Case Number: T12-0149

    • Filed:October 9, 2012
    • Suspension:N/A
    • Resuspension:N/A
  • Case Type:
    Formal Petition - None
  • Service Type(s):
  • Case Status:
    Initial - Administrative Law Judge Action Pending
  • Administrative Law Judge(s):
    Latrice Kirkland-Montaque
  • Title of Case:
    The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, Petitioner, v. Union Pacific Railroad Company, Respondent.
  • Nature of Case:
    Petition for an Order from the Illinois Commerce Commission to replace the existing dual overhead highway grade separation structures which carry I-90, Kane County, Illinois over the Union Pacific Railroad Company (UPRR) tracks (US/DOT #174 752E) at railroad milepost 49.18 (hereinafter the “Project”).
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