Case Number: 11-0436

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  • April 20, 2015

    I feel Aqua is also trying to make landlords pay for tenants who don't pay their water bills. I had a tenant who didn't pay their water bills and they were evicted. I had to pay to get the water turned back on. The house was empty for several months and Aqua sent me a bill for over $400 saying that the average daily use of water for an empty house was 874 GALLONS! This is also a rip off and they need to stop this kind of action.
    Brent Ulrich
  • October 10, 2012

    Our water/sewer rates have increased 20-30% since the rate increase earlier this year. No one minds paying for a small rate increase but 20-30% is ridiculous. This cost increases at an unproportional amount as the water usage increases. Most homeowners use more water in the summer months to keep their grass, trees, plants, flowers and bushes from dying. Our sewer rates remain high even though this water never makes it to the sewer system. Aqua offers us no alternatives to meter grass watering differently.
    Few can afford these ridiculously high rates. As local Realtors, we can guarantee that our property values are closely connected to the appearance of our neighborhood.
    Brown or dead grass throughout the subdivision is not appealing to potential buyers nor are excessive water bills.
    Please take some time to review these rates.
    Let common sense prevail.

    Jim Higgins
  • September 26, 2012

    Our water/sewage bill has tripled over the last four months. I have been told by Aqua that we are no longer being charged a flat rate for sewage but a sewage rate based on the amount of usage! We as well as our neighbors can not afford to pay 3 times more for water/sewage! My average bill is now $400 to $600 per month. There is no way we should be paying more for water than electricity! Aqua says that we should control usage; however, our average usage has not changed only the sewage that we are billed. There are 6 people in our home and to get our bill back to old standards no one would be able to shower or wash! Something has to change ASAP!


    3:51 I talked to Mrs Humphrey. I provided the docket number, 11-0436, for the case and advised on how to find the case at e-docket. I advised that the order to allow the increase had been done in February. I advised that they may still be able to contest the increase, but I am not in a position to assist with that. Mrs Humphrey said that an Aqua representative had been in the community recently and over a hundred had gone to complain. They may try to pursue the issue as a group.

    Darryl Humphrey
  • September 17, 2012

    Horrendous 83% increase in water/sewer rates
    Paula Turner
  • August 10, 2012

  • May 14, 2012

    i agree
    latoya norals
  • May 14, 2012

    andrew straw
  • May 7, 2012

    I live in a community that has matured. Many of my neighbors are retired and living on fixed income. I cant understand how elected officials vote water sewage increases that almost double the water bill. Voter will speak out on this issue
    m marsh
  • April 4, 2012

    how dare you give these lieing crooks aqua a raise where i live in candle wick lake 61 dl in water and a 100dlr in sewer fees for one month i just recived my water bill 161dollars for 1 month .the water is so shity here ive had pipe clog had to relace it is so hard and had you done your home work befor giving them a hike you would of found out the aqua is going around all over buying up little water companys then usins the same excuses at every place to get a raise.come how much is your water bill 60 a month .huh wander what your getting from them to give me such a high water bill it sure isnt good water thanks you no there charging me by the gallon then im getting charged for that same gallon again to go down a pipe to the sewer .so you really screwed us where getting charged twice for the same gallon of water .and not all of its going down the drain but the there charging me like it is .so judge jones waters your water bill id like to no im on dissabilty ss and a 161 dollar water bill is a scam what did you get out of this because it looks to me your allways the judge giving aqua a raise
    steve danhof
  • April 4, 2012

    I find the increase of over 300% outrageous and unfair for our sewer charges!! There should have been a more reasonable increase, nothing else increases at that rate!!! Certainly not income, earnings or anything else!! It is criminal to raise rates over 300% for anything, but for sewer services and water, wow that is pretty basic. I highly protest this increase and feel that Aqua Illinois, Inc. is "holding us hostage" with the increases in both water and sewer charges. What are our options and alternatives with this utility?? We do have choices for telephone, gas, cable etc. but do NOT for water and certainly not for sewers. We in Ivanhoe need your help and support! I called Aqua Illinois Inc and they really do not care, just told me to contact you to file a complaint. Well then, consider it filed. If you have any suggestions or can let me know how I can take my business elsewhere I would like to hear about it.Thank you for your time. Sharon Marconi
    Sharon Marconi
  • March 14, 2012

    We are opposed to the rate increase request.
    George and Angela Kaplanis
  • March 7, 2012

    I ABSOLUTELY am opposed to any rate increase!!! The product that is delivered to my home is sub-par and I refuse to pay anything extra for the horrible water I receive!!!! I have iron stains on my clothes, toilets, and shower grout. My water is so hard, that after living in a house that is only 6 years old, has already developed calcium clogs in my drains. I've demanded a better quality water, but now you want to hike up the price without making any changes to the quality???? Forget it!!!!!!
    Cheryl Williams
  • February 27, 2012

    I strongly object the rate increase. It is already very high!
    Fei Zhang
  • February 27, 2012

    The rate proposed would represent at 70% increase in my average water bill and 45% in our wastewater bill. That increase is so extraordinary as to defy logic. The changes Aqua Illinois proposed would result in an overall revenue increase of 83.2%! I ask the Commission to closely evaluate the proposal from Aqua Illinois and to be absolutely sure that their costs and the way they are running their company shows the same degree of fiscal restraint all the homeowners they are serving have exhibited during this challenging time.
    Lyle Staab
  • February 27, 2012

    Dear Commissioners:
    We bought our home in Hawthorn Woods Country Club in July 2011, and we were astounded by the charge on our first water/sewer bill. Now Aqua IL has proposed to inflate these rates even higher, to an excessive level. With good reason, we object to Aqua's unfair request to increase our water rates by 70% and wastewater rates by 45% this year!
    We have attached the following: excerpts of the letter previously submitted to you by our mayor Mr. Joseph Mancino. We strongly support and endorse Mr. Mancino's stance on Aqua's proposed rate increase this year in the Village of Hawthorn Woods.

    We ask that you help us in this matter.

    Jim and Kathy Stupar
    Dear Commissioners,

    I am Joseph Mancino, the Mayor of the Village of Hawthorn Woods, located in southeastern Lake County, Illinois. Today, I would like to comment on Aqua Illinois’ rate increase request before the ICC and its impact on a large portion of our residents and businesses. I am representing our Village Board and the Hawthorn Woods residents that would be impacted by this overly burdensome rate increase request...

    ..With regards to our residents who buy water in wholesale rates through Lake County, I ask the Commission to consider the potential financial impacts of the proposal, as well as the recent crushing infrastructure costs that each resident had to bear just 18 months ago. The EPA mandated an upgrade to the County-owned system that resulted in a direct cost of more than $11,000 per home. This was not including any upgrades necessary to their own plumbing. Many residents suffered loss and endured financial hardship. In some cases it was a crushing loss, as some residents could not afford the payments for the new infrastructure and retain their home.
    Aqua is proposing a rate increase to these already-burdened residents that would result in a 30 percent increase in their water costs. Aqua, Hawthorn Woods, and Lake County all recently agreed to a rate structure for these residents. Just two weeks after reaching this agreement, Aqua requested this excessive rate increase and broke its commitment to our residents...
    ...With regards to our other type of Aqua customers, those who buy directly from Aqua, their rates will also be greatly affected. Residential wastewater bills would rise 45 percent, while water bills to these 400 households would rise a whopping 70 percent. This represents an increase of more than $764 per year for the average customer.
    These customers also received a 35 percent increase in their bill from Aqua in 2008, and now are being asked bear the burden of this additional increase. If approved, these homeowners will endure a total increase of 113 percent in about 36 months. This is infrastructure that is nearly 7 years old, with no known improvements planned to the village.
    In an agreement among Aqua, the Village, and a developer, Aqua again agreed to certain rates for these residents, and, again, Aqua has not come close to honoring those rates. Utility companies should not use deceptive practices to bait-and-switch rates.

    I see a pattern with Aqua in these instances in our Village, and I ask the commission to also consider these points regarding Aqua’s filings:

    Aqua’s proposal for a rate increase mentions a possible Village-imposed franchise charge of 3 percent of the amount billed. This village board has not considered and is not considering such an agreement with Aqua. For Aqua to propose to have this right is disingenuous at best. IF the Village should ever consider such an agreement, Aqua would surely get benefit from such an agreement, and not an entitlement to charge our residents more money.
    The timing of Aqua’s rate increase filings came just two weeks after agreeing to a new rate agreement with the Village of Hawthorn Woods and Lake County on supply and rates for a new group of customers. In fact, Aqua notified the Village of the rate increase filing just 24 hours prior to the actual filings.
    I ask the Commission to consider the rate shock that Aqua’s proposal would cause to some 624 homeowners in our Village. I ask the Commission to consider the equity and fair treatment of customers so that those costs incurred by expansion and improvement of utility services are paid by those who caused those costs and enjoy their benefits. In this case, our residents did not cause any additional infrastructure costs to justify this rate increase.

    I ask the Commission to consider a significantly reduced rate increase, as well as the phasing in of ANY increases granted over a reasonable term to cushion the blow to the residents of Hawthorn Woods.

    Thank you for your time.


    Joseph Mancino
    Mayor of the Village of Hawthorn Woods

    Jim and Kathy Stupar
  • February 27, 2012

    The rate increase is extremely excessive. We support the recommendation of the Attorney General to move Ivanhoe to consolidation with University Park or Candlewick/Fairhaven to lessen this increase.

    Stephen and Marjorie Martin
    28515 N Seminole Ct
    Ivanhoe, Il 60060

    Stephen T Martin
  • February 27, 2012

    As a resident of The Woods of Ivanhoe, I am requesting we be consolidated with University Park or Candlewick/Fairhaven to keep our Aqua rates more equitable.
    Constance Matthews Bader
  • February 27, 2012

    I am the sole resident in the household. I do not water my grass and try to be as water conservationist as posible. My average bill is in excess of $ 83 per month. If the increase is allowed it will increase to $ 155 per month. The rate is excessive even before the increase and should not be allowed.
    E. Ramsey Gordon
  • February 24, 2012

    The Aqua Illinois request for an increases in the Ivanhoe water and sewer rates are outrageous. This is the perfect example of a "low-ball" initial rate, followed by a huge later increase. Please turn down the amount of increase. Thank you.
    David R. Jensen
  • February 24, 2012

    I strongly object to any water and sewer rate increase from Aqua Illinois. They are too greedy, the ICC must STOP this kind of greedy and ridiculous business behavior.
    David To
  • February 24, 2012

    I have been a resident of The Woods of Ivanhoe since 2002. The high price increase (209% to 382%) in water and sewer bills that Aqua Illinois is asking for is unbelievable and outrageous, to say the least. Our country's economy is suffering, people are losing their jobs and are struggling to maintain their household and make their house payments. If the huge increase in the water and sewage rates that Aqua IL asking for is allowed, it will be huge financial stress on residents like me. I support Attorney General's recommendation to consolidate Ivanhoe with Candlewick/Fairhaven to keep our rates lower. I sincerely thank you for protecting our rights and establishing fairness and justice.
    Ramani Wonderling
  • February 15, 2012

    Residents of this township have already paid or are paying over $10,000 per household to correct the poor maintenance of the former water system as cited by the IEPA which had been the responsibilty of Lake County to maintain. Why should these same residents have to pay for what appears to be Aqua Illinois' underestimation of the expense involved in its installation or maintenance? Why should these residents have to continue to pay for other people's mistakes? I support the opposition to this water and sewer rate increase.
    Robert Enos
  • February 15, 2012

    I've been a resident of The Woods of Ivanhoe for 1-1/2 years. Our sewer and water bills are going up way too much. Please consolidate Ivanhoe with University Park or Candlewick/Fairhaven to keep our rates lower. Thank you for considering my comment.
    Ray Maddock
  • February 15, 2012

    As residents of Hawthorn Woods Country Club, we strongly oppose this proposed rate increase. Our neighbors who have Lake Michigan water pay a fraction of the amount that we pay for better quality water. Our water is extremely hard and causes damage to appliances and ice makers. This is not the water service we were promised when we bought our home. The rate increase you are asking for are totally out of line.
    Frank and Linda DeNovi
  • February 15, 2012

    Attorney General or to whom this may concern-

    Please vote to remove us from the larger consideration of communities and group us with univ park/ candelwick/ Fairhaven when voting on our aqua water bill increases later this month.. Im out raged that AQUA would try to hike up our sewer and water bill the high %'s I have seen in our associations recent mail.. As a home owner I ask for your help in determining and setting a fair raise of water and sewer bills.. Thank you for protecting our rights and allowing money to go to the proper places within our community and local govt.


    Duncan Rounds

    703 344 3565

    duncan rounds
  • February 15, 2012

    I live in the Ivanhoe division of Aqua Illinois. The proposed service charges (200% - 350%) are excessive to say the least. I wish we had a choice and there was some healthy competition. If that were the case, Aqua IL would never propose such a sudden hike. Aqua IL is taking advantage of captive customers and should not be allowed to increase the rate in this way. I urge the ICC commissioners to look at the details for each division and if there is good reason for an increase, to at least cap it so the impact is reduced.
    Nasser Farimani
  • February 15, 2012

    I support Attorney General's recommendation to move Ivanhoe to consolidation with Candlewick/Fairhaven.
    Wojciech Marzec
  • February 15, 2012

    Aqua Illinois has not made a credible case for why such a ridiculous rate request is justified. The only rationale is if costs had gone up over the last 10 years, but they have not. They are asking for 3-4X price increases when inflation has been 3% per year. Aqua Illinois has failed to convince anyone that this increase is justified.

    The proposal from the Attorney General is reasonable and I can support this. I ask that the ICC consolidate Ivanhoe to either Candlewick or University Park in line with the AGs proposal.

    Brad Newman
  • February 15, 2012

    How can Aqua be asking for higher rates?? The contries economy is still struggling, inflation is in the low single digets and Aqua wants to raise rates 70%. This is just crazy. If the ICC approves such a greedy request it will be an outrage.

    Do not approve this increase request.


    Dave Kimball
  • February 15, 2012

    To whom it may concern, I'm a resident of the Ellwood Greens Division and I received a notice from Aqua Illinois stating that they were seeking a 170 percent increase in our wastewater treatment fees (from $23.78 to $64.49 per month). I strongly do NOT agree with this massive rate increase in our monthly cost for this public service. This rate increase not only comes at a time when most Americans cannot afford such additional costs but the rate of the increase is OBSCENE. REALLY, a 170 percent increase!!! This company is out to rake in profits just like the oil companies. I understand that when one-time improvements have to be made SOME of those costs can be passed along to customers. But to make one-time improvements and then continue to charge customers month-after-month is simply wrong. Improvements are part of a good business model and small increases (like 5 or 10 percent) over time pay for those improvements and grow the business. This massive increase and ongoing monthly charge is simply NOT acceptable. Please do NOT allow Aqua Illinois to implement this massive increase and then continue to burden its customers month after month. I believe that an increase of 5 or 10 percent is far more fair for paying for the system upgrades over time. Thank you.
    Paul Siksna
  • February 15, 2012

    Last year we were forced to pay for a new water system that cost us $11,000 because the Village, County and State of Illinois could not determine who was responsible for providing us with safe water. The bulk of this money went to Aqua Illinois to build the infrastructure to add us to their feeder lines. After many months of investigation it was finally decided that we would connect to the the Aqua Illinois water system. The cost of water to be supplied was a large factor in that decision. It is not a year later, and Aqua Illinois is requesting a 30% increase in our water rates. If we had known about this increase, our decision might have been very different. It is impossible not to look at this as a classic "bait and switch" maneuver. Please do not reward Aqua Illinois for operating in this manner.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Ruby and Heidi Korn

    Ruby and Heidi Korn
  • February 15, 2012

    I agree with Mayor Mancino with the Village of Hawthorn Woods and oppose the request to increase our rates for water. We paid for this infrastructure and why should we be paying for other area for their service. I moved from Lake Zurich to Hawthorn Woods and our water bill has tripled! It is now proposed to increase 70% on the water and 45% on the waste water. Again, I oppose this Rate Increase. Thank you.
    Caryl Fancher
  • February 15, 2012

    We live in Hawthorn Woods Country Club. Our annual Aqua bill is well over $1,200. The proposed rate increases will take my bill up to over $1,700 a year with no improvement in services, no change in the quality of water and no benefit to our community.
    Aqua is trying to pass along to its current customers the costs of Aqua not growing as planned in our area. That was a business decision made by the company, not the customers. That is a problem of Aqua management, not it's customers.
    Please say NO to this outrageous price increase, especially, because we already had a price hike in 2008, and the infrastructure only 7 years old.

    Andrew Spivak
  • February 15, 2012

    How can such a wholesale, nearly 100%, increase be justified? An increase according to inflation or to reflect realistic increased costs by the provider is one thing but this is something entirely different and on a scale that will quite simply quash many households and any future growth in the communities - growth, which by the way, would aid in all facets of the community including the water provider. Please explain this as I am at a complete loss as to how you can justify this. The last thing we need is a rate of this magnitude at this time, and the Aqua Illinois house better be in order if it intends to squeeze this from its using and paying clients.
    Brian Cunningham
  • February 15, 2012

    I ask you to reject the rate increase requested by Aqua Illinois. Residents should not be responsible for Acqua Illinois' financial debt for expanding their private utility system statewide. Hawthorn Woods already paid a premium to put the infrastructure in place. We cannot afford another increase after receiving a substantial increase in 2008.

    Thank you.

    Mark Krzmarzick
  • February 15, 2012

    Martha Soltwisch
  • February 7, 2012

    This proposed increase is completely out of line and needs to be reviewed for ways to decrease the spending without cutting services. Every business is going through this and
    proper management should not allow this rate of increase to even be proposed.

    Steve Anderson
  • February 7, 2012

    I live in the Ivanhoe division of Aqua Illinois. The service charges being considered in the proposed order are excessive when compared to other utilities. Large service charges lessen the effect of usage charges. Customers have less control over their total bill when the portion for usage charges is diminished. If two meters are installed, the water service charge is increased to one based on the next larger size meter. This defeats the purpose of a second meter to stop sewer charges on outside water. The new fire hydrant charge is monthly revenue that can go on forever for lines that were in place when Aqua bought the system, have had little maintenance, and no recent use except for occasional flushing. Any senior would celebrate an eight to nine percent return on investments but the ICC can’t grant them to us. Instead, Aqua spends a lot of effort in exceptions and replies trying to justify a 10% or greater ROE and its incentive compensation plans. It’s all about money to Aqua, but both money and service to its captive customers in a system acquired at a bargain price. Gouging does come to mind for Ivanhoe customers.
    John Oleson
  • February 7, 2012

    The proposed increase is absurd. The impact will have a tremendous negative impact on all users especially those on fixed income. Approval will also have a negative impact on the value on our homes

    Please turn this request down and agree to a more reasonable increase, if any at all.

    Thank you,

    Dan Horn

    Dan Horn
  • February 2, 2012

    I agree with Mayor Mancino's address to the ICC regarding the Aqua Illinois Rate Increase. I am a resident of Hawthorn Woods Country Club and we pay a high rate for both water delivery, sewage and raw cost in comparison to surrounding communities. The rate increase requested by Aqua Illinois is exorbitant and I object to the increase requested.

    Lawrence N. DiGioia
    Hawthorn Woods,IL 60047

    Lawrence DiGioia
  • February 2, 2012

    I am a home owner in Hawthorn Woods and have read the rate increase that Aqua Illinios is proposing. I think what they are asking is outrageous! We had a rate increase in 2008 and this increase is absolutely absurd.

    I strongly recommend that this rate hike be disapproved!!!

    Robert G. Babicke
  • February 2, 2012

    The increases proposed by Aqua (water and sewer) for the Ivanhoe community are outrageous and unconscionable. Whatever can be done to moderate these proposed increases for this community should be done...and only allow adjustments which are within the guidelines of moderation and avoidance of "rate shock". The Illinois AG recommendations move in the correct direction to reduce the rates, but they will still be "over the top", making water and sewer service our single most expensive utility for the Ivanhoe community.
    The water/sewer usage rates are somewhat constant each month (causing a full 12 months of impact to residents), as compared to the gas and electric utilities with their seasonal usage "spikes". We are fixed income retirees, as are many of our community neighbors, and cannot withstand such a huge increase in our cost of living.
    Please consider fairness in your determination decisions regarding the Aqua rate pending adjustments.

    Mr and Mrs. James P. O'Connor
  • February 2, 2012

    The proposal for an increase in the sewage rate of 167% for the residents of the Ellwood Green community should come as no surprise to those who have done their research on Aqua llinois. The modus operandi (mo) of this group of charlatans has been established and is now a long running nightmare for all those residents who have had the misfortune of having had their water and sewage services bought by these miscreants. Let's see if we've established the pattern: Locate a small town water and sewage company, make them and offer they can't refuse, vow to keep rates low for a specified period of time, then surprise, surprise. A discovery is made requiring substantial repairs to the infrastructure, mandating anywhere from 150% to 225% increases in monthly subscriber costs. Of course they know these cost requests won't be allowed, so when the rate increase of a mere 100% is granted, residents may actually feel relieved that they've won a minor battle. Aqua has been running this scam all over the country. And it's time for the Illinois Commerce Commission to put a stop to this. And if it isn't stopped, a call to the Attorney General (Lisa Madigan) may be in order to find out why the ICC is accommodating these extortionists.
    T. Walsh
  • February 2, 2012

    This request for a rate increase seems unfair for the residents of Hawthorn Woods who just endured several years of drama to get a water system that the County would support, not to mention the $12,000 water bill that came with it. We were told by the County that Aqua could not rase the rate for several years. This seems unfair and a 59% increase seems excessive. I would urge the board to reject this request.
    Craig Leeper
  • February 2, 2012

    Please implement the AG's recommendation to consolidate Ivanhoe with Candlewick/Fairhaven. An average 271% increase for something the consumer can't live without and has no choice of provider is "rate shock" by anyone's definition (except Aqua Illinois).
    Brian Miksa
  • February 2, 2012

    We already pay a higher rate than our other neighber cities. We can agree on water bill increase any more.
    Yixin Chen
  • February 2, 2012

    I am writing again to voice my angst over Aqua's proposed rate increases. They have now provided estimates of future bills, which represent a combined water and sewer increase in excess of 270%. This is rate gouging in its most extreme form. I feel it is the fiduciary and moral responsibility of the ICC to reject this proposal. As a resident, I cannot select an alternate provider, as is the case with electricity, gas, phone and cable/satellite service. These increase will represent a serious hardship to me and my family and will further damage the property values of our community. Many homes are already foreclosed. It is apalling that my water bill will potentially be larger than all of my other utilities combined. This should be against the law.

    I implore you to reject this proposed rate increase by Aqua before it severely damages the welfare of my community.

    Thank you.

    Rick Minehart
  • February 2, 2012

    I am against any new increases in our water bill. We are already paying some of the highest rates in illinois. An increase of this size has direct impact on the sale and the market value of our homes. The people have lost enough equity. An increase adjusted for infaltion or CPI might be justifiable. Price gouging
    and corporate greed should not be allowed. They should be forced to run their businesses more efficiently or get out of business.

    Robert Narcisi
  • February 2, 2012

    I can understand a slight increase in rates but 200-300% is not acceptable . The core CPI is up 2.2% this year. I am retired and my socil security income is flat. My neighbors who are working incomes are also flat. We are a captured group we need a fair decision on this issue. thanks Joe Schwan
    joseph schwan
  • February 2, 2012

    This rate increase is an outrage. it appears to me that Aqua wants us (their current customers) to pay for their incompetence. As I read this, Aqua mismanaged their expansion, by not realizing the planned growth in customers, or mismanaged the financial realization of this growth. We already pay the highest water and sewage rates I am aware of, and now they want an increase of 70%, and 45%. this is a clear cut example of taking advantage of their monopoly status, and it is your job to prevent them from succeeding at this attempt.
  • February 2, 2012

    $32 extra every month forever, just because two meters are installed. Really? Aqua's tariff requests include another gotcha! This charge is excessive in this electronic, computerized age and it should be eliminated or drastically reduced.
    I have two one-inch meters installed, the second for outside water so no sewer would be charged on outside water. Right now, Aqua can't handle billing with two meters except by having two separate accounts and then manually putting one account on hold for the winter months. They have not promised a new, improved billing system, just want more and more charges.

    John Oleson
  • February 2, 2012

    I live in Hawthorn Woods Country Club in a town home. My current water bill is approximately $85.00 a month for two people with no lawn to care for. Over 65% of this bill is for sewage. The proposed rate increases will take my bill up to over $110 a month with no improvement in services, no change in the quality of water and no benefit to our community.

    Aqua is trying to pass along to its current customers the costs of Aqua not growing as planned in our area. That was a business decision made by the company, not the customers. Therefore the company should not seek to recover its wasted capital expenditures from its customers. That is a problem for its management and shareholder.

    Please say no to this outrageous price increase and send a message to this company that it has to pay for its own mistakes.

    Michael Stern
  • February 2, 2012

    The proposed increase requested by Aqua IL is absolutely unacceptable. Our water bill from Aqua for a single family home has already increased from an average of $75/month to $115/month which is what most people pay for 3 months. This increase in not justified since there have not been any events for raising the amt other than taking advantage of customers who have no other alternative. I would like to see information on Aqua IL's financials showing a need for this increase because these current prices are simply not justified and beyond any communication initially given to residents. This current situation sounds like the definition of a monopoly since there is not currently an alternative source if water/sewage in our community. If you require durther information pleaae contact me via the E-mail listed above. Thank you.


    Larry McNally

    Larry McNally
  • January 30, 2012

    I am opposed to the rate increase proposed for the residents of the Glenshire area of Hawthorn Woods. Aqua has not kept its word to not increase rates for a specified period of time. This has been an empty promise.
    Elaine Konko
  • January 30, 2012

    In a time when people are barely hanging on in an upside down ecomony Aqua Illinois proposes a service rate increase that is beyond excessive. This is unfair and may give underwater homeowners another reason to walk away.
    Maureen Hardy
  • January 30, 2012

    I totally oppose any additional increase in my already extremly high water bill. I live in a townhome and my water bill has been $100.00 per month since I moved here from NY. I am one person with a $100.00 per month water bill! How outrageous is that!
    When I lived in NY and had 3 children living with me, one acre of land and a pool my annual water bill was at most $700.00.

    If you want people to continue to enjoy living in Lake County...the taxes, utilities and other surcharges added to our already high costs of living have got to stop!

    I therefore say "no" to any additional increases to my H20 bill!

    Thank you.

    Geraldine Franck

    Geraldine Franck
  • January 30, 2012

    My husband and i have lived in the Glennshire subdivision for over 23 years. He passed away suddenly this last fall. I have been struggling along with my neighbors to just make ends meet much less be able to afford this new proposed rate increased. Most of the neighbors in this area are long time residents with limited incomes. I was working hard on trying to refinance and stay employed just to make ends meet but if these rates get approved many of the neighbors and myself just wont be able to afford to live here anymore.
    We were skeptical about this system upgrade and had been promised as a subdivision that the rates were not going to be raised right away. There are a lot of breaches in promises here between Aqua, Lake county and even our own Village that has thrown the Glennshire folks into financial troubles wherein the rest of the village isnt bearing any of these burdens. This rate increase should not be approved whatsoever at this time.

    Laurie Knudson
  • January 30, 2012

    Where is the data to show the necessity for such a great increase?
    We need to understand this clearly or the suspicion is GREED on the part of Aqua.

    Joan Haufschild

    joan haufschild
  • January 30, 2012

    I am writing to object to the exorbitant rate increase proposed by Aqua Illinois to the Village of Hawthorn Woods. I am a resident of Hawthorn Woods and feel it is unjust business practice to increase our rates by 70%. I was laid off from my job and our family cannot afford such an increase. Our community has seen many home foreclosures and a steep drop in home values. This is just one more blow to the growth and sustainability of our community.
    Kim Zulpo
  • January 27, 2012

    I concur with the opinions and objections presented by mayor Mancino in his letter to the ICC regarding the proposed rate increases by Aqua Illinois.

    It seems to me that Aqua is suffering from the same issues that we residents are suffering from - declines in property values and declines in new construction have caused a no growth residential market, while Aqua's business plan undoubtedly shows a need for revenue growth to attain projected profits.

    The fact that the economy has kept Aqua stockholders from seeing the profits planned back when we were in the real estate bubble is just too bad for them. Welcome to the club that us homeowners have been forced to join, and welcome to the club that means you must get along with what you have. I don't have the ICC or anyone else bailing me out and I certainly am against any sort of bail out for Aqua.

    We (homeowners and businessmen) have all had to tighten our belts, and it's only fair for Aqua Illinois to join us in the belt tightening process.

    David Drucker
  • January 27, 2012

    The proposed rate increase by Aqua Illinois is absurd. I am a resident that has no choice but to purchase water from Aqua. Residential wastewater bills for me and some 400 other residents would rise a whooping 45 percent, while our water bills would rise by an astronomical 70 percent. This represents an increase of more than $764 per year for the average customer, many of whom are already suffering during these very difficult economic times.

    Let's also look at recent history. We are the SAME Aqua customers who already received a 35 percent increase in our water/wastewater bills from Aqua in 2008. If this new increase is approved, these 400 homeowners will endure a total increase of 113 percent in about 36 months. And this is for an infrastructure that is less than 7 years old, with no known improvements planned to the Village.

    There is no explanation given for the increase other than to ensure the ROI of the Aqua investors. Surely the size of their ROI must be considered in the context of a very depressed economy that will place an additional burden on the backs of Aqua customers, many of whom are experiencing a loss in the value of their investments and finding it difficult to make ends meet.

    We are already paying some of the highest costs in the State for water without the benefit of any choice in our water provider. Please do the right thing and deny this rate increase.

    William DeHaven
  • January 27, 2012

    I just read the PROPOSED ORDER and do not understand the approval of the
    PRIVATE FIRE PROTECTION RATE--The nearest fire hydrant is 1/4 mile away
    from my residence!!!!!! How is it going to help me and my neighbors????
    We were promised more hydrants with the build out and have received nothing!!!!!!
    1800 homes and 24 hydrants??? (New area Savanna Oaks has 4 homes 10 hydrants)
    CWL total 34 hydrants!!!!!!! The hydrants should be in place BEFORE I am charged!!!!
    Beverly Gaddis

  • January 27, 2012

    I strongly object to the second round of extreme water rate increases for the Village of Hawthorn Woods.
    Mark Erickson
  • January 27, 2012

    I believe the proposed water rate increase is excessive and usurious. With the state of the economy any increase would be harmful. Please deny it or limit it to less than 5%. Regards,
    Ken Bixby

    Kenneth Bixby
  • January 27, 2012

    Please do NOT allow this outrageous rate Aqua Illinois, Inc.

    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

    Mary Barto
  • January 23, 2012

    I have received notice via mail and through other sources of the intended increase in fees for water and wastewater services. The proposed increase is extremely excessive and seems unwarranted. While I understand the basic economic concepts like inflation and cost of doing business, as well as business concepts like capital investment into the infrastructure, I cannot fathom why this would cause rates to double overnight. I am not opposed to small incremental increases in expenses, single digit percentages, but this proposal is borderline criminal. There would be a riot in the streets of America if someone said the price of gas doubled overnight. Unlike gas, last I knew water, food, and shelter were common necessities required to exist.
    Joseph Zavalishin
  • January 23, 2012

    I am strongly opposed to this increase, further Aqua Illinois has not presented any data which supports this aggressive and unwarranted increase.
    Peter Bittorf
  • January 23, 2012

    It is not difficult to understand why there is so much unrest in this country and so much distrust of business and government. To enter into a rate agreement and then immediately turn around and not honor it is unforgivable. Threre is no justification for raising our rates again. We are already in sticker shock at our Com Ed increases which were not warranted. We have enough homes for sale here without putting more homeowners over the edge and further dragging property values down. Please do not support businesses who enter into agreements and then feel no obligation to keep their word. Governments, businesses, and people need to be held accountable.
    Sandra Snoke
  • January 23, 2012

    We support our mayors statements and look for no further increases to our already high water bill.
    John Karagiannis
  • January 23, 2012

    In the current economic environment, when most of us are working very hard to secure our job and control the expenses for rainy days, Aqua would like burden us with another huge increase. It is highly unethical.
    My family is very concerned about this substantial proposed increase to water and sewer rates. An increases of rate for water service and for waste water service is a direct impact on our hard earnings. Is Aqua giving the similar pay hike to its employees, my company is not. We urge you to reject these petitions.

    Anil Nigam
  • January 23, 2012

    I live at #1 Trent Rd, Hawthorn Woods and purchased my house in Amy 2010.
    In the summer 2010 water cost me $15/ month and in the winter 2010 it was $10/month.
    A few months later I was charges $72.month to amortize the $11,000 cost of the Glenshire upgrade to the County owned system.
    By January 2011 the rate for Water Service increased 65% from $3.23 to $5.33 and by May 2011 it increased again to $5.43.
    My last bill (winter 2011) water cost me $98/month.

    Winter 2010: water service cost $10/month
    Winter 2011: water service cost $98/month (including the $11,000 capital cost financed over 20 years)

    No rate increase should be allowed

    Georges Selvais
  • January 23, 2012

    I am astounded by the rate increases proposed by Aqua Illinois! These rates are ludicrous and an extreme burden on the residents and businesses (and potential businesses) that call Hawthorn Woods "home". Although I am not directly affected by this, I am indirectly affected by this because of the impact on businesses in the area. This will make Hawthorn Woods even less desirable to potential commercial businesses wanting to set up in our neighborhood. Right now, our small village does not have a grocery store, coffee shop or any other businesses that would cater to the residents who live here. I see this problem with the rate increase as a potential detterant to bringing our village into the 21st century. No business would want to settle-in to an area that has ongoing issues with the main water and sewer provider in the area. The uncertainty of the situation would steer these entrepreneurs in the opposite direction of our neighborhood. Please consider this as a request to turn-down Aqua Illinois rate hike request, not just for the good of the residents utilizing their services, but for the future growth of our village.
    Carisa McCarthy
  • January 23, 2012

    The proposed increase by Aqua Illinois is unconscionable. When restidents of the Glennshire subdivision in Hawthorn Woods were forced to use Aqua Illinois rather than new community wells we were warned of their practice of substancially raising rates within a short period of time. Their CEO denigned this would happen. Further we were given assurances of no more than a $.10 per year over 10 years, in writing by Lake County.

    Their proposed increase not only puts an unfair burden on the residents, but many are retired on a fixed income. Not only must this increase be denigned, but a messgae must be sent to Aqua Illinois management so this does not reappear annually.

    Their practices must stop.

    Thank you,

    Bob Sarley

    Robert C. Sarley
  • January 23, 2012

    Please do not give them that kind of rate increase in these tough times. I am on the HOA board of the HWCC subdivision. We have a tough enough time getting people to pay their assessment now and with that kinda increase we will have more foreclosures. The reason they want that because the homebuilding stopped and they lost alot of money they thought they going to get. We as a HOA have a hard time getting them to fix or replace anything in the subdivision and when they do they leave a mess. Also we have fire hydrants that don't work and also needs painting. Thank you
    Larry G Hill
  • January 23, 2012


    This proposed water and sewer increase in this type of economy is very scary as a homeowner in Hawthorn Woods. My water and sewer MONTHLY bill today is already on average $100 for a family of 4. This increase would be substantial to my disposable income and would put my Monthly bill at $150 or $160 for just water and sewer. That's $700 per year increase. Thanks for listening. I oppose this rate increase.

    Ryan Wiklund
  • January 18, 2012

    With aqua seeking a 200% increase in water rates and a 350% increase in sewer rates after receiving an increase in rates in 2006, which were in the mid twenty range, I would find it unconscionable to allow Aqua rate increases over 25-30%. Having been in business over twenty years I would have loved to have had a product or service which I could have raised my prices 200-300% without justification or competition.
    kenneth whiting
  • January 18, 2012

    The proposed rate increases for water and sewer by Aqua Illinois in the Woods of Ivanhoe is not justified based on reasonable assumptions for inflation and the ongoing cost of maintaining these systems. Aqua indicates there have not been rate increases since 2002, but is now asking for increases in the range of 200-300+%. Assuming a 3% annual inflation rate over the last 10 years, it would be reasonable to expect a 30-35% rate increase over a 10 year period to cover reasonable increases in labor and other costs.

    Perhaps Aqua is trying the “ask for the moon” trick? Ask for an astronomical increase and then be willing to accept “only” a 30% increase (which is all they should have been asking for in the first place). Consider sending them (and other monopolistic mandatory service providers) a message by completely denying the rate increase. Maybe their next rate hike request will be more reasonable…

    Brian Miksa
  • January 18, 2012

    Is there also an increase charge if we have an extrat meter for the sprinkler system?
    David kreutz
  • January 10, 2012

    I urge the Commission to reject all aspects of Aqua Illinois Inc.'s proposed tariff/service and water/sewer usage rate increases. The proposed increases, if approved, would amount to a 200+percent increase for water and a 350+ percent increase for sewer on top of an exorbitant increase in usage rates for water and sewer. Having read the testimony of witnesses at the December 15, 2011 ICC hearing on this matter, it is obvious that Aqua IL representatives have not provided any fact based justifications for the proposed increases that hold up to scrutiny as pointed out by several of the witnesses commenting against the proposal. Rate increases of this magnitude are simply unconscionable.
    Stuart Melton
  • January 10, 2012

    Please do not approve this requested increase by Aqua IL. I do not understand how a company can ask for such an astronomical increase. Does anyone just increase their rates slowly anymore? If this increase is granted to Aqua IL, there could possibly be another house on the market in Ivanhoe. Please consider all the residents that live here before you make your decision. Thanks for listening.
    Linda Vranek
  • January 10, 2012

    Mr. Robert Bensco conducted a lengthy public meeting at Candlewick Lake on Jan. 5, 2012. I thank him for allowing me to speak at the end of the time for people who signed the meeting list.
    A resident commented at the end of the forum that the cost of these meetings should be built into the rate filing to put that cost where it belongs; forums could be scheduled despite prevailing state economic conditions and ridiculous filings like this would not slide by through reduced oversight. Mr. Bensco conducts these meetings on his own time? He is a public servant, not a public slave. It is ridiculous that a legal requirement for public notice to comment is omitted by Aqua in its first letter; 10 months later, mentioned in a bill insert; and finally reported by word-of-mouth, the senators, and the Candlewick paper! Some communities were not aware of this forum until the day before. Aqua must have been hoping!
    There are many reasons for a democratic government to regulate utilities. I oppose all deregulation of utilities which are essential to our American first-world culture: electric, or gas for heat and power, water, libraries, education. We at Candlewick are stuck with the old-ATT of water providers. For what we pay, our water should be A-1, without sediment, odor, a foul taste, or viscous appearance. Aqua water is easy to conserve, as attested by residents at this meeting and the big crowd chuckled when water was provided to the moderator's table and the Aqua representative poured himself a glass.
    The water quality is unsuitable for drinking despite the Aqua report that it meets EPA standards. It is safe, but that is a minimum requirement and at the current rates Candlewick residents should not have to buy drinking water or install and maintain expensive filter systems as many of us have done.
    Since moving into this house in 1993 we have had these unpleasant experiences. Left unflushed, clean toilet water turns dark grey and stains the bowl, after 3 - 4 days there is an oily film on the surface and a layer of sediment at the bottom. The water softener is in good condition but cannot correct this problem.
    During the 6 cold months when we are away the water is still, and reopening the service valve causes a black gooey substance that collected in the lateral to flood into the plumbing fixtures unless we flush it 3 - 4 minutes into the sewer first. I understand the infrastructure was in place when Aqua took over the system, but the dead end of our cul-de-sac's water main was never tied-in to complete a constant flowing circuit as it should have been. At the public forum, others reported that their mains were never upgraded to accommodate the additional homes built around them. What water property upgrade, maintenance or inspection does Aqua really perform?
    Our basic sewer/water bill continues despite the house being vacant for the winter and others pay for empty lot service even though the community that is here year round should now be able, at the wild rate we are charged, to support the system and seasonal rate abatement should be offered.
    Aqua's inconsistent explanations and misinformation about 5/8 to 3/4 meter changes are laughable; a poorly disguised, cynical dollar grab that resembles "Touch-tone" service from the days when ATT got it's way as a "regulated monopoly."

    Donna Horcher
  • January 10, 2012

    I am very concerned about this substantial proposed increase to water and sewer rates. An increases of 203.8% for water service and 354.2% for waste water service is excessive (to say the least) and wonder how an increase of this magnitude can be justified. We urge you to reject these petitions.
    Nasser Farimani
  • January 10, 2012

    The planned rate increases are burdensome and excessive. The new flat access charges in conjunction with the increased usage rates effectively triple the water and sewer charges. I can understand an increase of 20% and maybe charging more for the high water user residents, but from the first gallon, the price is over $85! I could see if this was connected to Lake Michigan water consumption but we have a shared community well.
    John Walin
  • January 10, 2012

    The proposed rate increases for water and sewer by Aqua Illinois in the
    Woods of Ivanhoe is not justified based on reasonable assumptions for
    inflation and the ongoing cost of maintaining these systems. Aqua
    indicates there have not been rate increases since 2002, but is now
    asking for increases in the range of 200-300+%. Assuming a 3% annual
    inflation rate over the last 10 years, it would be reasonable to expect
    a 30-35% rate increase over a 10 year period to cover reasonable
    increases in labor and other costs.

    The main argument Aqua uses to justify this rate increase is “fair
    return” on their investment. When Aqua purchased these systems, they
    knew the risks involved and should have made assumptions about rate
    increases that are closer to annual inflation rates of 3%. Since Aqua
    is well experienced in making these investments, it should not be the
    public’s responsibility to guarantee the success of Aqua’s investment
    through excessive rate increases.

    Given the information that has been presented by Aqua, their rate
    request should be denied. Until Aqua can make a reasonable
    justification for an inflation based rate proposal that is comparable
    with neighboring municipalities, I do not support a change to the
    current rates.

    Brad Newman
  • January 10, 2012

    Proposed Aqua Illinois customer service charges are excessive and were not disclosed to Ivanhoe residents in Aqua’s notice to customers.
    1) The water service charge with a one (1”) inch meter and NO water gallons included will be $35.69.
    2) The sewer service charge with NO sewer gallons included will be $36.
    3) The monthly new, added, public fire protection charge, for a one inch (1”) meter, will be $13.98.
    4) That’s a total of $85.67 per month regardless of water or sewer usage!
    5) The current service charges are $11.05 for water and $6.28 for sewer, a total of $17.33, and both include the first 2,600 gallons.
    6) The new service charges are 494% of current and include no gallons used.
    7) In contrast, ComEd's service charge is $14.26 with a $2.86 Standard Metering Charge and Nicor's service charge is $12.99.
    8) Gallons of water or sewer are all extra and those rates are also increased.
    These charges are unreasonable and excessive.

    John Oleson
  • January 10, 2012

    The sewer rates are already ourtragous, costing the homeowners who remain here over $100/month when combined with water usage. The high sewer rate was imposed on homeowners when it was revealed that the sewage treatment plant was undersized when it was originally built, causing Candlewick Lake to become polluted. Since there are a limited number of properties to pay this increase (1900 at the time of the new sewage treatment plant), the burden was already too great, causing a drop in property values. Now there are very many emply homes in Candlewick, from which Aqua Illinois receives nothing. If this increase is allowed, vacant houses will become more difficlut to sell, and more homeowners will be pushed out of their homes. This in turn will decrease revenue for Aqua Illinois. The smarter thing to do would be decrease the rates, and fill the houses that are emply.
    Michael Hofbauer
  • January 10, 2012

    As a resident of Candlewick I have often wondered why the Water-Sewage costs here are so high. Yes, I’ve heard the usual, about the low residency when Aqua Illinois first built their sewage plant, and all the other excuses, probably fabricated by Aqua, but now I have to wonder, with the higher population here, why the rates never went down and continue to stay high. Of course the water rates are way too high. I mean as far as Poplar Grove is concerned, I would venture to say that this is the highest populated area within the town. I also have wondered what a home owner in the Gambino Development, up the street pays, and what a resident in downtown Poplar Grove pays. I’m sure it’s probably a lot less than what we pay here in Candlewick. In any case I will be attending the ICC hearing on 01/05/2012.
    Roy DeSousa
  • January 10, 2012

    As residents of Candlewick Lake, a gated community, we ask that the ICC deny Aqua's request for a rate increase. Our rates for sewer/water are already some of the highest in the state. In most cases the bill for two people are over $100 monthly and a family much higher.
    Charles See - Barbara See
  • January 10, 2012

    The proposed rate increases for water and sewer by Aqua Illinois in the Woods of Ivanhoe is not justified based on reasonable assumptions for inflation and the ongoing cost of maintaining these systems. Aqua indicates there have not been rate increases since 2002, but is now asking for increases in the range of 200-300+%. Assuming a 3% annual inflation rate over the last 10 years, it would be reasonable to expect a 30-35% rate increase over a 10 year period to cover reasonable increases in labor and other costs.

    The main argument Aqua uses to justify this rate increase is “fair return” on their investment. When Aqua purchased these systems, they knew the risks involved and should have made assumptions about rate increases that are closer to annual inflation rates of 3%. Since Aqua is well experienced in making these investments, it should not be the public’s responsibility to guarantee the success of Aqua’s investment through excessive rate increases.

    Given the information that has been presented by Aqua, their rate request should be denied. Until Aqua can make a reasonable justification for an inflation based rate proposal that is comparable with neighboring municipalities, I do not support a change to the current rates.

    Brad Newman
  • January 5, 2012

    I am against the rate increase.
    Eleanor Manecke
  • December 21, 2011

    I would like to voice my concern about this substantial increase to water and sewer rates. To say that these proposed increases are excessive would be an understatement. It is not reasonable to expect customers to absorb this level of hardship, especially in today's economic climate. Additionally, it would not appear that these new rates are in line with other water utilities. That said, residents do not have the option to choose another water provider, so certain protections should be put in place to prevent sweeping increases of this nature.

    A smaller, more phased rate restructure would be a more suitable approach to recover any operating deficit incurred by Aqua.

    Rick Minehart
  • December 21, 2011

    I completely disagree with the rate increase proposed, not only for the fact that the water/sewer bill is already one of the highest in the state and the amount of the rate increase is unheard of, but also simply for the matter of the financial effect and strain it would put on Candlewick Lake residents. We live in an extremely slumpish economy and many of us have been reluctantly forced to, as they say, “pinch pennies”, cut corners, and curb our spending. Candlewick Lake is littered with foreclosed homes: many of these falling victim because of an increase in consumer costs, job losses, wage freezes, divorces, ect. which ultimately results in home owners no longer having enough income to make the necessary mortgage payments. Many of us homeowners are on fixed incomes, or have only one income, or have recently lost their jobs and have no income, and struggle day by day just to make ends meet. The proposed rate increase would have a dramatic negative effect on it’s Candlewick Lake homeowners, many of whom are just barely able to afford their monthly bills as it is. Please do not allow this rate hike to take place.

    Thank you.

    Timothy Hartney
  • December 21, 2011

    Candlewick Lake

    We built our home in Candlewick four years ago. At that time we were 'warned' about the high water/sewer fee. That cost seemed very high, but do-able. I do not understand why the company 'needs' a rate hike --- already one of the highest rates in the state, and in these economic times, an increase is absurd. Water is not a commodity that we shop around and look for a better price. We are caught in the middle. We can make do and so can Aqua.

    Jim & Evelyn Brefeld
  • December 21, 2011

    Candlewick Lake

    We do not agree with the perposal of a rate increase for Aqua. The prices were supposed to go down when we reached a certain number of homes. Then they were conveniently bought out and no sign of relief in site. People are already having a hard time financially and now they want to hurt us more. If you want Candlewick to flourish, new residents, keep the rates low. It will be another reason for us to leave if you raise your rates or let Aqua raise their rates.

    Ray Ettleson
  • December 21, 2011

    I would like to state my strong opposition to Aqua's proposed rate increase of 200% for water and 350% for sewar rates to be charged for 2012. I live in the Woods of Ivanhoe where many homeowners are struggling just to pay their mortgages. Repossesions are adversely affecting all of our property values. Excessive increases such as Aqua is proposing will only due further damage to an extremely weak real estate market in the area. Our water and sewar rates are already the highest I have ever paid in the 13 houses I have owned.

    Please reject this increase and demand that Aqua find other ways to boost their bottom line.


    Erland Haapanen

    Erland A. Haapanen
  • December 21, 2011

    i have a vacant lot at candlewick lake since 1974. i have seen many changes thru the years. we,the family of candlewick lake, have survived; but this increase will destroy cwl and aqua during these hard times. the owners can't afford it;and aqua does't collect. the increase is a loser all the way!
    ken & kathy wagner
  • December 21, 2011

    I live in the Ellwood Greens Subdivision and oppose the proposed increase in water rates.
    Doloris Wood
  • December 21, 2011

    We find the request of Aqua Illinois for increases of 203.8% for water service and 354.2% for watewater service to be excessive and wonder how a increase of this magnitude can be justified. We feel we are already being overcharged for water by a company with poor customer service. We have experienced water boil orders and problems with septic smells and intermitent staained water problems. We urge you to reject these petitions.
    Marilyn D. Harder
  • December 12, 2011


    I have been a resident of Ellwood Greens subdivision for 10 years. We have approximately 150 neighbors on a sewer system that was bought by Aqua last year. In the past my sewer bill has been about $24 a month. When i recieved a notice that Aqua of illinois wanted to raise my sewer bill to 64.49 a month i was outraged to say the least. Aqua of illinois claims they need to recover costs of upgrades to our sewer system that total approximately $85,000. (Although ive never seen a itemized bill for any of the repairs except a back-up generator at a lift station.) If you do the math, we will be paying a increase of about 167% and Aqua of illinois will recover the "supposed" $85,000 in repairs in approximately 9 months. To whoever listens to the case THE PEOPLE OF ELLWOOD GREENS SUBDIVISION vs. AQUA OF ILLINOIS INC. I hope you will strongly consider the hardship this "MASSIVE" increase will bring to our small, closeknit community in ELLWOOD GREENS. Lets not enable companys to impose their will on people who dont have a alternative choice. The people of ELLWOOD GREENS are not apposed to a hike to keep up with the cost of living. But we will not be monopolized without speaking out.
    Thank You,

    Tim Kilgus
  • December 12, 2011

    To the judge that is presiding over the case # 11-0436 THE PEOPLE OF ELLWOOD GREENS subdivision vs. AQUA ILLINOIS.

    I have been a resident of ellwood greens for the past 10 years. I wish to file a formal complaint against Aqua Illinois for the absurd rate hike of 167% for my sewer bill. I along with my aproximate 150 neighbors cannot afford a rate hike as large as this.To date Aqua Illinois has " supposedly" invested approximately $ 85,000 in improvements to our sewer system.(Although nobody has seen a itemized list of improvements.) I currently pay about $24 per month for my sewer bill. That same service is proposed to jump to $ 65 per month. If you do the math they will recover all of the money they have invested in the upgrades in approximately 9 months. I urge you to seriously consider the EXTREME hike and investigate the amount of improvements that AQUA OF ILLINOIS has made to date. Please help the people of ELLWOOD GREENS SUBDIVISION against a monopoly named AQUA ILLINOIS, INC. Thank you, Tim Kilgus

    Tim Kilgus
  • December 12, 2011

    I have reviewed the proposed rate increase for sewer services by Aqua, Illinois. Based on their own information, they have upgraded equipment and monitoring to a total sum of around $88,000 (if I recall correctly). This is one of their reasons for the proposed rate increase. With that being said, the proposed rate increase would give them a return on their money 100% within 9 mos. This would also give them an asset at a higher appraisal due to the capital improvements made. I would believe that in these hard economic times, they did receive a credit and/or use the previous condition of the sewer treatment system as a bargaining chip for a lower purchase price from the previous owner. Also, the improvements made include electronic monitoring where they can reduce labor costs to operate the treatment plant and sewer system.

    Additionally, let's even say they receive the return of their capital investment within 9 mos., what will the monthly rate going forward be used for? How can they justify a 167% rate for operating expenses when investment on capital improvements have been recovered? What about tax breaks for upgrading the system? Did they get any grants for improvement?

    Those are savings and other possible financial benefits that I would like to present as an argument against such a bold attempt to raise monthly rates by 167%. I believe that rate is completely out of line and should not be allowed. We received a letter from Aqua, Illinois at the time of purchase indicating they were the new provider and that there would be no changes in service or rates. 1 year later, they propose this. I am fully against such a rate hike and would hope persons reviewing this increase take into consideration when making a decision.

    Thank you.

    Kurt Goltermann
  • December 12, 2011


    I have objected to the extremely high rate increased requested by AQUA for the wastewater/service. I'm shocked regarding the size of the rate increase. I live in the ELLWOOD GREENS DIVISION and have been living here for the past 8 years and never had a substational rate increase regarding the wastewater services. I would like to see this NOT increased in the upcoming months.

    Don Benvenuti
    Ellwood Greens Subdivision

    Don Benvenuti
  • December 12, 2011

    Aqua Illinois water rates in Candlewick Lake have been higher than any other neighboring community for the past 15 years. An increase would be unfair. The sewer charges are totally out of line with comparison to similar communities, 73.75 per month. Now Aqua wants to replace their meters and charge an extra fee monthly for the use of the meter. Simply a means to raise Aqua's profits. I strongly object to these increases and meter fees. I pay $105 monthly for our home and $79 qtrly. for vacant lot, extremely high, greed on their part. Opposed.
    Donna Lepkowski & Mikola J Bezruczko
  • December 5, 2011

    Candlewick Lake

    Ten to twelve years ago Candlewick residents received extra billing for updating the sewage plant. All these years we have paid $73.00 monthly. Now I hear of consolidating communities to spread extra charges for updating other communities. No one helped Candlewick! Why do we have to pay for others!

    Bev Gaddis
  • December 5, 2011

    Candlewick Lake

    Aqua Illinois, formerly Consumers, have charged Candlewick Lake residents excessive rates for the eleven years we have lived here. And now asking to raise our high rates & fees even more. This is greed on their part. We should not have to pay for their use of their meter and size of the meter is theirs. We have incurrurred one of the highest water and sewer rates in the nation. I strongly object to the increase in rates and the additional meter fees.

    Mikola J Bezruczko & Donna Lepkowski
  • December 5, 2011

    Candlewick Lake

    Our water company is in the process of replacing meters as required but they are using larger meters than needed and increasing costs. Any cost increases at this historic time is unconscionable. We already pay the highest rates of any area and of all their comparable communities. As for the fire district charges and increases, our fire department uses a pumper truck so they are not truthful with increasing charges, since the hydrants are only for their convenience to flush the water lines. Please do not allow a rate change/increase. Also they propose to charge separate for sewer but there is no way to record correctly the amount of water down the drain. Much of our indoor water is used for drinking, cooking, feeding animals and plants. Please say no to rate changes.

    Jerry & Linda Schuster
  • December 5, 2011

    Candlewick Lake

    I am against this proposed rate increase. We already have the highest rates in the State of Illinois that I am aware of. They are triple what I used to pay for the same services at my previous home in Arlington Heights, Il.

    I am a senior citizen with a limited income, mainly social security, and believe that the rates have been extremely high for a long period of time, creating huge profits, and should be significantly reduced to reflect a realistic profit, especially in these times.

    Thank you.

    George J. Chorvat
  • December 5, 2011

    I do not want the water bill to increase any more. It is my highest bill as it is. With the economy the way it is, the Aqua water price should be dropping not increasing.
    Our home values have dropped. Even the house taxes have gone done because of the economy. So the Water and Sewer bill should not be going up with their rates.

    Laurel Bourbon
  • December 5, 2011

    Do not increase are rates. We pay enough sewer charges, over $70.00 each month. Most homes are summer homes and the sewer charges need to be paid monthly if you want running water in your home. That sewer charge is horribe. Not even the main city's residents ever pay a monthly water bill over over $100.00. Residents in Candlewick are highly over charged by Aqua Illinois for years. Please consider on not increasing any water or sewer rates, help us to lower our rates.
    AO Candlewick Lake
  • December 5, 2011

    Aqua is seeking to raise the water and sewer rates within the Ivanhoe Division by 203.8% and 354.2% respectively. I stand firmly against these increases in part because Aqua has intentionally misled Ivanhoe Division customers with false statements in its Public Notice. In the Notice Aqua claims it has not had a rate increase within the Division since 2002. UNTRUE. Aqua petitioned the Commission via Docket 00-0366, and was granted water and sewer increases of 27.68% and 23.81% respectively, in September, 2006.
    Further, Aqua is trying to justify its current rate requests using the SAME financial data it used in 2006. If the figures are correct, Aqua has received "compensation" for them in the 2006 rate grant. Doing so again is without merit.
    Finally, the ICC approved rate increases in adjacent communities for the immediate years going forward for water and sewer average 3-4% per year. If Aqua's increases are permitted, they will create an unprecedented escalation of costs to the customers of the Ivanhoe Division, and a dramatic imbalance to the cost of similar services in neighboring communities.

    robert cornell
  • December 5, 2011

    Please look at our rates before approving any increase. We pay much more than the average. Our household of 3 pays approximately $110/month and now they want more. Please do not let them raise the rates or apply new charges.
    Larry and Vickie Masbruch
  • December 5, 2011

    The rate hikes purposed are completely out of control. We as consumers should not have to be subject to this unreasonable rate hike. Our service is nearly the most expensive in the nation and a 160% hike in prices would put us well into the category for highest paying water/sewer prices. On top of the rate hikes there are what some consider major issues with our service. The water quality is not maintained at a steady rate, sometimes the smell of chlorine is so dominate you can barley drink the water, so u can add price of filtering water to our already ridiculous prices. We also do not have adequate fire hydrants in case of emergency situations.
    thomas a. brockwell
  • November 29, 2011

    Candlewick Lake

    The rates are and have been unreasonable, unrealistic and unfair for much too long.

    Cindy Starzyk
  • November 29, 2011

    Candlewick Lake

    Please look at our rates before this increase. You will see we are paying much more than the average and now they want to charge more and that's before we even use any water. My families water/sewer bill is on average $120/mo. They are trying to charge for new things (i.e., fire service charge) and base things on our meter size which makes no sense. Please do not let them raise our rates or allow them to apply new charges.

    Rebecca Karl
  • November 29, 2011

    I believe this rate increase is way too high. I would rather see a one time assessment which could be divided into 3 payments over 18 months combined with a modest tate increase. A one time assessment would allow Aqua to pay for the upgrades, which have been long overdue, in a shorter period of time and still keep the rates low. This could be followed by smaller cost of living adjustments later on.
    Robin Brown
  • November 29, 2011

    Candlewick Lake

    Our complaint against Aqua Il is that their rates have been too high for over 15 years already and now they are asking for higher rates. They are putting in new meters for no other reason than to charge higher rates. It is time for the $73.75 sewer rates per month to come down but don't let them raise the water rate to make up for it.

    Sidney and Mary L Brooks
  • November 18, 2011

  • November 18, 2011

  • November 17, 2011

    I do not understand how this company or any company can expect to raise the rate for its service by over 160%. This company has just recently purchased this sewer company having full knowledge of the previous owners P&L and the limited number of homes on this system. The requested increase is out of line and should not be granted, nor should any increase at this time.
    Matt Schmitt
  • November 17, 2011

    Dear I.C.C.,

    I vehemently object to the extremely high rate increased proposed by AQUA Illinois, Inc. for waste water/sewer service. Please help us to keep our rates reasonable and affordable in this tough economic time. Folks around here are stretched pretty thin as it is. I hope you can convince the president and board of AQUA Illinois to put off raises and belt tighten like the rest of us. We feel that if AQUA Illinois streamlines and becomes more efficient, that they can maintain our current rates where they are.

    Thank you so much for you time and consideration in this matter.


    Mike Andrews
    Genoa, IL

    Mike Andrews
  • November 17, 2011

    I think with the proposed rate hike by Aqua it would create a real
    hardship on us senior citizens on a fixed income. We are just barely
    getting by as it is on the current rates which are high as it is. Please
    reconsider this proposed rate hike.

    Laverne and Rose Trickle Candlewick Lake
  • November 17, 2011

    This rate increase beyond ridiculous.

    I have been paying $23.78 per month and now you are asking $64.49 per month.

    A rate increase of $40.71 per month or 171% is not a reasonable rate increase.

    20% would be considered a lot!

    There is no way that this should be allowed. This would be like Ford being GM and and raising auto pricing by 171% - would never be allowed.

    Increasing rates over a period of time as some merit if it is justified.

    I stronger urge a significant rate reduction - 20% would be plenty!

    Frances Baird
  • November 17, 2011

    I object to the size of the rate increase.
    The service i had received from this company was far below acceptable. I had placed a call in to Aqua, following their after hours instructions, the person i was speaking to had no clue regarding our lift pumps, sewage system, or location of lift station. They only wanted to know my home address, which according to her they did not have anything to do with our water service. Despite several attemps to notify them the sewer system was in a alarm state, the person would not call the "on call" staff. I had called back during normal hours to see what could be done to contact them for "emergency service". This represenitive took my name and number to pass on to the field supervisior for this area. I was assured he would be calling me. After 2 days i called again, and was assured the same. One day i was driving by the lift station, and saw a Aqua employee parked. i had talked to him about my experience. His comment was there are 3 employees that work in this area for Aqua. Not one of them lives closer than a 1 hour drive to this location.
    I feel Aqua is way out of line for asking for such a huge rate increase. Everytime i leave my house i am thinking about this sewage system. The way the cutomer service, after hours reporting, and possible lack of timly repairs indicates extreme uncertainty that this company can provide service that they are already being paid for.

    Ray Mammoser
  • November 14, 2011

    Asking for TRIPLE THE RATE WE'RE PAYING NOW is incredible!!!! Aqua Illinois states: an INCREASE OF 167.5 PERCENT!!! Aqua has only owned the sewer system in our neighborhood for a year and already wants to create a hardship on our residents by going from the $22.78 per month we now pay to an EXCESSIVE CHARGE of $64.49 per month. Our neighborhood doesn't even use a lift station as we're high. Previous owners of the sewer system (which seems to be a primitive system) have been able to run it just fine and now Aqua can't do it unless they get triple the charges? Raising rates in our ELLWOOD GREENS SUBDIVISION that Aqua Illinois is asking for would be a HARDSHIP for many of the residents including ourselves during these difficult economic times.

    Charles Alessi
  • November 14, 2011

    We live in the Ellwood Greens Division in Genoa IL and wish to file a complaint against Aqua Illinois, Inc. and their proposed rate change which would result in an overall revenue increase of 167.5 percent. We object to this size of rate increase; furthermore, we object to any proposed rate change by Aqua Illinois, Inc.

    As citizens of the State of Illinois, we sincerely hope you consider our objection to this rate change and deny this request in whole from Aqua Illinois, Inc.

    Frank & Paula Jakubek
  • November 14, 2011

  • November 14, 2011

    We just received notice from Aqua that they had file a petition for an unusually high increase in rates. I understand rate increase are just part of inflation, but not this great. Inflation has been near 0. They are asking for over a 100 percent increase to pay for updates. Please deny or at least reduced their proposed increase to something we as the consumer can manage for our pocketbooks.

    Best Regards

    Paul Holcomb
  • November 14, 2011

    We live in the Ellwood Greens Division and were shocked to learn Aqua Illinois was planning on raising our sewer bill by more than 100%. While I do concede that this company has improved our sewer system, the rate of increase is outrageous and will put us as well as other families in further financial stress. With the economy as it is, families loosing jobs and others forgoing raises in salary, this increase is unfair. I hope that the ICC will not allow this rate of increase.
    Thank you,
    Kerri Sosnowski

    Kerri Sosnowski
  • November 14, 2011

    I believe the rate increase is totally unnessary. Thank you

    ps: I live in Ellwood Greens Division


    Rance Rada
  • November 14, 2011

    I live in the Ellwood Greens subdivison and am a customer of Aqua Illinois, Inc. I writting to you to strongly object to the proposed increase AQUA is requesting for their wastewater/sewer services that we receive.

    The increase they are proposing would drive my bill up more than four times it's current cost. I believe this request is exteme and unnecessarily excessive.

    We have no alternative options at this time for the wastewater/sewer services we receive from AQUA. If this increase is approved, AQUA customers in the Ellwood Greens subdivision will be faced with a very difficult, if not impossible, cost they may not be able to afford.

    Sandra Bulgajewski
  • November 14, 2011

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to address this but I want to let the ICC know that I strongly disagree with the proposed rate hike that Aqua Illinois is asking for. Our water and sewer rates here in Willowbrook are obsurdly high. We already pay 2 to 3 times what other communities are paying and Aqua has the gaul to ask for an overall rate increase of 73.3 percent. Are you kidding me! The average water bill will go up 25 dollars and month and 8 dollars for sewer. They need to streamline their overhead and be real in todays enconomy where alot of people are having a hard time making ends meet.
    Jeffrey Huddleston
  • November 14, 2011

    rate hike is too high
    Bradley Busch
  • November 14, 2011

    rate increase is extremely high and unfair to customers
    Cindy Busch
  • November 14, 2011

    We recently received a notice of proposed change in schedule of rates to customers of the Ellwood Greens Division. The notice states that Aqua Illinois is requesting an increase of 167.5 percent. This is an extremely large increase and I strongly oppose this proposed change. I hope that the ICC will intervene in this rate change and reduce this increase to an appropriate amount. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.
    Sue Peterson
  • November 14, 2011

    My wife and I are senior citizens. We live on a very fixed income of approxiamtely $45,000 a year. We cannot manage a balanced budget with the extreme increase in monthly fees that Acqua Illinois is proposing. We feel that Acqua Illinois is unfair with this rate increase proposal. It is very excessive in the percentage increase. Please listen to our concerns here in the ELLWOOD GREENS DIVISION. Thank you.
    Wayne Buzzell
  • November 14, 2011

    I would like to express my complete disapproval the proposed rate increase from Aqua illinois. I am a resident in the Country Creek Town home community at 30291 Pebble Beach drive and the $40.71/month increase is absurd. This is a 167% increase over the rates we are paying now. They should not be able to increase rates so drastically for a bad business decision they made. I appreciate the upgrades they have made and am willing to pay a modest increase to help but what they have proposed is absurd! Please do not allow them to follow through with this.
    Craig Trongeau

    Craig Trongeau
  • November 14, 2011

    I strongly object to the high rate increase proposed by Aqua Il. for the Ellwood Greens Subdivision in Genoa.p4s96
    gerald j mc greevy
  • November 14, 2011

    To whom it may concern,

    My husband and I are residents of the Ellwood Greens Division and am writing with concerns about the possible high rate increases being requested by Aqua. At a time when everyone is struggling financially, whether employed or not, this is the wrong time to be trying to boost revenue. With so many people fighting to keep their homes, pay the necessary bills, having kids move back home with the added cost of helping pay for college, and the list keeps going, I do not understand this outrageous increase proposal. I assume that those of you who have come up with this rate increase amount are not going to be directly affected. I recognize the fact that occasional increases are necessary, but how about at a rate that is much more reasonable to most residents concerned.

    Kathy Burgess

    Kathy and Joe Burgess
  • November 14, 2011

    I disagree with the increase. Having lived in the Ellwood Greens Division of the service, I have seen the rates go from quarterly to monthly and continually increasing. We need a concentration on holding expenses and reducing costs in water ans sewer services. Thank you
    Robert Piccirilli
  • November 14, 2011

    Ellwood Greens Division

    Are you kidding me. I am a senior citizen who lives on a tight budget already. The size of the rate increase is unbelievable. Pleas put a stop to this

    Donna Dean
  • November 14, 2011

    Ellwood Greens Division

    I am filing a petition against this increase. I object to the size of the rate increase. This increase would be ridiculous!

    Dawn Skarzynski
  • November 14, 2011

    I am a resident in the Ellwood Green subdivision of Genoa, and I am responding to the request to increase the wastewater/sewer service for our area. Although I recognize Aqua's need for additional funding, I object to the amount of the requested increase.
    Mary Love
  • November 14, 2011

    I am against the increase proposed by Aqua. They want 180% increase, it's just greed on their part, where is the itemized list for these $85,000. in improvements.
    Fred Potter
  • November 10, 2011

  • November 9, 2011

    I object to the extremely high rate increase requested by AQUA - I live in the Ellwood Greens subdivsion

    thank you

    Jason Uecker
  • November 9, 2011

    I live in the Ellwood Greens subdivision. I object to the proposed rate increase suggested by Aqua Illinois, Inc. Other than stating they would be upgrading our system, I'm unsure why such a huge, ongoing increase is necessary. If the system needs upgrading, so be it. I believe it was calculated to be approximately $357 per household withinin the subdivision to make the necessary upgrades. The increase proposed is too steep for it be on going. I would rather pay a one time fee towards the upgrade and have a reasonable increase to maintain the sewer system and plans for future upgrades. With the proposed increase, the upgrades will be paid for in less than 9 months, after that we'll be paying a whole lot of money for what exactly, I'm not sure.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Laura Lundelius
  • November 9, 2011

    I vote no to the Agua company and its large increase in our rate from $40.17 to $64.49. As a resident of the ELLWOOD GREENS DIVISION I can understand a small rate increase ( $5 to $10 ) but this one is just too much. I hope that you take into consideration the economy and how this lare increase impacts the families in our area.
    Thank you.

    Mary Ann Thorson
  • November 9, 2011

    to whom it may concern
    i want to register a complaint against aqua il for asking to double there rates,as they just bought this util,i live in elwood greens divison
    than you

    david a crosby
  • November 9, 2011

    I object to the extremely high increase requested by aqua for wastewater/sewer service in the ellwood greens division. The size of the rate increase is outrageous and unfair to the residents of ellwood greens.
    keith kauffman
  • November 9, 2011

    I am not in favor of Aqua Illinois outrageous increase in our water fees. Thank you for your time
    Michael J Carpino
  • November 9, 2011

    Aqua is doing a lot better job than the last company that owned the sewer system, but to raise our rates the amount they want. NO WAY!!!!!!! And yes I have lived in Ellwood greens Division for 16 years.
    Kent Strohmaier
  • November 9, 2011

    Ellwood Greens Divison

    I object to the size of the rate increase. Totally out of line with there amount of increase.
    Did not see any inprovements except a backup generator for a power failure.

    Terrence Kaleta Sr.
  • November 9, 2011

    From Candlewick Lake - We are a couple in our golden years (mid 80's) and do not have an income other than our retirement social security. Our life savings is becoming less and less. Please lower our utility (water and sewer) fees.
    Robert and Virginia Wingfield
  • November 9, 2011

    We moved here 11 years ago and Ellwood Greens Utilities handled our Sewer. In the last year or so they have been purchased by a larger company. Presently they are attempting to increase our rates about 300%. I am sure this is a ploy to get something less after negotiation.

    The Ellwood Greens Utilities did an outstanding job in this business and we know personally one of their employees and he has related that he always received proper compensation and the company was able to handle their bills.

    Along comes Aqua, Illinois and presents us with a serious proposal of rate increase.

    We are dead against this. The City of Genoa has its own sewer system and charge a reasonable rate for this service. We should not be penalized because we live 150 feet from the City boundary line.

    I believe that you should accept a rate that is comparable to the City of Genoa and certainly no more regardless of their infrastructure needs. They bought the company!

    Dennis & Elaine Hoy
    803 Timber Trail]
    Genoa, Illinois 60135

    Dennis L. Hoy
  • November 9, 2011

    I object to the extremely high rate increase requested by Aqua for our wastewater/sewer service. Our current rate is $23.78 and Aqua proposes to increase it to $64.49 per month. That is a rate increase of 167.5%! Totally unacceptable.
    I live in the Ellwood Greens subdivision in Genoa.

    Virginia Wilcox
  • November 9, 2011

    I belive the rate increase is extremly excessive.
    Thank you Jesse & Jarlath Avila

    Jesse J. Avila
  • November 9, 2011

    Re: Ellwood Greenes rate increase

    I am against such a large and unreasonable rate increase for sewage. Normal sewage rates are based upon water useage. My average water bill is around $20/month. Less than $1/day. Aqua is proposing a $2/day charge and not based upon actual water useage per household.

    Aqua Illinois is trfying recoup their investment solely upon the back of the users in too short of a time period. They knew about the needed improvements and the necessary investments before they purchased the facility.

    The community cannot afford such a large increase. The current rate, $23/month accurately relfects current useage.

    No increase, please.

    Rick and Lu Mantick

    Rick and Lu Mantick
  • November 9, 2011

    My name is Ron Bass I live in the Ellwood Greens Devision .
    I think in these times of hardship in the economy, the housing market companys should not be allowed to raise the price of a service so rediculousy almost quadrupled of the previous price. I am a dad of two kids under 5, wife has been laid off for 8 months so the increase will definately be hard to make.

    Rondal Bass
  • November 9, 2011

    I object to the Aqua rate increase for Ellwood Greens Division.
    Katie Logan
  • November 9, 2011

    I'm in the Ellwood Greens Division and I oppose the rate increase that's being initiated by Aqua Illinois. I,m sure they were well aware of the conditions of the facility when they purchased it and that's no excuse to pass that burden on to us. Thank you very much for your concern in this matter.
    mark walberg
  • November 9, 2011

    In a free market, businesses are required to re-invest their profits into their business, or go out of business. Aqua Illinois has a monopoly, and is wanting the users of their services (who do NOT have a choice) to pay for their capital improvements.
    The rate increase that they are looking for will pay for their recent improvements in approximately 9 months. After 9 months the company will be making an obscene amount of profit.

    In today's economic climate, with high unemployment and stagnant wages, Aqua-Illinois' request for a massive rate hike is pure greed.

    The following quote is from Aqua-Illinois' annual report:

    "2010 was another record year of revenue and net income, and the 11th
    consecutive year of net income growth with earnings increasing 19 percent."

    I don't know of anyone whose net income has grown 11 years in a row, including a 19% increase in earnings last year.

    Please deny this unrealistic rate increase.

    Mike Walsh
    Genoa, IL.

    mike walsh
  • November 9, 2011

    We have again received notice of Aqua Illinois's rate increase request. This increase of 167.5% is excessive and unacceptable. We request that this rate increase be denied.
    Frank J. VanSon and Ann H. VanSon
  • November 9, 2011

  • November 9, 2011

    Only us seniors live in the 41 little townhomes in the Ellwood Greens Division where Aqua is trying increase our water rates from $23 per month to over $60 per month. I, as most of us are, am on a fixed income. My medications alone run me around $200 per month. I cannot afford this increase in my water rate. I understand Aqua has expenses but so do we. Please do not allow such a large increase in Aqua's rates.
    Diane Panattoni
  • November 9, 2011

    This Company wants to increase our monthly rate from $40.71 to $64.49-----This is outrageous-------I have lived here since 1978-----33 years on Nov 3rd and never thought that I would be paying such an amount--------started out paying about $16.00 every three months------
    Ruth J. Foehringer
  • November 9, 2011

  • November 8, 2011

    This is a copy of what I wrote our senators regarding Aqua IL's proposed increase in our rates! Write your senator! Demand public meetings with Aqua!! Get on board!!Recently Aqua IL has decided to ask for a 167% increase in their rates for the service it provides the area in which we live. This area serves less than 150 homes just to the south of the City of Genoa. We are currently supplied by the city fo our water, however, the sewer is outsourced to Aqua IL. Aqua. I find this current hike to absolutely absurd!The median income in 2009 for Genoa was 57,867. That was prior to the housing market crash, and the general decline in our country's overall economic status. Times are hard here and everywhere else, with households making many cuts in order to keep up with their budget and ever increasing inflation costs. Aqua IL sites their main reason for asking for such an increase is due to major improvements to the system. As long as I've been here, there have never been any issues with the system as it was prior to Aqua IL stepping into management. I certainly hope that this ridiculous increase of 167% is not part of Aqua IL's scare tactic, with hopes of having all customers be satisfied with an increase less than that. No increase greater than the cost of living should be accepted. I personally have a college degree, work in the medical field and haven't seen a raise in the last 4 years!It has come to my attention, that Bonnie Marron has contacted both of you with concerns that her neighborhood has had with their proposed increases as well. She has informed me that she did attempt to contact Aqua IL about a public hearing regarding this matter and was denied by Aqua, citing monetary concerns within the company to travel out to their service area.I am asking your help in supporting these small town communities from these backyard bully corporations from coming in and demanding these crazy increases! Demand Aqua IL to stand up to their obligation to our communities by supporting a public forum for us to have a voice in this matter! Help contact the IOC to put a stop to this increase!!Sincerely,Scott & Theresa M Chriss911 Westwood CircleGenoa IL 60135 815-784-5760
    Scott Chriss
  • November 2, 2011

    on-line complaint tracking # 3028:

    We received a public notice of proposed change in schedule of Rates to customers of the Ellwood Greens Division of Aqua Illinois, Inc. dated Oct. 17, 2011. A petition is being circulated to protest this change (ref. doc. #110436). As a customer of this service, we oppose this rate increase ($64.49 per month) of almost three times our current monthly rate ($23.78). Their reason is to pay for "nearly $85,000 in improvements". There are only about 240 customers on the Ellwood Greens Division. Their new rate would pay the $85,000 in about 9 months.

    Burnett Hodge
  • October 31, 2011

    I find the purposed 167% increase in our sewer rates absolutely insane. Really, 167%? From almost $24/month to $64.49/month. That is an incredible amount of money to be asking consumers to be footing for their bill.

    Aqua is stating that they did $85,000 in improvements and that's what's to justify this increase. I didn't ask for these improvements, the system has worked fine to my knowledge after using this system for the last 9 years. And aren't improvements to come from a company's capital improvement fund, not asking all of it's consumer's to finance the improvement after the fact?

    There are probably 100 people in the system here in Genoa. Genoa is a small town, with an average family income of $57867/year in 2009. The city itself has it's own sewer system. My family actually lived within city limits prior to living in Ellwood Greens area. Our sewer rates were much lower than the $24/month I've been paying, much less with the ridiculous increase. There shouldn't be a set fee, it should be based upon usuage. That's how the city set's it's water/sewer fees. That would be a little more fair for a family of 2 vs. a family of say 5-6, all paying this standardized flat fee from Aqua.

    I totally disagree with this purposed increase, or any increase more than the standard cost of living. I work in the medical field as a Registered Nurse. I haven't seen a raise in over 4 years, and I'm not alone!

    Do not vote in favor of this increase or any other increase from Aqua!

    Theresa M Chriss
  • October 31, 2011

    I understand that Aqua is seeking another rate increase and I am opposed to a raise in their rates again. My water bill used to run $11 per month. Since the last increase, it has ran anywhere between $21-$27 per month. The mailing I received indicates that if the new rate increase is approved, my monthly bill would be at minimum, $57. The water smells bad and I cannot drink it so I have to purchase bottled water. If I am going to be paying so much more for water, I would want the quality to improve but I understand that this increase is all for infrastructure updates and repairs and not at all for their Water Treatment facility which needs improvement so that the water is more useable. Also, I believe we should pay an IL company rather than a company based out of another state like Aqua.
    Martha Burress
  • October 20, 2011

    Please do not approve the water rate increase at Oak Run Lake in Dahinda. We like a big majority of lot owners who are not connected to or using Aqua Illinois water and do not live at Oak Run Lake are already forced to pay the minimum amount of $28.38 quarterly.(annual $113.52). Aqua Illinois water should use their hugh profits to update not put it on the backs of the public.
    Carol Tegard
  • September 28, 2011

    I'm a resident of Candlewick Lake and I'm opposed to the Rate Case filed by Aqua Illinois for a number of reasons, including the misleading nature of their arguments to support the Rate Case. Aqua Illinois quotes averages to support their Rate Case based on customers who have 5/8 inch water meters. If the Rate Case is approved as filed, the Candlewick Lake customers with 5/8 inch water meters will have the smallest percentage increase in combined rates at approximately 6%. In the meantime, Aqua Illinois is actively pursuing an aggressive campaign to replace the current 5/8 inch meters of Candlewick Lake customers with 3/4 water meters. If the Rate Case is approved as filed, Candlewick Lake customers with 3/4 inch water meters will have an increase of approximate 12%. End line, Candlewick Lake customers have paid one of the highest water and sewer rates in the State of Illinois for years. For that last 14 years we've paid on average approximately $1,860,000 a year in waste water fees alone for a community with only 1,800 homes, that’s over $1,000 per year per home. Enough is enough; consumers should be given some consideration in the current depressed economy.
    Michael Meyer
  • September 21, 2011

    I think the rates are already to high. Costs are stable or have gone down in this economy. Wages have stagnated. Now is not the time to raise rates.
    pam guimond
  • September 21, 2011

    I have requested from both the ICC and Aqua on how the size of a water meter is determend. Also what size the supply pipe would be for a meter. Example 5/8" meter what size supply pipe to meter what about the 3/4" meter,1' meter? When we met with a AQUA rep he said the next size bigger What a 5/8" meter have a supplt pipe of 7/8"?
    Lennard Lund
  • September 21, 2011

    We are writing to strongly opposed Aqua's request for water and sewer rate increase. We are currently paying the highest rates for our water and sewer service here in Willow Brook Estates our monthly bill is greater than $100 per month. With the state of the economy and its impact on the residents I can't imagine a worst time for this request. Aqua states in their public notice of April 6 that it has been 3 years since their last increase, well the average salary has not increased in over three years, it is well known that income has not kept up with inflation. There are residents struggling to make their mortgage payments and an undeserved rate increase will be an added burden. I say undeserved because their services are not up to par anyway. Try calling their customer service and take note of the wait time before actually speaking with someone. When there is a water shut off in the area affected residents are not notified of this. There is a service charge to make a payment over the phone. They have apparently partnered with an insurance company who have been sending solicitation letters to our home informing us of our dire need for coverage because of Aqua is not responsible for lines etc....

    Not only does Aqua want an increase, they state in their April 6 notice they want to eliminate the flat rate structure and charge based on consumption. I am confused because our bill is never the same from month to month especially during late summer our bill is much higher.

    We received yesterday in the mail a notice of their "Open House" scheduled for 9/22 to answer questions regarding their services, the water quality and how the system works and by the way refreshments will be served. We are insulted! We do not need their refreshments and fanfair what we need is a denial of their rate increase. I suggest they allocate some of their profits to address the upgrades they claim will be made by this requested rate increase.

    Bonnye & David Johnson
  • September 21, 2011

    Concerned Citizens Please come out to Willowbrook Estaes 123 Community Center (Willowbrook/Cedar lane) on Sept 22, 4:30-6:30. Aqua will be hosting an Open House. Come out and let them know where you stand. Lets stop this increase!
    Elder Kevin Anthony Ford
  • September 12, 2011

    Docket #11-0436.

    I’m a resident of Candlewick Lake and I am apposed to the rate increase that Aqua is trying to impose on CWL, There has been research done by the food & water watch regarding Aqua Illinois the Strategies of a water profiteer, they obtain their increased by shooting high because they know they will get something, along with the surcharges allowed.

    Proposed rates would increase Aqua's revenue by 23.61% for each customer classification. With the proposed rate design, revenue from residential consumer’s increases 24.5%, Commercial consumers increases 25.47%, and industrial consumers increases 12.48%.

    The rate hike proposed seems to be higher than all 5 communities that Aqua provides water for it is approximately 56% higher at the lowest usage of water level and 40% at the highest usage of water level, in addition to this increase they are asking for and additional $6 to cover repairs for water lines and are currently being charged for the new meters on our bills, we had a sewer charge that was made permanent w/out our knowledge. Consumer Bill of Rights located on the ICC website states that we have a right to be notified.

    Since the rate increase filing by Aqua up till today September 2011 and since the rate increase has not yet been approved, I would like to know how Aqua’s billing imposed on my personal residential bill and others residents within the community has already gone up substantially; this is months after the meters have been installed. It appears that the usage has already went from the average household of 3 from 5,000 gallons to 7,800 gallons all in a matter of few months after the proposed rate increase for 3 people?

    There should be protection for communities against private water companies and more insight from the ICC and CUB and we are looking to you to see through their tactics and deny Aqua the rate increase for Candlewick Lake.

    Kimberly Staples
  • September 12, 2011

    i live in poplar grove and have for about 11yrs. my water rates have gone up without any increase in service. i live off my social security which has not gone up in three yrs.and in this enconamy so i do not think they need to takr more money from my family
    dale thayer
  • August 30, 2011

    We already pay some of the highest rates in the state and it is negatively impacting growth in the community. How wants to build in a community where the water/sewer cost is $120/month? No they ask for this ridicules percentage increase!

    I would like to see Aqua's books investigated to verify revenues from CWL are NOT going for improvements to facilities elsewhere and are only used for improvements within CWL.

    How about this "Fire Protection Service Charge" they want to now access. The local Fire Dept. carries their own water from outside CWL. They have never attached to the Aqua Hydrants in CWL. The hydrants have ONLY been used by Aqua for flushing purposes. We don't need the service, have never used the service, and should not have to pay for it!

    Jeff Lutzow
  • August 29, 2011

    Aqua Illinois is requesting a rate change in Candlewick Lake located in Boone County, Illinois. I do not understand, nor was it sufficiently explained to me by Tony Wright of Aqua, why the large discrepancy in the rates for the 5/8, 3/4, and 1-inch meters. Currently the charge is $14.00, $15.00, and $17.00 respectively, but the proposed change would raise these rates to $15.00, $22.00+, and $35.00+ or an increase of 14+%, 50+% and 100+% respectively. In addition to this I understand there will now be a fire protection charge added to our bills and this is also tied into the meter size. I was told it because larger homes have larger meters and more water is used to fight a fire in a larger home. This makes no sense to me unless my entire home burns down. What if the fire is contained to my garage or my kitchen? I would like to request that the ICC look further into this rate structure before granting such an increase.Thank you, Benita M. Marron
    Benita Marron
  • August 25, 2011

    Aqua Illinois rate increase unfair. The state is broke--the schools are broke-unemploy- ment at record high-homes are being foreclosed-Aqua wants those that are struggling to keep what they have to pay for the $$$$ they have lost through these actions.Will this increase bring new jobs???where ??? Ho w many?????
  • August 25, 2011

    The rates are too high already. I am against the proposed rate increase!
    Theodore Christ
  • August 15, 2011

    Caveat Emptor! Let the buyer beware. This is a saying that we have all heard at one time or another. Apparently Aqua Illinois has never heard of it. It seems that Aqua purchased our sewer system without checking on its condition first. They report that they have had to put nearly $85,000 into improvements in our sewer system. Many of the items are to "increase" or "ensure" or "make better". The items do not need to be fixed, they are being installed to lower their operating costs and increase their profits, the profits of a monopoly because we have no other resource available to us to compete with them. As my learned neighbor Mike Walsh has pointed out Aqua has made a lot of money with minimal cost. If you calculate the amount of the increase and multiply it by the number of units in our area, Aqua is trying to get their money back in 1 year. What happens after they get their investment back? Will they reduce our rates to the previous level? Don't count on it. Once they get their increase they will NEVER drop their rates. They will continue to strive for more and more profit.

    Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with making a profit. It is the American way, but they are providing a basic necessity that we are required to have by law and they want to take advantage of us. Our current water bills (water only) are generally higher than incorporated Genoas' water /sewer bill combined. Aqua wants to add $40.71 per moth to our costs. I say NO! This is a time where people are making less and less money and costs continue to rise. Just like everyone else Aqua needs to cut their costs, learn about lean operations and stop using their customers as a cash cow.

    I am vehemently opposed to this proposed increase. A small increase of 2 to 3% would be reasonable seeing that operating costs do go up unlike most of our wages.

    NO to the proposed increase!

    Steve Brust

    Steve Brust
  • August 12, 2011

    Aqua is currently charging $23.78 per month and want to increase to $64.49 per month.
    This is a 270 percent increase. Really is that appropriate?

    Robert and Sue Hewlett
  • August 12, 2011

    I live in the gated community of Candlewick Lake in Poplar Grove IL in the county of Boone. I feel that a rate increase is unwarranted due to the fact that I already pay too much. Even if I do not use any water, I still have to pay a 75.00 sewer charge. Having a monthly water bill averaging 130.00-150.00 dollars a month is crazy. Aqua needs to stop taking advantage of its customers in small communities and towns. Have they bothered to look at the economy and unemployment rate lately. People are already struggling to keep food on there plates and they do not need this increase. I am a married women supporting a family of seven on one income and this rate increase is just another slap in the face. If you really cared for your customers, you would lower the rate and also lower the sewer charge. We just want to be treated fair and not taken advantage of. The treatment facility in our community was put in knowing that there was not enough homes to keep the cost down. We were taken advantage of then and now Aqua is trying to do it again.

    A very unhappy customer

    Lisa Buchanan

    Lisa Buchanan
  • August 12, 2011

    This matter should be denied.Aquas rate increase is without merit. Homeowners in the Willow Brook Estates 123. will not support any type of increase. The Homeowners Association will make possible a venue for a community hearing to allow residents to be heard in regards to this matter.
    Elder. Kevin Anthony Ford
  • August 3, 2011

    The proposed rate increase is ridiculous. My mother uses more water and pays $90 every 3 months. We pay $110 a month. If anything Aqua Illinois should be lowering their rates. How much more money do they need from our community? They charge us for everything, turn off your water if you are even a month behind, and in this economy most everyone is behind.
    Jeremy Levine
  • August 3, 2011

    Our sewer/water rates are already skyhigh. As a senior citizen I can not afford another increase.
    Ilse Preciado
  • August 3, 2011

    reference case # 11-0436
    In the Candlewick Lake subdivision we have been paying, on average, $100/ month for water and sewer to Aqua for the past 10 years that we have resided here. I have spoken with the Aqua mechanics and meter readers and they tell us that we have the highest rates within the Aqua system by double minium. Now Aqua wants to bleed us further and pick the lint out of our pockets?
    Please, will the ICC stand up and prevent this mafia style monopoly from further increases.
    Hey guys, they ain't shipping water to the moon.

    Tim Drafts
  • August 3, 2011

    While we recognize that the infrastructure in our subdivision is aged and parts could use some upgrading, the 120% increase that Aqua has requested is out-of-line and most unreasonable. This company must consider these economic times and the hardship this increase would inflict on its customers. Unemployment and underemployment is still rampant. Never in our entire work histories have we ever -ever received a pay increase of 120%. This year's pay increase was 2.25%.
    Aqua must scale down its list of "wants" to basic necessities.
    For example, no one has ever needed to enter our home to read the meter. Probably safe to say that state-of-the-art RF meters are part of a "wish list" and not a necessity.
    For the record, we are opposed to Aqua's requested rate increase.

    Marion & Theresa Mikosz
  • August 3, 2011

    Aqua Illinois, Inc. purchased our community well approximately 1 year ago and has a monopoly on our water supply. They are proposing a 120% rate hike to finance many items that should have been negotiated in the purchase of the well from the previous owner, Fairhaven Water Company. The Fairhaven community of homeowner's numbering approximately 90 homes is now facing the potential burden of bearing these costs through an absurdly high rate hike request. As we do not have the option to shop for a new community supplier to serve Fairhaven needs, we face the alternative of paying exhorbitant water rates or...?

    The rate hike Aqua seeks also impacts communities such as the Ravenna community in Long Grove who face rate hikes upwards of 200%.

    Additionally, Aqua has sent homeowners in Fairhaven a letter offering Water Service Line Coverage to "protect our home before a leak or burst occurs". Interesting that in 20 years of owning our home never before has such a solicitation from any prior company that has owned our community well occurred.

    I know of no free market industry that can get increases of 120% for their products or service. What Aqua seeks is unfair and is taking advantage of a monopoly situation.

    Bob and MJ Schauer
  • August 2, 2011

    I am against any rate change for this company. the rates are so high now and cannot afford.
    Julia Lindhal
  • August 2, 2011

    I am 67 yr. old widow on SS and no raise in several years and cannot afford a raise. Our property is beccoming harder to sell because of the high rates for water. this is going to be higher than any other water utility in the area and I am against it.
    joyce Sundberg
  • August 1, 2011

    Reference case number 11-0436I would like to voice my dissatisfaction with the proposed changes Aqua Illinois is proposing for our community, Candelwick Lake.
    Ms. Lori Jo De Guardi
  • August 1, 2011

    They are trying to reaise the rates again. They are to high now. My husband and I pay over 100.00 a month now. The rate does not need to go up it needs to go down. We are both over 80 and can not afford to pay more.
    Raymond Martini
  • August 1, 2011

  • June 27, 2011

    we have been informed that AQUA sewer will be increasing our rates from $23.78/month per household up to $64.49/month. That is a 270% increase! We will go from paying $285.36 a year to paying $778.88 a year! This is totally crazy!! We are not willing to pay this increase because it is ridiculous! They are crazy if they think people will be willing to pay that much! It is not acceptable!
    Gina Probeck
  • June 21, 2011

    In regards to the proposed rate increase to the Ravenna neighborhood, let it be known that my family is against the proposal. Here's why:

    1. Need to purchase new tools for the workers? Go ahead. That burden shouldn't be placed on the homeowners. If you need tools to do your job, the company should supply them or the worker needs to supply them. If you get additional tools, the workers should be more efficient, which means your costs and our rates should both decrease.

    2. Need to upgrade computers and software? Go aheard. The burden shouldn't be placed on the homeowners. If you need computers and software to do your job, the company should supply them or the worker needs to supply them. If you get additional computers or new software, the workers should again be more efficient, which means your costs and our rates should both decrease.

    3. Need to drill additional testing wells so as to not have to enter homes to sample water? It's no trouble to us if you want to enter our home to test the water. We have been here two years and have never been asked to provide a sample. If you want to dig new sampling wells, it should make the workers more efficient, which means your costs and our rates should both decrease.

    4. Need to upgrade meters so they can be read from outside the home? Again, we have been here over two years and no worker has ever asked to enter our home to read a meter. Therefore, our meter must already meet your desire. We should not need to pay for others to have their meters upgraded. Also, it comes down to an efficiency gain for the workers. If they are more efficient, your costs and our rates should both decrease.

    All of these proposed efficiency gains for Aqua are trying to be paid for by the homeowners. If I recall correctly, you are prosing a rate increase of over 200%. That is rediculous.

    The kicker is that the quality of water isn't that good to begin with. When we fill the jacuzzi, the water color is yellow. When you run the jets and drain the water, there is a nice brown ring left at the high water mark.


    Christine & Eric Snyder

    Eric Snyder
  • June 21, 2011

    Complaint Tracking #: 1478-2011
    Aqua filed a proposed rate schedule change with the ICC that would increase their rates by over 232% and drastically increase the cost of our monthly water bill. The rates from Aqua Illinois are already higher than public rates and the quality is significantly lower. The average water bill is projected by Aqua to increase by over 260%. I am opposed to this rate increase. To justify my opposition:
    1) More than doubling the rate is unreasonable
    2) The justification for many items surrounding the rate increase make their business run more smoothly (i.e. Reduce costs) but do not truly benefit the end user with higher quality water or better service.
    3) We have been paying higher than public rates for several years and the water quality has always been very poor; extremely hard and damaging water with a significant amount of rust.
    4) They are not considered a good neighborhood partner since they do not maintain the areas around their pump house which is usually overgrown with weeds and littered with cigarette butts from Aqua employees. They are completely unresponsive to requests to take care of this.

    This is the reason regulatory bodies are in place, to keep organizations like Aqua Illinois from taking advantage of the consumer who is captive to their services. If Aqua is able to raise rates we should also be given a credit for the water we have to buy to drink and the cost of owning a water softener so that we don't damage all of our fixtures and appliances.

    Chad Baugh
  • June 21, 2011

    The rate increase for the consumers to pay for new shop tools, updated software, external meter readings, new well test systems, and general rate increases is very unrealistic - way over 100% increase per month.

    Why should the consumer pay for new tools and software for Aqua? Answer, they shoudn't. If Aqua needs new tools and software to do their job, they should pay for it. I need new software and tools all the time. I always go to the store and purchase what I need. I never would think to tell someone else that they owe this to me. Shame on Aqua.

    Why should the consumer pay for external meter readings? Answer, they shouldn't. I have never had Aqua knock on my door asking to enter my house to read the meter. Seems to be working externally already. If external meter readers need to be installed to make Aqua's job more efficient, they should do so at their own cost.

    Why should the consumer pay for new well test systems so it is easier for Aqua to do their job? Answer, they shouldn't. If it will make Aqua's job easier, they should want to make this improvement in efficiency (no need to enter consumers home to test wayter) at their own cost.

    Rate increases need to be justified, without all the above 'earmarks'. All bundled together, the increase besing asked for is well over 100%. That's just laughable. Aqua, I have to admit you have guts asking, but ressonable.

    On a side note, please come and see the color of our water any time you wish. Fill the whirlpool tub up and see the yellow color. Turn on the jets and witness the rust ring left afterwards at the high water mark in the tub. Fix the water quality issues, please.

    Eric Snyder
  • June 16, 2011

    I am calling because proposed rate increase is quite a bit just for using the sewage system and I can't see why it should increase by that amount. $65 is something that I cannot afford to be honest. Husband has cancer and is having a difficult time making bills the way it is.
    Anna Johnson
  • June 15, 2011

    on-line complaint tracking # 1493:

    We are against the 232% water rate increase by Aqua Inc..We believe that it is unwarranted and unreasonable. Aqua should invest into whatever improvements that are needed to provide an up to the standard service and not to penalize customers for that.We will be 100% against this rate hike.

    Michael Pyatetsky
  • June 13, 2011

  • June 10, 2011

    We believe that Aqua Illinois, Inc. is entitled to a profit but an increase of 167% which will triple our monthly bill seems excessive to say the least.
    In a comparison with City of Genoa rates for their customers living outside the city limits, based on our annual water usage (which is the basis for their sewer charges) our average monthly sewer bill would only be $40 compared to the $64 Aqua is requesting.
    We believe this is excessive and object the huge increase.

    Lynn & Karen Orser
  • June 10, 2011

    Aqua has recently filed for a rate increase in our area. We are in a private community, and have no outside alternative for our sewer/water service. It is hard enough for our residents to pay the current flat rate for sewage, and by shuffling the numbers around to incur further cost to the residents is unnacceptable. Please consider the little people and vote no to the increase!!
    Brian Moros
  • June 9, 2011

    on-line complaint tracking # 1442:

    Aqua has filed with the ICC a proposed rate schedule change that would increase their revenues by over 232% and drastically increase the cost of our monthly water bill. The average water bill is projected by Aqua to increase by over 260%. I am completely opposed to this massive rate increase for a number of reasons:1) The sheer size and scope is unreasonable.2) The justification for many items surrounding the rate increase make their business run more smoothly but do not truly add value to the homeowners...certainly not enough to justify the rate increase (especially the convenience items).3) We have been paying reasonable rates for several years and the water quality has always been very poor......extremely hard and damaging water with a significant amount of rust. Ideally I would love to see the rebate back or a reduction based on the poor quality.4) Aqua hit many homeowners including myself with a massive bill a few years ago. They stated that they had misread the water meters and billed us for over a years worth of water at one time (over $700). The company was very slow in responding to our requests to better understand the situation and was not very forthcoming with their information.5) They are not considered a good neighborhood partner since they do not maintain the areas around their pump house which is usually overgrown with weeds and littered with cigarette butts from Aqua employees.Please contact me if you need any additional information.Jeff and Karla Ludwig7224 Daybreak Lane Long Grove, Il 60060Ravenna

    Jeff Ludwig
  • June 8, 2011

  • June 8, 2011

    I have found out that Aqua IL is going to increase our monthly sewer rate by 270%!! That is not reasonable and not affordable to us. How can a utility company even think about a rate increase by that much in these hard economic times. Our property tax and state tax have already gone up to much. Our property tax went up by about 15% and that is more than plenty. An increase of 270% is unthinkable. 15% is hard enough to handle. Please intervene and prevent Aqua IL from getting this increase so high.
    Jennifer Dayton
  • June 8, 2011

  • June 7, 2011

    Case file #11-0436 Aqua Illinois has announced they are raising the water/sewer rates over 250% per household. Their rationale is because of a "temporary" generator they have located in the area. An increase of over 250% for a temporary or even permanent generator is absolutely unconscionable.
    Anne Hulsey
  • June 7, 2011

  • June 6, 2011

    This rate increase request is way out of line.

    Wanting to recoup a capital expense infrastructure improvement in less than a year is not reasonable.

    This improvement will last for years. Cement pumps can last for 50 years and for the most part, an engineer can anticipate a life expectancy of 15 - 20 years or more from steel lift stations.

    The cost of this capital improvement should be spread over the life expectancy of the improvement, not paid for in less then a year.

    Aqua Illinois is part of Aqua America (NYSE: WTR), which on December 31,2010, reported an 18.8 percent increase in yearly Net income to 124.0 million.

    During 2010, the company received rate awards in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Maine and Virginia and infrastructure surcharges or other pass-through charges in various states estimated to increase annualized revenues by $53.9 million. So far in 2011, Aqua America subsidiaries have already received rate awards estimated to increase annualized revenues by $6.8 million. Other state subsidiaries currently have $26.6 million of rate cases pending before state regulatory bodies.

    Aqua held operations and maintenance expenses to a 3.7 percent increase during 2010 compared to the same period in 2009.

    Aqua Illinois should only be asking for 3.7 % more, of the portion of our current bill, that goes for maintenance.

    mike walsh
  • June 6, 2011

    For more than 20 years, our sewer company provided services that are considered reasonable and necessary at a cost effective price. Within the past year, our sewer company was bought out by Aqua Illinois and the same rates were maintained ($23.78 per month). We realize that the cost of business is going up and we are therefore ready to accept a reasonable increase. It should be noted that Aqua Illinois IS NOT doing any major renovations to cost-justify a significant rate increase. We have come to learn that Aqua IL is planning on increasing rates from $23.78 to $64.49 (270%!!!). The increase is unwarranted and unacceptable. In these times of increasing taxes, gas prices, etc., this burden cannot be tolerated. At most, we would consider an increase of 25% for a monthly rate of $30. What entity can get away with such an increase when the working man / woman is lucky to get a 2 - 3 % pay increase. We respectfully request the ICC to force Aqual IL to implement a rate increase that is reasonable. Thank you.
    Dana Dayton
  • June 6, 2011

  • June 3, 2011

    We believe you are entitled to a profit for your services but 167% is a little to excessive.
    Knowing that others that live outside the city limits of Genoa pay approximately $40 compared to the $64 your company is requesting.

    Thomas & Carol Neely
    Genoa, IL

    Thomas F. Neely
  • June 3, 2011

    Dear Folks,

    We recently received notice from Aqua Illinois that they are planning to increase our rates by 167%. I know they are entitled to make a profit, but this is excessive. Based on our water usage (the basis on which their sewer charges are measured), our average monthly sewer bill should only go up to $40, not the $64 that they are requesting.

    We object to this increase and hope that you can help us with this matter. Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Mike Andrews
    11318 James Court
    Genoa, IL

    Michael Andrews
  • June 3, 2011

    Aqua, Illinois purchased our private sewer system and now has an outright MONOPOLY for our area. We have no choice in picking another sewer system operator or in going to an individual septic system. We have to use the operator that operates our private utility. Therefore you are our only saftey net and protection against unfair and exhorbatant charges. Please limit the seweer rate increase requested by Aqua, Illinois, to an amount in line with inflation. Their improvements should be amortised over many years of service and not recovered in one or two years. Thank you!

    Lorraine Baltrum

    Lorraine Baltrum
  • June 3, 2011

    Aqua’s request for a 167.5 percent increase is excessive and unacceptable. The company must have known what was required when it bought Ellwood Greens Utilities in 2010. While Aqua may be entitled to recover a portion of the cost of improvements it has made, it is unreasonable to expect to recover the entire amount within nine months all at the customers’ expense.

    An almost triple increase in a utility, at a time when personal incomes have been seriously reduced, is simply wrong. It will create hardship for many and once the rate is increased, it will never be reduced. We, as residents of this subdivision, have no alternative choices. Therefore, we appeal to your sense of decency. Please do not allow this huge increase. It is greedy and unfair.

    Mr. & Mrs. Frank VanSon
  • June 3, 2011

  • June 3, 2011

    I feel that the sewer rate increase requested by Aqua is very excessive. Granted that they had to invest in repairs and some upgrades, but those improvements should be amortized over many years of service and not recovered in one or two years. Please hold their request to a level compatible with the general inflation rate. Thank you.

    RJ Baltrum

    Robert J. Baltrum
  • June 3, 2011

    The increase being asked for is totally unrealistic. It would almost triple costs to consumers and is unfair.
    Mary Margaret Hill
  • June 3, 2011

    Docket details of case list services as " water & sewer ".
    Just to be clear, Aqua Illinois, Ellwood Div. does not provide water to any
    of the Ellwood Division consumers. Clean water is provided by Genoa, IL.
    municipal pumps. Genoa installs and maintains the delivery system.

    Frank Johnson
  • June 1, 2011

    Unfair rate increase. No reason to increase water bill 160%
    Tom Didier
  • June 1, 2011

    I believe this rate increase in unreasonable
    Michael Gudall
  • May 27, 2011

    Aqua is raising our sewer rates 270%!!! This increase is ridiculous and it should be illegal to do so. We are not getting anything different for our services and there is no way they should be increasing their rates at all!
    Randy Nelson
  • May 26, 2011

    I am opposed to the requested rate increase for these reasons:
    1) In the Aqua Illinois April 6,2011 letter notifying their customers of the proposed rate increase, the primary justification given was $85,000 in system improvements since they purchased the system in 2010 which, the letter indicated, amounted to $357 per wastewater customer. The proposed monthly rate of $64.49 is $41.26 higher than the current rate. Dividing $357 by $41.26 means that the company will recover their investment in less than 9 months. What is the justification for imposing a 167% increase beyond that time?
    2) The City of Genoa, like most municipalities, charges for sewer based on water usage. For customers living outside the city limits, as we do, Genoa charges a monthly base rate of $11.16 plus a rate of $4.70 per 1000 gallons of water used. Using my last 12 months water usage of 74000 gallons, as an example, my average monthly sewer bill would be $40.14 compared to Aqua Il requested $64.49 or 50% more than Genoa.
    3) I appreciate Aqua's need to make a profit but tripling the monthly charge is excessive particularly in these economic times. I could live with an increase to maybe $40 which would put us on a par with the residents of Genoa.
    Denton Fuglsang

    Denton Fuglsang
  • May 25, 2011

    The proposed rate increase is way out of line.
    Rance Rada
  • May 24, 2011

    They are currently charging $23.78/month per household($285.36/year). This will go up to $64.49/month($773.88/year) That is a 270% increase, that is crazy. I would hope you would vote against this increase. Thank you..
    Robert Miller
  • May 23, 2011

    Recieved a letter from Aqua stating they are planning to increase our rate for water service by 232% for improvements they want to make to our well and sevice in Ravenna community. Based on installing radio frequency meters to ensure accurate readds however all residents of this community have meters that are able to be read oon the exterior of homes. As far as the sample collection, all residents have been able to provide samples to Aqua when asked and based on their high rates for water feel the costs should be part of the companies overall profit margin and not passed on to the residents. Furthermore, we have complained on numerous occasions thatt he water in our community has so much rust our tap water is not drinkable and our sinks and tubs are discolored from the sediment, and feel the company should focus on the water quality and not upgrades to their systems.
    Cheryl Maiorano
  • April 29, 2011