseph P. Holop (filed on e-Docket June 26, 2013)][Exhibit A: Corporate Structure Exhibit B: Secretary of State Registration Exhibit C: Application for Certificate Exhibit D: Managerial and Technical Qualifications Exhibit E: Balance Sheet (Confidential and Public Versions)]
  • 06/26/2013 11:00 AM

    Oral Motion for Pro Hac Vice Appearance of Tony Lee (licensed in Maryland and District of Columbia) - Granted Motion for Confidential Treatment of Exhibit E (Balance Sheet) – Granted for a period of two years from the filing of the original application (March 19, 2013). Applicant is given leave to file the amended Testimony of Joseph P. Holop. The Applicant name and caption to this docket is hereby amended as follows: Sage Telecom Communications, LLC Amended Application for a Certificate of Local, Interexchange and Wireless Authority to Operate as a Reseller and/or Facilities-Based Carrier of Telecommunications Services in the State of Illinois.