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  • October 10, 2012

    I see that Utilities Inc. has many water companies it operates under. it also has execitives that worked for the EPA before going to these public companies. Its not right as it carrys with them "friends' in the business and who knows who and how to get things pushed through, Case in point a 300 percent increase in our water bills that many of us are up against.There are hunderds writing in about this, taking time from there hectic scedules triny to put food on the table and the ICC who is suppose to be watching is allowing these thugs to increase our water bill by 300 percent, It stinks and is so wrong...give us a way to make competition to them such as we dig our own wells and sell our well water and watch the price come down...its criminal that they have the well in our community and have gotten permission fromn the ICC to raise our rates, Lets unite pay a good lawyer and sue them all....We are thousands of customers to sue them lets pool O
    our power against them....
    Mark Casamento
    cary, Ill
    against Kilarney Water Co. AKA Utilities Inc. currnetly ripping off all its customers and subsidariries

  • September 10, 2012

    I just recieved My latest Utilities Inc. Bill $357.00!!!!!!!! The bill before that was $30.00.
    I have called The ICC. Pamela Alhtoff , McHenry County Health Dept. Senator Manzullo office, and had a Utilities Inc person check My Meter. $357.00 . I was out of town 30 days and the next bill came in at $87.00 That was while I was away for 30 days!!!!
    Somethings not right here.
    I want to dig my own well....they say I Utilities is here...corruption....there is not competition here and its unfair to say the least. Its criminal to be able to raise rates. Did Utilities President Lisa Sparrow give all her employess a 300% pecent raise. I think we need to vote everyone out of office in Southern Illinois, as we do have the most corrupt state in the union..Gas prices 70cent higher than the rest of the nation, and Unlike Florida, where Your property taxes go
    down with the value of Your Home, Here in Algonquin Township, after using the excuse
    of averaging three year values, they raised the multiplier and raised Our property taxes
    although our values have gone down, Fire them all!!! So now they give our watecompany a 280% increase our water is more expense tat Natural Gas and Electric combined...??!!!
    I furious $357.00 water bill...where is the ICC in protecting this stuff? obviously Utilities
    Inc has its lawyers and knows the in and outs and We get screwed, not if I can help it!!
    Mark Casamento

    Mark Casamento
  • June 13, 2012

    Lake Killarney Water (Utilities Inc) wanted to raise our rates %300 the ICC attended the meeting with Utilities Inc heard testimony after testimony showed samples of horrible water samples from our homes bad water pressure after all the arguments were heard by your ICC rep. I can't believe you went in favor of Utililties Inc !!!!!!!!!!!! it's criminal your decision. They argued about their costs to maintain *(and very poorly ) and you all fell for it... so we the customers have to bear the brunt of there mismanagement.... I never thought the ICC would be in bed with them so because UI can't manage their money you let them get a gigantic raise (*280%) and you let them mismanage our money (the customers) it's clear how it all works too bad for the honest tax payers let it all go to the corporations there's no respect for people anymore and it's clear the agencies do nothing to protect us the people who make this country run.....
    George Oreskovich
  • April 24, 2012

    Yes its ridiculous that Utilities Inc is requesting 300% increase obviously to get a 100% increase okayed..they need to be fined for even suggesting it. It not our fault thier Huge company owns a water tank that is rusting inside and out and we have had crappy water for years. I think we need to all dig a well and get rid of them...My vote is NO on any increase and our rates need to go dow 303% ...put that in Your water pipe and smoke it!
    Mark Casamento

    Mark Casamento
  • April 10, 2012

    How can it be plausible to deliver an inferior product CONSISTENTLY, and find it ok to charge the consumers of that product more money??? Doesn't it make more sense for Killarney Water Co. to DECREASE the cost of their product???
    S. O'SHEA
  • April 10, 2012

    A 300% increase is absurd! What are we going to get for that? I have lived here over 10 years and have had to deal with the water from Killarney Water Co. The water smells, is brown in color and we have been told to boil water at times. I have spent thousands over the years trying to improve the quality of the water so it is acceptable to use at the faucet. Such repairs include replacing pipes in my house, installing a water softener and a main water line whole house filter. These filters have to be replaced every 3 weeks which is on the very low end of life expectancy for these filters. The cost of these filters over time are an expense that should not be. So if we have a 300% increase, I ask again, what are we going to get for our money? So I vote no!
    Jason Linn
  • April 10, 2012

    So Killarney Water Co. is trying to increase its prices greatly while still delivering an inferior product??? Seems so ridiculous I didn't believe it at first. Let's see if the state of Illinois can get this right and vote this down.
    s. o'shea
  • March 30, 2012

    docket#11-0564 lake killarney water/utillities wants to raise customers rates by 300% for what? this company needs a full investigation 1st before letting them do this .there water is very bad and for 20 some years it has never changed .they are not going to fix this problem now! they will keep sending us very bad water instead of improving it LAKE KILLARNEY NEEDS A FULL INVESTIGATTON ON THEM NOW! a 300% scam thats what they want. please help us we pay for illegal dirty water now!
    brian+kathy soberg
  • March 30, 2012

    The proposed rate increase is entirley inappropriate given the quality of the water we receive. Unless there is a significant change in the quality of the water no increase should be allowed.
    Tom & Jean Cook
  • March 29, 2012

    lake killarney wants to increase the water rates by 300% .this is ourages,this time now people are having a rough time paying bills already ,this rate hike is bullshit! i can understand a little adjustment but not this extream PLEASE STOP THIS RATE HIKE! i need to feed my family to.sincerly brian+kathy soberg.
    brian+kathy soberg
  • March 29, 2012

    for years our water has been undrinkable because of consistant yellow-brown color, and our clothes are permanently discolored. we can not cook with this horrible water. there shoud be a law against it. I cringe every time I take a shower, I shower as quickly as I can, and often go to a friends house for a clean shower.
    PLEASE, PLEASE HELP US. WE are paying for water that is discusting and we need your help to force them to provide us with water that is LEGALLY drinkable. CAN you get them to provide us with filtered water that should be available to us.
    thank you for listening to us payers of this crappy water.

    patty nava
  • March 29, 2012

    This is absurd. A 300% increase? There better be DRASTIC changes in water/pressure quality. If not I'm sure plenty of residents will take business elsewhere.
    Holly Caraway
  • March 14, 2012

    We are senior citizens, and Philip is on social security disability. Like many other people in this economy we are fighting to keep our home and pay all our bills. The exorbitant rate hike being proposed by Utilities, Inc., would place a hardship on our budget, as it would on many others in Lake Killarney. We hope that the ICC will carefully review this situation and decide to keep any rate hike within a reasonable margin.
    Philip N. and Susan K. Bruchman
  • March 7, 2012

    Hello Illinois Commerce Commission, I just wanted to comment on this Lake killarney Water Company, and Utilites incorporated they seem to be together or affiliated. Their product (Water) is below average meaning it's not suitable to drink, the water has a greenish to brownish tinge and the water pressure is not there all the time. If you seen this water on the shelf at a supermarket they would not sell any of this. Their service is not so good either we had a power outage and had no water for like 2days. Then they bought a generator and we finally had water when Comed was still working on restoring power to the area. Their service as far as customer service couldnt tell me anything about this letter that went out in the summer of 2011 which many people threw out because it was with a bill and other papers in the letter. You would think something as important as this would of been sent out in a seperate letter and stamded (important). That would be giving the customers respect and allowing them to see this letter.

    They also are sending out letters and constantly calling to get my septic through an insurance with them which now the latest letter states there is another company and it is not Utilites Incorporated or Lake Killarney. The previous letter did have Utilites Incorported on it. I purchased insurance for the water line but not the septic and they keep calling me about it. They only fix a portion of the septic piping according to their customer serivce and still hound us to be a part of paying them for another utility bill.

    They are sneaky and something is not right with this company. They should be flushing the hydrants more than they do not. Hopefully it would help the main lines to be cleaned out. They painted the water tower at a cost of 170thousand dollars that seems like an awful large amount of money, shouldnt that have been allowed as an open bid since it was over 10k and a public company?

    The amount of increase they are asking for is a joke 300% and should not be taken seriously they should be looked at to see how much of this is going to be a profit. How can they sleep at night knowing that many people are with out a job and having pay freezes and no raises and just barely getting by. We all have increases but not 300% over night because of lack of accounting and organizational skills to run a company. They could of asked for incremental increases over the years but this is not how they run their bussiness.

    I hope that you would continue to inspect their quality of water(Product) and their service even after this is done and over with because they are sneaky and not up front with their customers. I hope that you would be able to look at all the comments from all the tax paying customers and see that we are in the right here and come to a just and final agreement to be fair and take into account the economy and the struggle with every family just trying to get by. The seniors and the handicaped or ill people with a choice of buying a prescription or food or pay for water to bathe and wash their dishes or chothes they will really have it bad. We all need water to wash are clothes and shower just to make it through a work week or trying to get a work week for the unemployed.

    Thank you for your time,
    Very truly,
    Chris Du-Lock

    Chris Du-Lock
  • March 7, 2012

    Last night we attended the ICC meeting at Algonquin Township Hall. We, like all other attendees, agreed with the comments being made by the residents that elected to speak. I know that we, like many others, didn't feel it was productive to get up and speak just to repeat the many complaints/concerns that we all feel.

    My concern is that we were told at the beginning of the meeting that to be taken seriously, we need to verbalize our concerns. I had thought there would be a sign in sheet that indicated attendance and expressed our wish to be listed as being opposed to the excessive rate increase. My fear is that, although there were approxmately 50 - 70 people there, since only 20 - 25 people actually spoke on the record it will appear that the objections are few.

    I got the impression that the ICC may just look at the spreadsheets provided by Utilities Inc. and disregard that appropriate services are NOT and have never been provided. Of course, all corporations have increases to their operating costs over the years, but it is not ethical to hold your clients accountable for short-sightedness. I believe that the majority of residents would not be opposed to a minimal increase providing that we were shown appropriate steps are taken to improve the water quality and the water pressure.

    Any other type of business is required to provide acceptable services or can be sued for restitution or the client may choose another provider. We do not have those options.

    I would appreciate it if you would add my comments to the verbal comments made at the meeting so I can be counted. Hopefully others will do the same.

    Thank you,
    Basha and Anastastios Parashis

    Basha and Anastasios Parashis
  • March 7, 2012

    I attended last night's meeting, but left at 8pm, before my name was called, since my 3 year old was with me and I didn't want to disrupt the speakers. My husband and I purchased our home in Lake Killarney in September 2009. We are very happy living in this great community. We consider ourselve lucky to both be working full time jobs, given that so many of our neighbors have not had such an easy time given the state of our economy. Even though we both work, we have to maintain a strict budget and deny ourselves much in order to be able to afford to maintain and live on our home. When I arrive at the meeting last night I parked in the rear next to two brand new Utilities, Inc. Hybrid Toyota Highlanders. The gentlemen that spoke at last nights meeting were in those parked vehicle. I'm not saying that the company should not upgrade systems in order to provide better service, cleaner water, etc. for its customers. I'm just asking that when the ICC reviews the books and records of the company in making this decision, that they consider, and advise Utilities, Inc. to make sacrifices as all of us do in our own family budgets, in order to live within our budgets. If I suddenly have to pay a $5,000 hospital bill (and I do have health insurance by the way). I can't ask my employer to give me a raise so that I can pay it. I have to budget for it. To us it means no family vacation, no cable, no new cloths, turning the heat down a bit, etc. In the same light, Utilities, Inc. should not be allowed to suddenly triple their receivables in order to provide the same service they have provided. As many had mentioned last night, if increases were needed, they should have been gradual, over time. The speaker had mentioned that this increase was needed to pay for past improvements. In other words, newcomers to the neighborhood, such as our family, will be paying for improvements of the past. If I were to ask my employer for a raise, my arguments to him would be that I provide value to the company, I have increased my productivity, and therefore, my value to the company has increased and I should be rewarded accordingly. Utilities, Inc. has yet to show us what value they will be providing with this requested increase. I thank my neighbors for taking the time out of there busy schedule to stand up for the community and I thank the gentlemen from the ICC for making the trip from Springfield to ensure that every person from Lake Killarney was heard.
    Margaret Getek
  • March 7, 2012

    We drink bottled water because of the poor quality of the water. One sample I took had, after settling, brown sediment at the bottom. When I called the water company, they suggested I take off all the aerators and run the water. It did not help.
    We purchased a pressure-assit toilet unfortunately the toilet underperforms because of the low water pressure in the subdivision. I can't believe the RATE INCREASE will help with these problems. So we'd be paying MORE for less!

    Ray Szydzik
  • March 7, 2012

    This is absolute absurdity. Any company that tries to raise rates by 370% is clearly under mismanagement and should be investigated for legal business practice. Imagine if the price of milk, bread, gas, electric, housing or the dollar itself where to spike 370% up or down over night. It would cause a complete collapse of our monetary system. This company is basically a small monopoly in Lake Killarney seeing as there are no other alternatives to choose from. I completely oppose this rate increase and believe Utilities Inc. is outrageously unrealistic in believing that this could even be a decent proposal.
    robert richards
  • March 7, 2012

    My son William has submitted a detailed letter earlier, but I want to add comments of my own.

    It has been a joy to raise my 5 children and live in Lake Killarney for 50 YEARS! My children made great childhood friendships that have continued all their adult lives.

    When we were a family of eight, there was SO much laundry! It has always been frustrating and disgusting when so many loads of white items turned out orange-tinted because the Lake Killarney water was rusty with iron. Living across from the water tower we learned that on windy days the tank would move enough to loosen up mineral deposits. Our water would be too disgusting to drink and toilet bowls would look like they were not flushed!! Complaints made to the Water Company never resulted in lasting improvements!

    Now I am disabled and on a limited monthly income. Utility costs have certainly increased in 50 years here, but it is INSANE and ABSURD to increase our water rate over 300%. SO few residents should NOT be forced to pay SO MUCH for water usage. Senior citizens like me would really be BURDENED with such raised water bills!

    Dolores L. Kmilek
    6514 Lakewood Drive, Cary, IL 60013-1241

    Dolores Louise Kmilek
  • March 7, 2012

    A rate increase of 300% is outrageous!!!!!!!!!
    Cheryl Valenti
  • March 7, 2012

    My family has lived in the Lake Killarney subdivision since July 1962 when my parents, Frank & Dolores Kmilek, built our house on Lakewood Drive. I have experienced countless times when the water was so bad that it was undrinkable and unusable to even wash clothes.
    I lost track of the times when I've gone to use the washroom in the morning and thought that my brothers had neglected to flush. But as I aged and became more observant that there was a difference between the two situations.The key was that after 10 to 15 minutes, the excess iron in our water would begin to separate out into a precipitate layer in the bowl. But the next flush would reintroduce a yellow water that resembled urine for the next person.Another observation was that whenever the wind was extremely strong, we could expect another episode of yellow water.
    This leads to the following conclusions that a) we have a very high iron content in the supply water and it isn't being filtered out by the water company before sending it out to the residents. b) as a result of the unfiltered water, the equipment used to send the unfiltered water has accumulated an unacceptable degree of friable deposits of iron which then break off and are sent to the customers of Utilities Inc. whenever the wind is strong enough to disturb its' delicate balance.Yet, we receive an annual water quality report that never addresses these issues and so we suffer.
    Given Utilities Inc's history of neglect of the system and unwillingness to address the issues of high iron content in its' supply, I'm curious as to how Utilities Inc' believes it deserves this extreme rate increase. How is this dramatic (over 300% !!! ) increase in rates to be spent or is it simply to line the pockets of the owners/shareholders of Utilities Inc.
    Recently over the past year, the water tower has undergone an exterior improvement program consisting of sandblasting and painting. But has the company addressed the interior condition of the water towers' interior iron deposits or the supply piping to the houses it serves? If it has not, then isn't that like putting lipstick on a pig? In the end, it still is a pig.
    It doesn't just end at our community gates. I understand that our water comes from at least two sources so the end result is that we can't say where all the problems lay, just that it may be a systemic problem that needs to be addressed.
    Until the water towers can be internally cleaned of deposits by mechanical means, the suppy water mains be cleaned of deposits by pipeline pigging methods and sedimentation filtering is done at the water source to prevent buildup, I strongly object to any rate increase least of all, one such as large as this. Why should the very people affected by the mismanagement and neglect of this company be forced to pay a rate increase. The company's owner and/or shareholders should foot the bill to clean up this systemic mess and put in equipment and policies to prevent it happening in the future, then perhaps we can start a dialog about an increase in rates
    Simply outraged is how I feel about this request for a rate increase. Were it a simple matter of a requesting a rate increase to adjust for inflation, (which averaged 2.4% for the last 10 years) I would still be offended. The water situation here in Lake Killarney has been a standing joke for decades and we feel almost powerless in the face of this company's inactivity for years. Now they stand before you asking not for a reasonable rate increase but a monsterous one at that. I feel that it's gone beyond a slap in the face or punch to the stomach but is a knife to the throat and is just one more thing to add to my resentment towards this company, Utilities Inc
    Sincerely, William Kmilek
    6514 Lakewood Dr.
    Cary,Il 60013

    William Kmilek
  • March 7, 2012

    In regards to the 300 % increase prpoposal, its ridiculous. This new company, Utilities Inc., is obviously proposing a greed based increase of enormous proportions and people like myself, semi retired and fixed in income cannot afford such ridiculous fees. The increase would be a huge burden on a commodity and indicate abuse by monopoly. If such an increase was necessary, the company would have gone bankrupt in these last few years and obviously not the case until this new abusive owner took over. Ihave to continue to work as much as allowed to keep up with food, fuel, insurance, etc increases that are pounding folks today, and to ask for a 300% increase is beyond sanity. Please deny this request and is possible get this company out of the utility business as they are unscrupulous greedy profit seekers at any cost. This will be the straw to break many camels backs in our community.
    Kelley Conn
  • February 24, 2012

    It's hard to add anything to all the previous comments. I agree with everything being said by the other residents. We bought our house in July of 2010 and when I discovered the quality of the water I was appalled. The water softener that came with the house was absolutely destroyed by the water and required us to purchase a new one shortly after buying the house. We've had multiple boil orders in the short time we've lived here, our water always smells, and the colors are quite interesting. It's almost embarrassing offering guests tap water based on its quality. There's nothing worse than getting in the shower and smelling sulfurous smells wafting out. I can certainly understand an increase in rates if they are going to also increase our water quality. But not 350%. Please don't let us fall victim to this monopoly known as Utilities Inc.
    Ashley Staehling
  • February 24, 2012

    I can't believe the water company wants over 300% increase! This is outrageous! Do you know of any other company that can get a 300% increase? These people are just greedy.

    Something like this is a terrible financial hardship on people already hit by the bad economy. Please do not allow them to hurt our community like this.

    I think that if they are allowed this rate hike, we should be allowed to choose a different provider.

    David and Jo Anne Minerly
  • February 24, 2012

    I can only assume that the ridicules proposed rate increase by Utilities Inc. is to make a slightly less absurd increase seem like a deal.
    In my opinion the best way to deal with companies like this is to deny a rate increase for at least one year after such time they may come back with something within reason.

    Sincerely,Scott B. Hennessey

    Scott Hennessey
  • February 24, 2012

    I have lived in Lake Killarney for 20 years this March. My home is within a half block of the water tower at Killarney Drive and Lakewood. For most of these years I have experienced poor water quality, mainly in the form of severely rusty water that affects laundry and potability. At least several times a year, water in my home could be described as the color of apple cider. This appeared randomly and also when hydrants were flushed. My water softener and a whole house in line filter could not stop the rust. During this time, Lake Killarney residents continued to pay for water that was questionable at best.

    Over the last several years since Utilities, Inc. has maintained our water, I have experienced a marked improvement in the quality of my water. While I still maintain a water softener and the filter as a finisher, I have not experienced "apple cider" water for over a year. Finally, we have what looks like clear, clean, water.

    In this country, however, that is a right, not a luxury. The increase that Utilities, Inc. is asking for is a luxury price. What is the cost of water and its delivery? While I believe a modest increase would be acceptable--perhaps 10-25%, the proposed increase is ludicrous. Lake Killarney residents and the other neighborhoods who are affected should not have to pay for the mismanagement over the years. We paid more than enough when nothing was done to maintain and provide safe water for us.

    I expect a reasonable settelement to this dispute.

    Janet Dorn

    Janet Dorn
  • February 24, 2012

    While we understand the need to increase rates based on inflation, the proposed percentages are unreasonable. We first moved in back in 2006 and the water was terrible. While our neighbors shrugged off the poor quality as something they were used to, we made plenty of phone calls for Utilities to fix it. There were many nights we could not give our daughter a bath since it was terribly yellow. Although the quality has improved, if we have a windy day, our water quality goes back down. This increase is excessively high and even more so, given the quality of our water is not perfect.
    Chris and Renee Christensen
  • February 15, 2012

    The proposed water tariff increase is definitely excessive and beyond what neighboring communities charge.

    Please deny any excessive increases.

    Eberhard Veit
  • February 7, 2012

    We are all aware of the need for cost increases for goods and services. However, how in good conscience can you justify a rate increase of 350%? This seems in complete contradiction with the Illinois Antitrust Act which prohibits monopolization, price fixing, and/or unfair acts or practices. I hope you will reconsider your position on this exorbitant rate increase. I believe the residents would not object to a reasonable increase. Thank you for your consideration.
    Rollo V. Dace
  • January 30, 2012

    We strongly oppose the rate hike requested by the Killarney Water Company. The poor quality of the water they supply has already caused my expense of installing and maintaining a filtration system. Approving an enormous rate increase as requested would obviously cause a significant financial hardship at a time when it would be least tolerable. In addition, I have concerns that approving any kind of increase would not ensure proper maintenance of the water system in the near future due to an obvious history of mismanagement that has occurred to date.
    Craig Liska
  • January 30, 2012

    We should not have to pay such high prices for such bad water. Not only do we need to pay for the water, we need to pay for a water softner to get our the rust, and an osmosis filter system so we can drink it.

    Thank you,

    Don Vogt

    Don Vogt
  • January 30, 2012

    I strongly oppose the increase proposed by Utilities Inc. in the Lake Killarney subdivision. It is legalized robbery to ask for an increase upwards of 300%. Especially during these economic times when people are already being asked for more from less. As a business owner, I understand having increases to operate, however this large of a percentage??? Absolutely absurd! Being the only supplier in the area does not give you the authority to such a rate hike. If competition for the rates was allowed, I am certain Utilities Inc. would find other ways to maintain pricing at a more reasonable level. I am against this level of a rate hike.

    Peter Nabielec
    2809 SunValley
    Cary, IL 60013

    Peter Nabielec
  • January 30, 2012

    As a 30+ year resident we oppose the proposed rate increase proposed by Killarney Water Company (Utilities, Inc.). The increase being proposed is outrageous and not warranted. The proposed base charge would increase by about 350% more than the current rate and the usage charge would be 350% greater than the current usage charge.

    They state the increase is to cover items that are typically covered as "costs of doing business" at most organizations. These items should be paid for out of past and future profits, without substantial increasing the rates the residents pay.

    In addition, over the last few months, we have been sent unsolicited letters suggesting we add insurance to protect our water lines to the house. I assume these are associated with Utilities Inc. and increasing its profits. Please check into this and whether Utilities Inc. has illegally or unethically used or released its customer’s personal information and have directly or indirectly profited as a result.

    Lake Killarney has many residents living on fixed incomes or others who have had difficulties do to employment changes or current reduced home values resulting from the current economy. The size of the increases Killarney Water Company is requesting is outrageous and must be significantly reduced or eliminated.

    The water quality they supply is sub-standard and is often a visibly brown from the high content of iron and other pollutants and it should be boiled to be safe for consumption. The water requires the use of water softeners and filtering and it can damages clothes washed in it if not treated properly. The Killarney Water Company frequently issues boil orders to protect our health. These things add substantial cost to users already. The water pressure is low and inconsistent. If they want to increase prices they should be required to improve the water quality so water softening, boiling and filtering can be eliminated.

    Utilities Inc. has not justified the proposed 300%+ increase and we are adamantly opposed to and object the proposal.

    The Family at
    6301 Londonderry Dr.
    Cary, Il 60013

    Dennis and Kathy Oleksy
  • January 30, 2012

    I have lived here since 1979 and the cost of the damage the water has done to my household is unbelieveable.Almost everytime my wife does aload of whites,the water will turn brown,take a shower and the water turns brown.Hard to feel very clean after taking a shower in that.If you complain they just tell you to drain your hot water heater which does no good.Also I believe that we have been over charged for years.My wife and myself live here and use 100+ gallons aday now,I have watched the rate of gallons climb over the years.Called about that and was told I must have a leak in the house.Never have been able to find that leak,We wash a few dishes daily,take 2 showers aday and do a load of wash 2-3 times a week.Sure wish I could figure out where a 100 gallons aday go?This water company probably owes us money.We sure dont want to pay more for this crap!
    Doug Becker
  • January 30, 2012

    I strongly oppose the horrendous rate increase proposed by Utilities Inc. for the Killarney Water Co. As a Lake Killarney resident for 33 years, I can testify to the fact that the Killarney Water Co. has been delivering an extremely poor quality product for years. In addition to paying the Lake Killarney water bill, I'm forced to pay for a water softener, salt, an R/o unit and filters just to make the water usable and drinkable. In this economy to expect senior citizens and others to pay an unjustified increase of 248% is outrageous and unbelievable. Please don't let this increase happen!
    Victoria Etters
  • January 30, 2012

    I just purchased a home in Lake Killarney last July, and am appalled at how bad the water is. The house has 2 in line water filters that need replacing about every 20 days because they get clogged with a rust colored material. I also don't understand why they would need that much of an increase when you look at other local municipalities and see that Utilities Inc. is pretty competitive with their rates right now. But, since they haven't had an increase in many years, I can understand paying a reasonable increase. This increase that they are going for seems like price gouging (it's not like we have a choice of water suppliers). Plus, if they get any increase at all, it would be really nice if one could actually feel safe drinking the water.
    Max Seubert
  • January 27, 2012

    I realize that the Killarney Water Company has not had a rate increase for many years, but to try to make up for 16 years of poor planning is not an excuse to hit us with such a large rate increase! The water quality is not good enough for us to be paying such a high premium. The only companies that can triple rates are monopolies and we have no other source for our water.
    Ruth Brekke
  • January 27, 2012

    i would be more than happy to provide the receipts for more than 700$ that i spent two weeks ago on a new water softener and filter reverse osmosis filters i ordered just to try and control the poor water quality. even all these measures are not enough and i would also be happy to share a sample of my yellow stinky water with any agency who requests it. If you want to charge a premium price for a service a premium service should be delivered. If this was more along the lines of an assessment to improve infrastructure and water quality the idea might gain some traction. but a permanent increase with sub-par performance is ridiculous.
    jason harris
  • January 27, 2012

    Just mere comments are hardly adequate in addressing this out of whack situation. The Lake Killarney Water Company's attempt to raise our water rates by 348% is outrageous to put it bluntly. The quality of our water in the 30 plus years we have lived in Lake Killarney hardly warrants this type of increase. My husband and I are both retired. I was literally pushed out of my job and forced to retire. Balancing a fixed income becomes even more perplexing with a hugh proposed increase in our water rates. What shall we get for this tremendous amount of money....not much I fear. Granted, as stated in your letter, you haven't increased the rates in a number of years. Why not take the time to meet a compromise with your customers....yes you are working for us and providing a service. Earn it and our respect by cutting down the amount requested or at the very least in smaller increments over a few years.

    Cheryl Brockhoeft
  • January 27, 2012

    Definition of 'Monopoly'
    A situation in which a single company or group owns all or nearly all of the market for a given type of product or service. By definition, monopoly is characterized by an absence of competition, which often results in high prices and inferior products.

    I strongly object to the strong arm tactics of Utilities,Inc.
    Their vague justification for this increase is an outrage.
    Please do not allow this dramatic rate increase to transpire.

    Tim Campbell
  • January 27, 2012

    As an additional comment related to water quality (as addressed in so many other comments):

    Killarney Water Co. recently dug up and replaced our house's tap to the water main in an attempt to fix water pressure issues clearly related to their lines. Extensive research was done to confirm that the pressure issue was related to the water company's line, and nothing internal in our house.

    When the main was dug to be re-tapped, it was found that a blockage of what could only be called "sludge" was causing issues. I was not present for the dig, but the Killarney Water Co. has a video recording of the operation.

    Our water pressure issue was fixed for a short amount of time, but has slowly been getting worse. Water quality comes and goes, but is for the most part still undrinkable.

    I have several water samples taken from after the re-tapping of the water main. The worst sample is a bright yellow (just about the color of urine). We have shown such samples to the water company in the past, and their general response has been, "don't worry, it's harmless".

    I assume that there will be a case hearing open to the public? If so, I intend to bring the samples with me so that the water company can tell me why I will be paying 348% more for non-potable water.

    Ryan Lamm
  • January 23, 2012

    I am a Lake Killarney resident, and member of the LKHOA.

    The rate hike appears to be a continued abuse on consumers by the parent company, Utilities Inc. Utilities Inc. recently completed a similar rate hike in the Northern Hills subdivisions (north of Freeport IL) which was met with similar resistance. I believe that operating expenses, as well as an equipment upgrade were cited in that case. That said, the increase greatly over-paid any such expenses/upgrades within a very short time frame and there was no expectation of a lower rate once the new equipment was paid off.

    Possible detriments to neighborhood:
    -Stable long term residents leaving area due to obscenely high water cost.
    -Residents unable to sell homes due to high base monthly water bill associated with area.
    -Rental properties vacated due to increased cost of water relative to other available nearby housing.
    -Overall home value decrease in neighborhood due to the above.
    -Local economy injured due to loss of buying power as hundreds of additional dollars annually now go to water payments instead of other goods and services.

    I believe that Utilities Inc. wishes to increase customer rates on the basis of "operating expenses", that they should be required to provide an itemized list of those expenses to their customer base as justification. Debate could then be had as to whether or not the "operating expenses" are valid costs to be passed to the customer, or simply costs of doing business.

    If the rate hike goes in without this being provided.

    Ryan Lamm
  • January 23, 2012

    Requesting to triple the water bills is criminal and is indicitive of poor management. In my opinion we have been milked for profit for many years, and now they want to have us pay for their mismanagement and restock their "money well". Most well run businesses do an annual business review to look at current revenues and project revenues and costs to arrive at a bottom line of what is required to remain functioning. This will usually be evident in a small percentage increase or decrease, depending on the input. What makes this different from most businesses is that we have no where else to obtain their product, which is the definition of a monopoly. I agree with the other respondees, in that we have been getting some less than optimum product at times and at a premium price for many years, with little or no maintenance evident. Putting a new coat of paint on the outside is just a little glitz and political spin. Any other business that proposed to triple their prices would be out of business in a flash.

    I urge the ICC to reject this request en toto.

    Timothy Brekke
  • January 10, 2012

    This is ridiculous. As noted in all the other comments we are already paying a lot for our killarney water. We not only pay for our water bill but we pay for our bottle water so we can drink because killarney water is non drinkable then we pay for our huge amounts of salt to keep our water softners running not to mention the new cost of a water softner on occasion and we pay for new cloths, i wear a white shirt for work and i have to buy a new one every month because the yellow water turns my shirt a dingy yellow instead of white it doesn't matter how much bleach i use. We have had to buy a new washer because of all the sediment and we really need a new bath tub because the one we have is yellow instead of white just from the water staining it. Now that it is winter watch out the water really gets bad on those cold windy days, have to by pass taking a shower because the water is so full of rust. We have 2 young children and one has eczema and the water really arritates and chafes his skin the water is very hard. Its unsafe and i cant believe the water company has not improved the quality of the water yet and has had the audacity to try to raise the bill at such a high cost. I don't understand why they are painting the outside of the water tower when we need the inside of the water tower fixed so we can get normal water. Obviously its their ploy to justify their rate increase i think its highway robbery!!!!!!! Please don't allow them to make more money off of us, where are all the repairs that they claimed they were going to do 6 years ago when we first moved in. We cant help that they cant manage their money for repairs they get enough from us already for our terrible water and i have seen no vissable signs of anything that has changed with the quality of water in the last 6 years except for my bill going up, it's just not right
    jessica and bryan lynch
  • January 10, 2012

    There is not much I can add to what has already been posted on the proposed outrageous rate increase. I would like to say that as a Lake Killarney Home Owners Association Board Member, I've been approached by many neighbors on how concerned/outraged they are by the proposal.

    Scott Sennholtz

  • January 10, 2012

    It's hard for me to add anything to what has already been posted. I would like to say that as a Lake Killarney Board Member, I've been confronted by many home owners/neighbors expressing their concern and outrage on the proposed increase.

    Scott Sennholtz
    2813 Sun Valley Dr.
    Cary, Il. 60013

    Scott Sennholtz
  • December 28, 2011

    I am writing to protest the outrageous rate increase proposed by Utilities, Inc. aka Lake Killarney Water CO. As a resident of over 10 years I have experianced less than quality water in my home. I understand that there has not been a rate hike in over 10 years, but there is no need for one that averages around 348 %. With the problems with the economy & residents fighting to keep up with mortgage payments etc, a hike of this magnitude could push many residents over the edge. Also, there are many seniors in our neighborhood who are existing on little more than Social Security. I beg you to be fair to us. We have no choice to go elsewhere for our water. We are stuck. I just find it strange that suddenly Utilities Inc is doing all this painting and upkeep when they are asking for such a huge rate hike. I know that they are a private co & they have to make a profit, but at the cost of the consumer?
    Barbara Miller
  • December 21, 2011

    I am outraged over the audacity of Utilities Inc.'s request for a 348% rate increase. Even if a quality product was delieverd to our homes this increase is out of line.

    The fact is the citizens of Lake Killarney are delievered poor quality water on a daily basis. As others have stated the water is barely usable. Each home has to have a home filtration system and a water softener at a bare minimum. Even with that, there are days when the water is still rust color. We endure several " boil days" each year and deal with low water pressure on a constant basis.

    It upsets me that Lake Killarney case has been consolidated with so many other communities. I don't know what the water quality is in those other communities but any increase in our rate would be unwarranted given the service and product we are delievered.
    Todd & Catherine Cherry
    6507 Lakewood Dr.

    Todd Cherry
  • December 21, 2011

    We strongly oppose the rate increase, proposed by Utilities Inc., for the Killarney water co.
    The Killarney water co. has been delivering a poor quality product for years. Their customers have had to endure the added expense of Rust and Sediment filters and bottled water because of the poor quality water provided. One has to check each time you do laundry to see if it's a Brown water day, If you don't, your whites may come out Tan.
    The amount proposed by Utilities Inc. is absurd. Routine maintenance is a cost of doing business. Very, little or the bare minimum, has been done over the years to maintain the system. Now, there is a big push to make the system presentable. That is all well and good. But to ask the customers, (who have no choice), to pay for improvements all at once is not right.
    Gradual increases of two or three percent are to be expected and would be acceptable if the system were properly maintained. This is not the case here.
    We pray that the commission denies Utilities Inc. request for a rate increase for the Killarney water co.
    Neil O'Brien
    Resident and Member
    Lake Killarney Homeowners Assn.

    Neil O'Brien
  • November 29, 2011

    I was shocked by the percentage of increase the water company has proposed to charge for our water supply. I feel helpless and at their mercy, since there are no alternative ways to procure my water. At a time when so many of us are struggling financially, through no fault of our own, such a drastic increase in our water bill feels especially cruel.
    Robin McInnes
  • November 9, 2011

    The proposed increase of the water bill for Lake Killarney is out of line with the water quality that we have had for the 22 years that we have lived here. Of course all utilities will go up at a reasonable rate, but a 348% increase is to say the least highly excessive. We strongly oppose this increase.
    Sue and Michael Carolan
  • November 9, 2011

    We are all well aware of the tough financial times our nation is experiencing, with that said, I cannot believe that the Killarney Water Co had proposed such a DRASTIC hike in our water usage rates.
    I would like to know what events lead to the need for this increase. I think that maybe the Water Co. needs to take a look at the ever increasing incidence of the home foreclosure rate and decide if now is the time for a rate increase of such a substantial amount.
    Please reject this proposed increase request and make the water company accountable for the reason why there is a need for the increase and the formula used for the percentage of the increase.
    Annette J. Kessel
    6414 Londonderry Drive
    Cary Il 60013

    Annette Kessel
  • November 9, 2011

    I strongly object to the proposed rate increase from Killarney Water company, Utilities Inc. I cannot see that they have spend significant capital to replace aging equipment. The quality of the water has not improved in the last 25 years that I have lived here. The manner in which the rate increase was announced was not very straight forward, its like a secret. The proposed rate from $6.00 per month to $20.92 per month is a very big jump and most of the residents are seniors. This would be a very big burden.
    merle prior
  • November 9, 2011

    In these economic times and the fact that we are about to retire, such an absurb increase would put a great hardship on all of Lake Killarney residents ability to pay such an absurb water bill where
    there is no sewer, Lake Killarney is all on septic. The water company wants to charge us to facilitate their obligation to maintain the water tanks. The water that comes out of our taps cannot be put in a coffee maker without sludge forming on the top of
    the coffee. Whenever there is windy conditions we have rusty water. When the electricity was out for 4 days they had to run a generator to supply us with water.
    To me that is the cost of doing business.

    Raymond and Joyce heffernan
  • November 9, 2011

    A 394% increase? Is this company NUTS? This is a very simple negotiating ploy; ask for the world and then take half of what you asked. Don't let this happen ICC for such an inferior product. I am afraid to let my dog drink this water. My skin falls off because I do not have a water softner. Everyone I know has water delivered to drink. We are living in the worst economic times since the great depression. This is utter nonsense.
  • November 2, 2011

    We oppose the changes proposed by Killarney Water Company, Docket number 11-0564. The 348% increase is outrageous, considering that the water quality will not change from its current barely useable state. Its taste is marginal, the odor is sometimes foul, and clothes and linens come out of the wash discolored. Please reject the companies request.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Steve Dreyer
    2915 Blarney Stone
    Cary, IL 60013

    Steve Dreyer
  • October 31, 2011

    Re: Docket 11-0564

    I am writing in response to the proposed general increase in water and sewer rates proposed water service rates by Utilities Inc., specifically the Killarney Water Company, as I live in the Lake Killarney area.

    In the cases of the People of the State of IL versus Utilities Inc. (ICC Docket Nos. 11-0561 through 11-0566 Consolidated), I urge you to consider the expert testimonies and evidence presented by the Attorney General on behalf of individuals such as myself and rule in favor of the People.

    Utilities Inc. has not clearly justified their “rising costs” to their long standing customers – homeowners such as myself who consistently pay their water bills in a timely manner for a substandard product for lack of any other option.

    The company indicates that they have “recently spent significant capital to replace their aged accounting and customer care and billing systems,” as a justification for the proposed rate increase. This information suggests an inappropriate allocation of resources and capital, when the water system itself could be improved to provide a better, safer product for the consumer. As previously stated by other comments, the water that we are provided in our community is heavily contaminated and requires the use of a water softener as well as sediment filters to be suitable for everyday use. Furthermore, there have been multiple occasions where the water is not suitable for consumption and is a significant health hazard, yet notification of those hazards are not timely and are of considerable concern to the people of the community.

    Again, I would reiterate that the Killarney Water Company has yet to demonstrate the necessity for the exorbitant proposed rate increase and that the people of the community are adamantly opposed to the proposal.

    Dr. Hoang

    Dr. Hoang
  • October 31, 2011

    I strongly object to the proposed rate increase from Killarney Water Company, Utilities Inc. Now is not the time to be subjecting the homeowners of our community to this outrageous increase. I have lived in this community for 20 years and the water quality in my opinion is poor at best.

    It is unconsionable to think that Utilities Inc can even propose this rate increase. I would hope that the Illinois Commerce Commission will not accept this proposed rate increase for our water service.

    Thank you.
    Dawn Kiley

    Dawn M. Kiley
  • October 31, 2011

    I oppose the proposed rate increase requested by the Killarney Water Company. This rate hike is totally ridiculous. We pay so much already for water we get just to make it usable and drinkable. Water softeners, salt, and R/O units and filters or bottled water cost us a lot in addition to the water charges. The amount of this increase is unmanageable in this economy in which everyone is struggling already. It's a very unreasonable request.
    Karen Anderson
  • September 28, 2011

    We strongly oppose a rate increase petitioned by the Killarney Water Company (KWC), Utilities, Inc. Considering our economic woes at this time, maybe it is time for the KWC to tighten their business expenditures and be mindful that the residents of Lake Killarney are not their cash cows. We are seniors on a fixed budget and a 348% rate increase is not only unreasonable but down right unfair to expect the homeowners to foot the bill. We purchase purified bottled water because the water that is supplied from the KWC contains impurities and leaves our clothes orange from the rust content and quite frankly, just tastes bad. We disapprove of the rate increase proposal.
    Ken and Claire Jonak
  • September 21, 2011

    I strongly oppose the rate increases from Killarney Water Company.

    The percent rate increase would increase our monthly bill by an unfair amount. We already have to spend a lot of money on making the water usable with water softeners and purifiers. Water pressure is low at times and there has been many "boil orders" in the 9 years I have lived in the community. There are many times that the water is brown as well.

    I have dealt with all the water problems over the years because the monthly bill was average, but paying over a $100 more for the same product is outrageous. In these economic times that much of an increase will add an increased financial burden on people.

    Killarney Water company is not providing a quality product and for us to pay so much more for the water is not right.

    Anne Fink
  • September 15, 2011

    The increases that Killarney Water Company is asking for are outrageous. I am strongly opposed to the very high rate increase (base & usage charges) being proposed by Killarney Water Company. Per the example submitted by Utilities Inc. in my latest water bill, the proposed base charge would increase 350% more than the current rate and the usage charge would be 350% greater than the current usage charge.
    Our water quality supplied by the Killarney Water Company is sub-par. On a rating scale of 1 to 10 our water quality is usually rated a low 1 on most days. The water is often a visibly brown from the high content of iron. The hardness of the water is extremely high. The water pressure is inconsistent, with Killarney Water Company issuing boil orders to protect our health.
    The Illinois Commerce Commission Should freeze Killarney Water Company rates until they provide a better quality of water.
    Joe Bjornson

    Joe Bjornson
  • September 12, 2011

    I am perplexed that the new owners of our water company think it is necessary to raise our rates 348%. On what basis do they think this is necessary? These are hard economic times for all of our neighbors. Everyone must have water to live. It isn't fair to inflate the cost of such a vital product.
    Kenneth Gordon
  • September 12, 2011

    I oppose the proposed rate increase requested by the Killarney Water Company.

    The Killarney Water COmpany is planning on increasing that rate by approximately 3.5 times. This proposed increase would cause Killarney Water Company rates to be significantly higher than rates in the surrounding communities.

    Killarney Water Company has had a history of poor service and poor water quality: rust, sand, etc.

    It is difficult to see how they can justify a rate increase of this magnitude given prevailing water rates in the area, the quality of their service and the economy in general.

    Thank You.

    Ryan Hanawalt
  • September 7, 2011

    I disagree with the proposed over the top increase requested by Killarney Water Co. This increase is unjustifed, and unfair to the residents of Lake Killarney. They quality of our water has not changed in the 19 years that I have lived here. It is just plain YELLOW RUSTY water. I stopped calling to complain about quality years ago, because I am always told it's my water heater. If Killarney Water wants to increase our rates, then improvements should be made. I would expect our rates to increase, but not at the level proposed. Maybe Killarney Water should put more time into making our water better, and less time thinking about their profits.
    Tonya Nelson
  • September 2, 2011

    Docket Number 11-0564 an informal complaint with the ICC with tracking# 2353-2011 was filed and requesting a public hearing for our residents in front of the Illinois Commerce Commission Hearing Board. The Killarney Water Company is proposing to raise our base rate from $6.00 per month to $20.92 per month and the water usage charge from $2.07 per 1,000 gallons to $7.22 per 1,000 gallons. The water company is kindly letting us know that our wonderful low rate would go from on average of $15.48 per month to $53.95 per month. Our bills arrive every 2 months, which means our bills would be at least $107.90 each billing period and $647.40 for the entire year on the low end. Many of us with families would see our yearly water bill go over $1,000. Considering the current economic trend taking place, this would not be a very favorable result for our residents.
    dennis oleksy
  • August 31, 2011

    I am stunned and outraged at the possibility of such an increase being even considered a possibility. We have had no imporovement or change in service in the
    26 years that I have lived in Lake Killarney. We have learned to tolerate the rusty water days in silence as part of the "well water" baggage. Recently we have been
    inundated with letters suggesting we add insurance to protect our water lines from
    street to house, why now after forever of it not being an issue??? Also the proposed
    price increase with no benefit to the consumer is ludicrus--legallized theft since we don't have an option as to our water resource and no improvement being offered.
    Lake Killarney is filled with long term residents who own our homes and are living on
    set incomes-such a budget busting increase would significantly impact many retirees-especially in light of the fact that we get nothing more for our hard earned monies.
    Please deny the request for price increase.
    Carole Mortenson
    2702 Limerick Dr.
    Cary, Il. 60013

    Carole Mortenson
  • August 30, 2011

    We oppose the proposed rate increase put forward by Killarney Water Company (Utilities, Inc.). The prosed rate increase is outrageous and un-warranted. As outlined, the increase is to cover items that are typically covered as "costs of doing business" at most organizations. These items can be paid for out of past and future profits, without dramatically effecting the rates the residents pay.

    In addition, Killarney Water Comapany (Utilities, Inc.) is asking for this incredible rate increase while offering a sub-par product. The members of the community can attest to the fact that we have had to pay large amounts of money just to be able to use the product (water) that Utilites, Inc. sells to residents. Most in the community need to have water softeners, filters, use "rust preventer" salt, etc. and continually sacrifice garments while doing laundry because of the poor quality of our water and the continual problem with rust.

    Killarney Water Company (Utilities, Inc.) needs to figure out how they cover these costs out of their operating profits, versus asking the residents to "bare the burden".

    Respectfully submitted,

    Wray Broskow
    6405 Londonderry Drive
    Cary, IL 60013

    Wray Broskow
  • August 25, 2011

    I would like to strongly oppose the propossed rate increase requested by the Killarney Water Company.

    They are trippling the rate we are currently paying. Our current rate is in line with national pricing on water delivery. They are planning on increasing that rate by 3.5 times.

    This neighborhood is older houses, older residents and lower income. This neighborbhood cannot afford such a drastic increase. My Mother and I both have houses here. She is one of many, many elderly that have lived here for decades. She is retired and on a very limited income. She simply cannot pay 3.5 times what she is paying now.

    This 394% increase will have a negative impact on every resident in Lake Killarney. It is simply too much of an increase at one time.

    I respectfully request that Killarney Water Company's request be denied or altered to reflect a much more resonable rate.

    Thank you,

    Christy Porter
    2710 Dublin Court
    Cary, IL 60013

    christine Porter