Case Number: 11-0561

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  • December 7, 2012

    I am contesting this rate increase, billing has gone up over 300%. Customer is retired and lives on a fixed income, they drink bottled water, bills are too high.
    Ronald Jagers
  • November 28, 2012

    Nov. 27, 2012To Whom It May Concern:Re: Charmar (Utilities, Inc) Water Bill crisisCase number 11-0561We are a family of two seniors who live in the Shirley Drive/Meyer Road/Delany Road area of unincorporated Gurnee, Illinois. We moved here in 1986, and although we try to be very conservative with our water use, but our bills are now over $120 a month!This summer, during the drought, we had to water several newly transplanted trees, as well as our vegetable garden. We had a monthly bill of $645 so stopped watering. One of the trees was a pecan that my father brought from Arkansas. He grew it from a seed from a family plot at the cemetery. I so hope that it survives. Quickly looking back at previous yearsâ?? bills, I see that we now pay double what we paid in 2010. In 2009 and previous years, we paid an average of $1-2 dollars a day for our conservative, judicious use of water. Now we are approaching $5 a day.Service has never been great from Charmar/Utilities, Inc., but we accepted this as part of living in a semi-rural area with a small, local water utility company. It seems that now it has become a huge corporate conglomerate and we feel as if we are hostages with no say and no choice.My immediate neighbors include a mentally handicapped senior man, a family struggling for food from month to month, and several families who donâ??t speak much English. I speak for all of us when I say that our water rates are unacceptable. I could go on and on. This is just unbelievable to us. Please help us.Sincerely,Jennifer Selle37444 N Delany RdGurnee IL 60031847-249-4776847-542-0424
    Jennifer Selle
  • October 26, 2012

    I'm writing once again to complain about the increase we've received from Charmar Water Co. It's pretty ridiculous to expect the average household to pay several hundred dollars a month just for WATER!

    I've collected information from friends that live around the country. I was curious to see what their water bills looked like...

    Norwalk, CT: $100 per quarter for a home on 3/4 acres with 3.5 baths for w/s/t
    AL: $20-$40/mo for w/s/t
    So Cali: $55/bi-monthly
    Chicago suburb w/ Lake Michigan water: $60/mo
    Canyon County Idaho: $90/bi-monthly w/s/t
    Levittown, NY: $25/quarterly
    Maryland: $160-$200/quarterly for w/s/t
    Antioch, IL: $130/bi-monthly for w/s
    Missouri: $60/monthly for w/s
    Houston, TX suburb: $20-$40/monthly
    New Hampshire: $40/monthly
    Rhode Island: $25-$50/monthly
    New Jersey: $150/quarterly for a 2-family home
    Harlingen, TX: $75/monthly for w/s/t
    Mount Prospect, IL: $30/monthly for w/s <---this was for 3,000 gallons!
    Des Plaines, IL: $130/monthly for w/s/t <---large home with a pool and watering landscaping
    Harlingen, TX: $20/monthly <--- for 4,600 gallons!

    Our last bill for 3,600 gallons was $130 Do you notice that a lot of these are combined water/trash/sewer!? We pay for our trash pick up separately and are lucky enough to have private septic (though there are costs associated with the upkeep of the septic system).

    I wish we would have known about our water company before purchasing our home last year. We most likely would have kept looking. And now, we're stuck because no one is going to want a house with an outrageous water bill. I'm lucky that I get to be a stay-at-home mom right now. But, how long will we be able to manage on just one income. I'll be forced to go back to work if the ICC approves yet another rate increase from Charmar. Then, I'll have the added expense of day care! Charmer/Utilities, Inc. obviously doesn't care...does the ICC?

    Jennifer Amaro
  • October 23, 2012

    To whom it may concern:
    I am writing in complete and utter disgust at the proposed rate that Charmar water is requesting. We are currently paying one of the highest water rates in the country and if their additional rate increase is approved, it will be the highest. This company has mismanaged their affairs that it is almost to the point of bordering on the crimninal. We used to receive our bills every 2 months, but now it is every month. WHY???? This is one of the reasons that they are requesting an increase. And to try and talk to someone in customer service an get an answer, is like trying to pull teeth without anethesia. NOTHING gets resolved.
    I am planning on retiring in a couple of years and there is NO WAY that I will be able to sell my house. IT SCARES PEOPLE AWAY!!! I have had to take on a parttime job just to pay their OUTRAGOUS rates that the ICC approved. DON'T let this happen again. People on fixed incomes can't pay these rates. If push comes to shove on whether they have to pay for their meds or their water, I guarantee they will pick their meds. PLEASE DO NOT LET THEM RAISE THEIR RATES AGAIN!!!!! We get our water from Waukegan. They have don't have anything to do when it comes to water purification because it is alreadfy done for them. Why do they need an increase? To satisfy their shareholders. Do they think money grows on trees? Not in our neighborhood. With the economy and housing market the way it is, people are struggling just to pay their mortgages! Please help us in this plight and reject their latest proposal and recind their previous rate hike. Thank you.

    Herbert Koth
  • October 22, 2012

    I am filing this complaint for my 92 year old father who resides in our home that he and my mother built and raised our family in which is located in the Shirley Drive neighborhood. We are extremely concerned about the recent insanely high water rate hike imposed on my father and his neighbors by Charmar Water Company from $8.35 per 1,000 gal to $23.20 per 1,000 gal. How could this company be permitted such a drastic and unfair raise? This is simply outrageous!!! Dad will be moving to an Assisted Living facility soon and we will be putting his home on the market. We're pretty sure that nobody is going to want to purchase a home where the water bill is pretty close to the amount of a monthly house payment! So this means the home will sit vacant until it rots to the ground!!! This will most likely be the scenerio for most of the homes in the neighborhood as families on fixed incomes will be forced out of their homes when they are unable to pay their bills. Will our old neighborhood become a ghost town? As crazy as that sounds, we can actually foresee this happening if the recent rate hike is not immediately rescinded.What in the world were you thinking when you granted them such an increase??? Many of the residents in this neighborhood are elderly and don't have internet access to file an online complaint and/or are overwhelmed at the thought of attempting to fight such a huge battle. But I am aware from speaking with them that they are outraged and quite discouraged. We understand that Charmar is in the process of asking for yet ANOTHER raise to $43.17 per 1,000 gal. I respectfully request that this be denied and that the previous increase be rescinded. Will you please help us? Please?
    Jane Tiernan
  • October 22, 2012

    I am calling because I hear our bill is going from $23.95/1000 gallons to as high as $43./1000 gals. I think this is outrageous and people will not be able to sell their homes and water will be higher than their mortgage. I am protesting any further increases
    Marie Miller
  • October 17, 2012

    We are paying an outrageous rate that Charmar is charging. We are paying $23.00 per thousand gallons and they are in the process of requesting an additional $20.00 per thousand gallons. The highest rate in the entire country!!! Why can't you assistance our community in stopping the pillage. You did nothing to stop the previous request and now my FIRST bill is over $500.00, this is a car payment! HELP US NOW!!! Without your assistance this community will SUFFER.
  • October 4, 2012

    I am writing to complain, once again, that Charmar does not deserve any type of raise in its rates again. The last increase in June of this year brought my water bill (on a monthly basis) to $243.00 per month. I could buy a new car for that monthly payment. We are paying an unbelievable amount per thousand gallons of water. It is probably one of the highest rates in the country!!!!! The last raise should not have been granted by the ICC. It should be credited to us and put back to a more reasonable rate. This company does nothing anymore as we now have Waukegan Water. I see one of their trucks in my sub-division on a weekly basis doing absolutely nothing but sitting in his truck wasting time. It is pretty sad when you can go to the local supermarket and buy a gallon of water for $0.93!

    We have done everything possible in my home (4 people) to conserve on water. Actually, I cringe when I have to turn the water on. There should be gold nuggets coming out of it for what we are charged. My lawn is half dead as I cannot afford to water it. I can't even repair the dead grass with sod or seed as it would cost me a small fortune. I am even considering going to a public laundry to do my washing. It would be much cheaper than doing it at home.

    Please help our community. This company has raised prices all over the country and has hurt a lot of families trying to survive in poor economic economy.

    There are a lot of elderly people in my neighborhood that are living on social security that cannot afford to pay this insane pricing for water. We live 6 miles from Lake Michigan! My gas and electric bill doesn't even come close to my water bill each month.

    Please help of community.

    In closing, I beg the judge and case manager to please not give them more of an increase when the final decision is made in November. If anything else, please try to take away the past increase they received.

    Dawn Zens
  • October 1, 2012

    I am righting regarding our recent increase in water rates from $8.35 per 1,000 gal to $23.20 per 1,000 gal. This is ludicrous. How can a raise this extreme be condoned. It has been brought to my attention that our water company Charmar is asking for yet another raise to $43.17 per 1,000 gal. I respectfully request that this be denied and that the previous increase be rescinded. We have always paid a high rate for our water in this area. We are told that the increase is to cover past cost of construction and maintenance, however we have paid above and beyond the actual cost of the water for many years. If managed correctly there should be ample funds to service and maintain our water system. We live 10 minutes from lake Michigan. We do not have a pipeline to the desert.
    Thank you for your consideration in this matter
    Cheryl Stoneberg

    Cheryl Stoneberg
  • October 1, 2012

    My husband & I bought our first home in April 2011. We welcomed our first child in December 2011. We got our first $400 water bill in July 2012!

    How does Charmar/Utilities Inc. expect families to keep up with the inflated price they're charging us for WATER!?! A little warning would have been nice! My husband attended the town hall meeting about the increase, along with several of our neighbors. We never heard anything about the case until all of a sudden I open our bill at the end of July and it's $399! Then, 3 days later we get another bill for $349 and a letter explaining the increase. Apparently it was approved and we're been charged retroactively from May!? What is wrong with this company!? I want to know how much these people pay for their water. I'll be it's no where near the $23/1000 gallons we are!

    I'm so glad that we spent the money to improve our landscaping this summer and now can't water it because we enjoy being able to eat every day!

    We were already conserving water as best as we could (shorter showers, turning water off while brushing teeth, not watering our newly planted landscaping, doing laundry once a week) and now I'm trying to think of ways to conserve even more. The small pool we got for our son will be going back to the store. I'd rather pay for a membership to the park district pool than have to pay to fill our own pool!

    Had we known what kind of company controlled the water, we would never have bought this house! And, now we're stuck! Who's wants to buy a home with an outrageous water bill!? At least we have great neighbors!

    Jennifer Amaro
  • October 1, 2012

    Charmer Water Company)is a private utility operating a small water utility for my subdivision. Their decisions to run this business irresponsibly and without the customers wellbeing in mind, has allowed the ICC to increase their rates to over 10 times the average amount for water service. Since the ICC rules state that they are allowed to make 11 % off of money they spend, they have recently and previously made poor operational decisions allowing them to increase their returns to cause our bills to currently be at 10 times the average amount. And they have already applied for more increases.
    These past and previous decisions include not effectively cathodically protecting water storage tanks causing them to fail prematurely. They then would replace the tanks and use this as justification to raise the rates. After the ICC realized the company was not capable of maintaining below ground tanks, they ordered them to use alternative storage methods. Charmer water ignored the ICC ruling and installed another below ground tank. This cost was also passed on to the customer while the company, Charmer water benefited from their illegitimate un-responsible spending. Taking all of these expenses they incurred to cover their bad decisions; they approached the ICC about 10 years ago and received a rate increase to cover these costs. This put their water rates about 2 time’s average amount for water service. Currently these debts still stand. Where did the money go to pay for this?
    More recently the ICC recommended them to connect to the city of Waukegan to supply their water. The city of Waukegan operates a water main approximately 300 feet from Charmers water facilities. The City water main already had a tap and valve off their main intended to feed my subdivision. The only thing needed was a 300 foot pipe installed to feed the subdivision. When istalling this 300 feet sectin of pipe,, Charmer water agreed to install a expensive pressure regulating station to prevent their ‘old failing water mains’ from bursting from the increased water pressure supplied from the city of Waukegan. The reality of this was that Waukegan’s water system was much older than Charmars. Waukegan still operates transite main and cast iron mains dating much earlier than charmers system and much more prone to failure. The real problem causing water main breaks was they could not effectively maintain their pumping system causing the water pressure to fluctuate wildly. This pressure fluctuation was causing the pipes to burst regularly. All of these factors were lumped together and presented to the ICC stating a pressure regulating system was needed to prevent pipe damage. All the illegitimate expenses were included in the next rate case.
    Not having enough reasons for upping there charges the company has decided to request more funds to purchase and operate a new billing system and software, increasing the meter readings from every 2 months to every month, thus increasing cost for billing and installing a remote reading system that cost more to operate that a meter reader.
    Charmer water has taken all of thes, misrepresented irresponsible charges to the ICC and received a rate increase bringing our rates to over 10 times the average cost of water service. The decisions to run this business irresponsibly and misrepresent facts has justified the ICC to raise their rates to where neighbors are receiving $700 dollar bills for 1 months worth of water for a family of 4. On top of this, they have re applied for a rate case because they only got one half of the increase they requested. Now Charmer has again re applied for another rate case within two months of receiving the last. The testimony from the previous case was deleted and the hearing was scheduled in Chicago. This effectively made the hearings where none of the residents could attend to defend themselves. Not being able to pay 700$ water bills for a family of 4, residents have applied for permits to install a water well system. The only reply from the county was that the water company has to sign off in order for them to do so. I cant imagine the company would do this when they can force the people to continue to pay 700$ amount for water for a common house hold.

    We need help from being forced into paying outrageous bills for services costing one tenth of Charmars current gouging monopoly. Can help be given from county run water services to take the mismanaged business from Charmer and turn over to the county for proper management? We are being taken advantage of and need help.

    kevin Kerber
  • September 4, 2012

    Customer called to inquire about the approval of the rate increase. Customer wanted to know why the ICC would approve such a thing. Advised customer that we have been getting some calls regarding increase, and can confirm that the increase was approved. Advised customer I cannot speak to the "WHY" the rate increase was approved, as I am not part of the decision making process. Explained what the role of the consumer services division is. Customer stated something needs to be done about this because a 200% increase is unbelievable.
    Mark Casamento
  • April 4, 2012

    I would like to further respond to more concerns that have been raised following the question/answer time at the public forum on March 28th. Utilities Inc. representatives made it clear that there is no capital improvements fund, nor is there a plan to maintain such a fund. They also stated that no percentage of what we, the customers, pay them is set aside specifically for capital improvements or repairs of any kind. We were also informed that they are asking for this increase in order to recoup the money they spent on prior capital improvement projects that were necessary. 1. If they actually NEED the money, why in the world would they spend such huge amounts of money (which were necessary in order to maintain the integrity of our water supply) and wait so long to ask for a rate increase? 2. Why wouldn’t they ask for small reasonable increases over time? 3. Why would they think that 53 households can provide them with an additional $110,000/revenue a year? I suppose a few select neighborhoods would be able to bear such a ridiculous burden, however, our modest neighborhood is NOT one of them. We can NOT afford an increase of this magnitude.
    Sadly, one of the Utilities Inc. representatives stated in a joking fashion that in a few years we might all be back in the same place and he’d be asking to re-coup $400,000 (for example) spent on capital improvement projects. What is going on with this company? Is this seriously how it’s run? Apparently it goes something like this: they don’t plan for improvements or repairs of any kind, eventually they have to make them, they dig into the profit of the “single investor” to pay for it and then place that entire burden back on the back of our small community. So, apparently we should expect that in another few years they’ll request another ridiculous increase so that (according to their unrealistic average bills…) now we’ll pay $237, in five years we can pay $560, in another five $1,120 give or take several hundred. I imagine it will just go on and on. It’s no joke that if they get anything other than a small increase there won’t be a community here at all in a couple of years because most of us will likely lose our homes.

    In response to a neighbor’s question as to what would happen if Charmar did not receive this increase we were informed that everything would continue as it is now. So, it sounds to me like they have enough money already. If in fact there is an actual “need” for an additional $110,000 in revenue a year I reiterate that it seems like they need to cut their costs, not receive more money. After all, they don’t seem to know how to manage the money they already have, should they really get anymore? I hope that the ICC does conduct a full investigation of Utilities Inc. as the Attorney General’s office has requested.

    I greatly appreciate that the Attorney General’s office is seeking a phase-in increase over 10 years. I understand that based on the usage of 3,500/gallons a month the AG’s office also proposed a rate that would be around $152. Keeping in mind that most customers realistically use significantly more than 3,500gal/month (without a pool or watering the lawn or garden), the average monthly bill would still be significantly higher than $152 and that is still WAY too much to be paying for water. Please remember: the water is coming from a couple of miles away in Lake Michigan, water is a renewable resource, and Charmar isn’t even treating the water!!! The proposed base rate charge $63.98/month is higher than what Charmar claims the current average water bill is ($61.52). This is outrageous. We would be charged more simply to have water hooked up to our homes each month than what someone pays right now for being hooked up and their actual consumption of water.
    Please help our community!

    Suzanne Tejada
  • April 2, 2012

    on-line complaint # 0639:

    CASE 11-0561 Proposed incrrease in water rates (Tariffs filed June 29,2011) Proposed base charge of $10.25/mo will raise to $63.98 per month Usage charge would raise from $8.35 per 1000 gal to $43.17 per 1000 gal. Assuming an average water consumption of 3,500 gal/mo, service will increase 400%Since the lines were installed in our subdivision in 1956 there has been NO upgrade - only patches when a line breaks. The water pressure is poor - I cannot shower and flush a toilet at the same time. Showering while doing laundry is impossible. The PRIVATE investor who owns the utility company evidently has no concern or compassion for homeowners in this very modest subdivision. My gas and electric bills TOGETHER are less than the proposed water rate. There is no capitol repair fund in place and there never has been, so now the 54 homeowners of the subdivision are expected to make up for expenses that have been incurred by the investor. I am a single mother and a 400-600% increase in my water bill will put me in jeopardy of losing my home and make it impossible for me to sell my property. For comparison purposes, my co-worker who lives less than 1/2 mile from me in a Waukegan subdivision, paid $83.35 for three months service in the summer of 2011 and $58.70 for 8/16-11/11/11. We use the SAME WATER source - Waukegan/Lake Michigan. How can Charmar be allowed to charge such outrageous fees when they are NOT providing the water or even treating the water? Why do we, the homeowners have to make up for losses of a private investor? We need the ICC and Attorney General's office to protect our rights and save our neighborhood.

    Janine Stoll
  • November 17, 2011

    The proposed rate increase of 600% is not reasonable. My water bill dated 8/1/2011 was already $424.80 ($210.34 for water, $20.50 base charge + $193.96 city of waukegan surcharge. This is already outrageous. With the proposed increase I will be paying $2,548.80 per quarter! That's over 10 grand a year. Help us to please shoot down this unrealistic increase. Thank you.
    Juliann Kauss
  • October 25, 2011

    The over 600% rate increase that Charmar is requesting is not only outrageous but unjust. We are already paying more for water then any of the surrounding towns. We essentially pay twice for water, we pay Charmar $8.32 per 1000 gallons of water and $6.42 (previously $9.88) per 1000 gallons to Charmar for the water from Waukegan, according to their contract with Waukegan they only pay $4.33 per 1000 gallons of water so we are receiving an approximately 125% markup just for WATER this is not including what we pay Charmar for maintenance of the lines, or there so called maintenance, the water lines in our neighborhood are 50 plus years old, the water pressure in our home constantly drops, and calls made to Charmar regarding service issues are never followed up on. We are demanding that this request is denied by the ICC.
    Bob Davidson
  • September 21, 2011

    I am responding to the proposed increase for the Charmar Water Company.
    I am responding for my Mother, the proposed increase is an 'EXORBITANT and OVER INFALTED INCREASE' for something as a basic life needed necessity.
    When charmar first proposed hooking into the Waukegan water system, it was to save money because the repair and up keep of the well would be very costly, now they are proposing a 600% increase?
    If my Mother has to pay that high of a rate she would not be able to buy food, she is on a fixed income and if she can't afford the water bill, it would then fall on my shoulders, I also am on a fixed income and on a very strict budget, I also would not be able to afford food or medications.
    I am asking the, ICC to deny this exorbitant increase.

    Albert Scott
  • September 1, 2011

    To whom it may concern,
    The increases that Charmar is asking for are outrageous. They state that they have not had an increase since 2004 but I recall a more recent increase due to the fact that they needed to purchase water from the City of Waukegan rather than repair the well system. About a year after that increase they dropped the cost somewhat but not back to the 2004 levels. I work in Lake Zurich, IL. and I am responsible for the operating costs of the company facility there. That said, for the Village of Lake Zurich, the cost for water/sewer per 1,000 gallons is $10.04. Charmar is not responsible for sewer as we are all on septic systems. They have very little maintenance to do as we are tied in to city (Waukegan) water and quite honestly they do not respond to or simply skate around any issues regarding service in our neighborhood. My son lives next door to me and has called numerous times regarding pressure issues and has received no response from Charmar. This is the company whos' supervisor gave all repair work to her boyfriend so he would get the big payday while doing the very least amount of work. I simply do not understand how Charmar could attempt such an outrageous increase in comparison to other local municipalities fees and the fact that they do very little to service the area. This is not an affluent neighborhood and the residents will not be able to afford such an increase. We will be forced to sell our homes if this increase passes ( maybe that's the idea ). I would be interested in learning what Charmar pays the City of Waukegan per 1,000 gallons of water. I urge you to deny such an increase and to hold a public forum regarding this issue before moving forward. Thank You.

    Gary Davidson
  • August 30, 2011

    Since July, 2009 I've attached my TWO month water bill charges.
    Keep in mind that these charges are for TWO adults - working - no pool, garden or yard watering.

    A 600% hike in water rates would not be feasible for me or any average family to pay.

    Bill Date Bill Charge Balance Bill Image
    07-31-2011 $178.11 $177.91 View Bill
    05-31-2011 $167.80 $167.80 View Bill
    03-30-2011 $161.66 $164.00 View Bill
    01-30-2011 $144.80 $285.04 View Bill
    11-29-2010 $140.24 $140.24 View Bill
    09-29-2010 $124.43 $124.43 View Bill
    07-28-2010 $146.23 $146.23 View Bill
    05-30-2010 $161.31 $161.31 View Bill
    03-31-2010 $217.27 $217.25 View Bill
    02-01-2010 $195.22 $194.98 View Bill
    11-29-2009 $197.76 $197.76 View Bill
    10-01-2009 $256.29 $256.18 View Bill
    07-31-2009 $218.03 $217.89

    We need intervention by the ICC to stop the proposed rate hike.

    Janine Stoll
  • August 30, 2011

    Proposed increase in water rates from 18>60 per 1000 gallons to 107.15 per 1000 gallons. My last bill for TWO people who work and are not home during the day was $155. We do NOT have a pool and do not water lawn or garden) With the proposed rate hike, my bill would be OVER $1000 for two months of service. This is appalling and would put me in a situation where I would not be able to pay my mortgage and utililities. Residents in Waukegan are paying less than HALF of what I currently pay for the same water usage. How can the proposed Charmar and Waukegan charge of 107.15 per 1000 gallons even be a reality??? My small neighborhood in unincorporated Warren Township is in jeopardy and needs to be protected from corporate and city rate increases that are not even realistic. Warren Township and/or Lake County need to step in protect their residents.
    I expect to be notified of pending hearings and have a voice in this action.

    Janine Stoll
  • August 30, 2011

    on-line complaint tracking # 2356:

    Case 11-0561 Proposed increase in water rates (Tariffs filed June 29, 2011).Proposed rate hike would increase my water charges from 18.60 per 1000 gallons to 107.15 per 1000 gallons. My last bill for TWO PEOPLE who work and are not home during the day, was 155.00 for two months (no pool, no lawn or garden watering). With the proposed rate hike, my bill would be OVER $1,000 for two months of service.This is appalling and would put me in a situation where I would not be able to pay my mortgage and utilities. My small neighborhood in unincorported Warren Township is in jeopardy and no one notices what is happening with our water service rates. We need the ICC to intervene and take a stand on our behalf. I request notification of public hearings and will file a formal complaint with the ICC.

    Janine Stoll
  • August 25, 2011

    This "proposed" water rate hike will devastate this neighborhood. It is insane to "propose" a 600% increase! My current bill is over $200.00, for a family of 3, with this rate increase I will be paying over $500.00, ridiculous!

    Please advocate for our neighborhood and stop Charmar Water from devastating our neighborhood!

    Delany Road Resident
  • August 25, 2011

    I am strongly opposed to the very high rate increase (base & usage charges) being proposed by Charmar Water Company. Per the example submitted by Charmar in my latest water bill, the proposed base charge would over six times greater than the current rate & the usage charge would be over five times greater. My last water bill showed a usage of 11,070 gallons over a two month period and the bi-monthly bill amounted to $198.17. Under the terms of the proposed rate changes that same bill would have been $691.09 (assuming the City of Waukegan usage rate remained the same). Based on an average bi-monthly usage of around 11,000 gallons, my yearly fees for water would be $4,140.00. Not only would the proposed rates be the highest in the county, my total fees for water would be within a couple hundred dollars of my real estate taxes for this year. I find this unacceptable especially for a middle class neighborhood where there are a number of retired people living on fixed incomes.
    Roger Crossley
  • August 23, 2011

    Charmar is seeking a 600% increase for water usage.
    Ana Ortiz
  • August 16, 2011

  • August 12, 2011

    I can't believe a water company would attempt to increase the rate as much as Charmer is proposing. Being a new homeowner & on a strict budget with a baby on the way, I can't imagine paying over $200 a month for water service. Are they trying to force homeowners into financial ruin? What is this increase going to do to our water - are they replacing it with Evian? I've already heard that they charge more than other water companies, but since we don't get to pick who we get water from there's nothing we can do - except oppose this rate increase they're trying to have passed.
    Jennifer Amaro
  • August 12, 2011

    I am appalled at the proposed water rate hike for water services in my neighborhood by Charmar Water Company.

    I have a family of TWO and my current water bill averages $90 per MONTH. We do NOT water our lawn. We only shower, do dishes and laundry. As a side note, our rates nearly doubled two years ago. At that time we were a family of SIX paying about the same amount per month.

    If this proposed rate hike is approved, I estimiate my monthly water rate will be OVER $500 per month, according to the "NOTICE TO CHARMAR CUSTOMERS" sent out in July, 2011

    (Present Rate of $10.25 per month for base change - proposed rate 63.98 per month
    PLUS $8.35 per 1000 gal present charge - proposed $43.17 per 1000)

    If this rate hike is approved, our neighborhood will be devastated and I expect a rash of home foreclosures as we will not be able to pay.

    Thank you for allowing comment on this posposal.

    Neighborhood of SHIRLEY DRIVE, Gurnee, IL

    Janine Stoll
  • August 12, 2011

    I am calling the Commision to protest Charmar Water Company's rate increase request. I currently pay $16.05 per each thousand gallons of water. They want to increase that rate to $43.17 per thousand gallons of water. I don't accept this and I feel it is utterly ridiculous. My bi-monthly bills currently total around $308; if this rate increase is approved, my bi-monthly bills will then be $774! This is insane! Charman Water Company used to supply water from a well that they needed to maintain which I understand there would be a lot of cost involved in maintaining such a well. However now they have connected to the city of Waukegan which seems like there would be less maintenance for them to conduct because of that. Of the $16.05 per thousand gallons of water which I currently pay, $7.70 goes to the City of Waukegan and $8.35 goes to Charmar Water Company. Why would they need so much more per thousand gallons of water all of a sudden? This involves approximately 30 homes in my area. Please use your power to prevent such a large increase from occurring.
    Dawn Zens
  • August 8, 2011

    The proposed increases are absurd and would be impossible to pay. We are already paying "double" for our water (to the city of Waukegan and to Charmar); I am strongly against all of the proposed rate increases.
    Suzanne Tejada