Case Number: T11-0134

    • Filed:October 20, 2011
    • Suspension:N/A
    • Resuspension:N/A
  • Case Type:
    Formal Petition - None
  • Service Type(s):
  • Case Status:
    Initial - Administrative Law Judge Action Pending
  • Administrative Law Judge(s):
    Timothy E. Duggan
  • Title of Case:
    The City of Urbana, the City of Champaign, and the County of Champaign, Illinois, all Municipal Corporations, bodies politic and corporate, in Champaign County, Illinois, Joint Petitioners, v. Illinois Central Railroad Company, and the Illinois Department of Transportation, Respondents.
  • Nature of Case:
    Joint Petition for an Order of the Illinois Commerce Commission regarding a separation of grades and an authorization for the construction of a highway bridge over the Illinois Central Railroad Company railroad tracks (MP 124.70) at the tracks’ intersection with the Olympian Drive Extension in Champaign County, Illinois, an apportionment of costs thereof, including directing payment to be borne by the Grade Crossing Protection Fund, and other stated or requested relief.
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