Case Number: 13-0052

    • Filed:January 11, 2013
    • Suspension:N/A
    • Resuspension:N/A
  • Case Type:
    Financing - Stocks, Bonds, Notes - Informational Statements (6-102(d))
  • Service Type(s):
  • Case Status:
    Initial - Closed
  • Administrative Law Judge(s):
    Terrance Hilliard
  • Title of Case:
    Commonwealth Edison Company
  • Nature of Case:
    Application for authority pursuant to Section 6-102 of the Public Utilities Act: (1) to enter into one or more loan Agreements with one or more banks or other lending institutions or authorities and to incur loans, borrowings or extensions of credit thereunder; (2) to issue and sell First Mortgage Bonds in one or more series; (3) to issue and sell Notes in one or more series; (4) to enter into, issue or incur other evidences of indebtedness; and (5) to issue evidences of indebtedness payable at periods of not more than twelve (12) months for an aggregated period of longer than two (2) years all in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $650,000,000.
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