Case Number: 12-0561

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  • October 12, 2012

    Regarding Rock Island Clean Line Docket 12-0560

    I am writing to express my opposition to granting RICL a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the following reasons:

    RICL is a private corporation. The people who manage the firm must answer to their private investors. Their priority is not and will not be for the good of Illinois citizens.

    RICL is not a public utlity.

    This is not an economically viable project.

    The proposed project will charge Illinois citizens a fee via higher electric rates and "development" charges.

    Current Illinois public utilities will not be able to tap into the project.

    This project will hamper development of wind, solar, coal, and nuclear energy in Illinois.

    There is no demand for the electrical energy in Illinois or in the states on the east coast.

    Ten state governors on the east coast have written Congress stating their opposition to this type of project.

    Construction of the line will lower property values and decrease local and state revenue.

    The project will interfere with established business operations along its path (i.e. family farms, corporate farms, private airports, aerial spraying).

    Little, if any, permanent jobs will result in Illinois.

    RICL has shown little, if any, respect for property owner rights along the proposed corridors.

    An INDEPENDENT STUDY on the environmental and economical impact resulting from RICL proposals has never been initiated by the Illinois Commerce Commission.

    Reference to clean energy is propganda by RICL since power generation for the project will also use established sources(coal & nuclear).

    I request that public comments submitted under RICL prior docket number 10-0579 be transferred to the new docket 12-0560.

    Respectfully submitted to ICC docket 12-0560
    Roger M. Smith

    Roger M. Smith