Case Number: 13-0433

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  • December 16, 2013

    I do not have anything against a pipeline company wanting to grow and make money, but I do not feel that it is proper for them to be able to use or take someone's land without their permission. Eminent domain is supposed to be for public projects that are for the good of the public as a whole, not for oil company profits. This is definitely not a public project. It is a private project by Explorer pipeline in order for them to make more money.
    Enterprise Pipeline has just completed a pipeline project from Monee the very same Enbridge facility in Manhattan that Explorer is trying to get eminent domain for. Enterprise did not have eminent domain, and yet they were still able to complete their project with no problems.
    Enterprise pipeline and others have been able to complete their projects without the use of eminent domain and I feel that Explorer pipeline should also.
    This is not a public project, nor is it necessary for the good of the public. It is simply wanted for profits.

    James Haley