Case Number: 14-0419

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  • November 26, 2014

    The price of the actual water is reasonable. The extra fees that are added on are excessive. Many in our neighborhood have complained. A recent article was published about adding Manteno, IL to the system. This action would reportedly raise our fees to help cover the cost of this work/service. In the article it was noted that the fire protection fee would be just under $3. Our fee is at present is already $13.45. This fact is disconcerting to me as a homeowner because all of our water system was paid for as a result of a Settlement from SHELL OIL. No investment from AQUA. A windfall of profit for AQUA and a neighborhood on new customers for future revenue. We also RENT our water meters for a fee of $29.78 per month. In 10 years I will have spent approximately $3573 to rent something I should be able to buy and own, a much more economical option for me. The fees attached to my water bill are in fact 53.3% of my total bill. In closing I would urge you to consider my negative feelings about such an action and its negative effect on my household expenses.
    Thomas Martin
  • November 24, 2014

    Seek to deny approval of a rate increase to fund expansion to Manteno.
    Mark Taylor