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  • April 1, 2015

    No one in our area can afford the percentage being proposed for raising water costs. Our by laws will need to start looking at ways to modify them to allow for personal wells to protect us from outside agents pushing us beyond what we can adjust to with fixed incomes. This is gauging and usury of the worst kind and should be stopped cold.
    Cathy Durand
  • March 26, 2015

    I have been a customer of this utility for almost forty five years. At the time I began service with them they were a small local company. Always good service and reasonable rates. It appears it is time to look in the closet and drag out the old unused Antitrust and Monopoly laws that were popular many years ago when this country was booming.
    At a time when the elderly like myself and the young alike are fighting to keep our heads above water this is a poor time for the Commerce Commission to show so much concern for the investors and almost none for ordinary Americans. The mergers and buyouts taking place today has resulted in a concentration of companies that has eliminated any sign of real competition in the utility industry as well as most others in this country. A sad state of affairs and the greatest reason for the disaster this country has become.

    John Toth
  • March 13, 2015

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    This type of increase is unbelievable.

    We moved from the Northshore of Chicago to get away from the very high cost of living but I see it has followed us. Knowing the Utilities INc is in Northbrook, IL perhaps they need to reduce their overhead.

    It seems whenever any utilities want more money because they have not maintained their services they want an increase.

    I am retired and when I was in business (Corporate America) we could not just increase our products just because we did not manage correctly. We had to be competative our we be out of business.

    Utilities need to find ways to reduce their overhead and being in Northbrook the high rent area perhaps they need to cut some clerical or even some field personnel as most companies have too many people. Maybe they also need to move out of Northbrook to the Galena area where cost is alot less.

    This is uncalled for an increase they want. I hope the Judge denies this increase and tells Utilities Inc they need to maintain their lines and manage their overhead and put some money away each month so they have money in reserve to cover unexpected cost. Maintain your water lines, etc. and by putting money away you would have money when you need it. We all have to in Business why don't the Utilities.

    I live exclusive on my Social Security.

    Cliff and Kim Smith
    Galena, IL

    Cliff and Kim Smith
  • March 6, 2015

    The Illinois Commerce Commission serves who?
    (An Illinois utility said customers who refuse to have an electricity meter installed will see an additional $20 monthly fee on their bills.
    Ameren Illinois said the so-called smart meters, which transmit details about power usage, enable the utility to pinpoint outage problems and fix them faster, the Herald & Review in Decatur reported Monday.
    It said the meters can be read remotely and that the $20 fee covers the cost of sending out a person to read the older analog meter.

    The company is set to install 780,000 of the new electricity meters in central Illinois and 468,000 upgraded gas meters, which offer similar capabilities.

    The Illinois Commerce Commission, the state's utility regulators, approved the extra charge and said the company should be compensated for meters that require a person to visit them.

    "The commission determined the charges were reasonable and reflected the additional costs necessary to read or service nonadvanced meters,'' the organization said.

    It also approved a $70 onetime "exchange fee'' for customers who accept a smart meter but then change their minds.) this information copied from Illinois Public Media News.
    Before this ridiculously expensive upgrade. The power company was paying someone to read meters. Now someone will be unemployed…This is a good thing? The power company will pocket the savings for not having these employees and this will eventually offset any cost they incurred changing out the meters. This is their choice as a provider. I understand they are in business to make money and I am not opposed to them making money. I do not agree with the 20 dollar fee. They don’t have the cost of replacing the meter to offset at the customer locations that have said no to this replacement. It is not costing them anymore to read the meter next year than it does to read the meter last year. This whole process will reduce their expenses because most people will not object to the new meter installation and they will reduce their work force (meter readers). This 20 dollar fee is not logical unless you are the service provider looking to eliminate all meter readers. It makes sense as a form coercement aimed at forcing the public to comply. Who represents the public on this issue? It is clear by the fee that the Commerce Commission has allied themselves with the utility. So where is the customer representation? Should the Commerce Commission not be telling the utility to offset their cost and then return the savings to the people? I thought their profit was regulated in order to maintain their provider status as a public utility. I had no problem with my meter upgrade but those who do… welcome to the Soviet Socialist state. How is that Commerce Commission working for you?

  • February 19, 2015

    enough is enough............................every year those crooks ask for a rate increase......................WHEN WILL IT STOP! It wont, to many pockets getting lined.
    chris white
  • January 23, 2015

    Our water bill has already increased exponentially over the past several years and we are opposed to this proposed increase in rates!
    Terry and Judy Trella