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  • April 10, 2015

    To Whom It May Concern,

    My husband and I have lived in our house almost three years. In the time we have lived here our rates have nearly doubled. Only living here for three years, it seems unreasonable that our rates are going to be increased again.

    Also, the companies that are in control of our neighborhood well have changed at least twice. It seem suspicious that every time they change their name and/or the company our rates increase.

    My husband and I recently graduated with a lot of student loan debt, and we were lucky enough to buy a house. Our generation is being squeezed. There is no reason that our monthly water bill should be $50 dollars minimum. In reality, it is more like $70 at the current rate for two people in our house. If they increase our rates, we could be looking at $100 a month for just water. That doesn't include all other utilities, house payment, car payment, and student loan payments.

    We are in a recession, and many people have had to sacrifice to keep themselves afloat.

    Utility Services of Illinois, Inc. should have to figure out how to manage these wells on the rate that we are already being charged.

    My husband and I would appreciate you critically looking into this situation. It is unfortunate that we are being asked to pay more drastically more than Rockford city families are. Their bills are around $15 a month for sewer and water. Please help us get justice.

    Candis Michaud