Case Number: 12-0585

  • 12/11/2012 11:00 AM

    HEARD & TAKEN. EXHIBITS ADMITTED AS FILED ON E-DOCKET: [Attachment A: Contact Information Attachment B: Articles of Incorporation Attachment C: Managerial and Technical Resources and Organizational Chart Attachment D: Financial Statements (Confidential and Public Versions) Attachment E: Chart of Accounts (Confidential and Public Versions) Attachment F: ITAC Membership Application Directors Attachment G: UTAC Membership Application]
  • 12/11/2012 11:00 AM

    Oral Motion for Confidential and Proprietary Treatment of Attachment D and Attachment E to Application - Granted. Attachment D and Attachment E will be afforded confidential and proprietary treatment for a period of 2 years from the date of filing of the Application. Applicant is given leave to file the confidential versions of Attachment D and Attachment E as late-filed exhibits on e-Docket.