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  • February 27, 2012

    This email is an objection to the letter we received from our water company, Utilities Inc. for an increase in water rates for the Village of Holiday Hills, IL. Granted, they have not had an increase in rates for quite sometime, but given the state of the economy and the fact that people are unable to pay their bills and keep their home and on top of that the fact that our water is consistently rusty and water pressure is sporadic, I think it is ludicrous that Utilties Inc. is asking for a 400% increase in our water rates.
    Jackie Valentino
  • February 24, 2012

    It has been brought to my attention that Utilities Inc has asked for a rate increase that amounts to a little more than the term, Insanity would seem to define. Any rate increase for the service that is provided would amount to pure fraud. The water there supplying is not much better than the river there pumping it out of... I can not and would not subject an animal to drink the water and bathing in it is as bad. I have had to take my 10 year old daughter to a doctor once and to the emergency room once for bacterial infections due to bathing in the brown syrup that runs from my faucet, it has destroyed numerous coffee pots, dishwashers, laundry washers, shower heads and faucets and other appliances in my house, just about one or 2 of these a year. Not to mention the chemicals needed to treat them.

    The price i am paying for this sludge is unbelievable now and there is no reason to pay for it when the house next store to me in villa vaupell has there own well and treats there own water and it is of better quality than whets oozing from my faucets. I would be more than happy to provide you a picture of my bathtub filled with there Mud and you’re more than welcome to come over to my house and bath in it as my family is subjected too! My house originally had its own well until someone perceived the idea of distributing water from a main well and I would be more than happy to put a well back into operation and treat my own water which would be better than the quality of water oozing from my faucet now. I do not need there water. By there own admission they are only a pumping station and the equipment they replaced was because of normal mechanical life they signed onto when they took over the distribution system... as far as the concrete and building and tighter regulations as im sure there is help for the homeowner there was taxpayer monies available for these post September 11th improvements. As far as depreciation, who is paying for the depreciation on my house and the ability to sell my house when it is connected to criminal water companies that ask for 500 plus percent increases and provide an unusable product… Further they knew what there obligations were when they took over the water distribution system and are now maliciously trying to recoup monies lost from a bad economy and the foreclosure crisis.

    I would ask you to shut down this disgraceful attempt to strong arm money from the residents of holiday hills by not granting them one penny of there proposed larceny. As well ill make a deal with them they can raise my rates from 16.82 to 69.31 if they pick up the $50.00 a month bill for the bottled water service I have to subscribe to, as well as the destroyed equipment and filters I go thru on a monthly and yearly basis because there water is unfit for human consumption as well it smells like plastic, and I wouldn’t give it to my cat. There asking for 152,469 a year, I seriously doubt they have put that much money into the system since they have operated it. Inclosing, If any rate increase is approved it amounts to a crime against the homeowners and taxpayers of holiday hills and shows that big utility corporations are more important to government than the tax dollars and votes generated by us, that actually keep government operating for with out the taxpayer and homeowner the government will fail and that lesson has just been learned!

    Thank you for your time and consideration in these matters.

    Scott Peters
  • February 24, 2012

    Consumer complaint-Holiday Hills Utilities, Inc This is to notify you of our objection to the proposed rate increase as grossly excessive. We have a lot of Senior citizens and unemployed residents in our village and this % is not acceptable. Please don't let them hose us anymore. We are against it.
    Tim & Mary Ann Kolodziejczak
  • February 24, 2012

    I am writing to voice my concerns about the proposed water rate increases to Holiday Hills by Utilities Inc and to object to such a large increase.

    We all understand an increase but to triple our current rate is shocking.

    The homes in Holiday Hills have very low water pressure.

    The Fire Hydrates do not have the proper water pressure and they are useless to the fire trucks, which is scary.

    Holiday Hills shouldn’t have to pay to keep Utilities, Inc incompliance with environmental and regulatory requirements or pay all of the operating expenses, we are a small village.

    I hope the ICC and Utilities, Inc will reconsider the proposed increase and make an attempt to lower the proposed rates.

    Debbie Pristop
  • January 30, 2012

    I oppose the rate hike for water and sewer for our neighborhood. While no one would be opposed to a rate increase, the percentage in which the Utilities Company is seeking is outrageous. No other utility (Ameren, Nicor Gas) would be allowed to raise rates at such a steep rate at once. Just because the Utility Company didn't have enough business sense to raise their rates over time, we shouldn't be forced to fund their stupidity. I find it very funny that all of the so called improvements that were ALREADY made and forcing the force increase couldn't be seen until just a couple weeks ago. The Company claimed the improvements were already done, but they weren't even started until after they won their rate increase. This rate increase will drastically change my family's life. At this point my water bill will be over $350. In this economy, I can't see how any commission that has any grip on reality could approve this. Please consider how a water bill like this would affect your family before appoving this rate increase.
    Tessa Werve
  • April 8, 2011

    Please do not allow this outrageous increase to happen. This increase would put a further strain on tight household budgets in the down economy. Also by reading the documents submitted by Utilities Inc. stating they are trying to recoup money invested in their new management software, I don't see why that is the customer's responsibility to pay for that. That is part of doing business, however that seams like it is all too common in the utility industry. Please don't allow such a ridiculous increase to happen.
    Matt Hanegmon
  • March 14, 2011

    Hello. Thank you for taking our comments into consideration. First, this comment is being posted anonymously as Lake Holiday is a very small, private community and having had limited contact with the less than pleasant Utilities, Inc. customer service dept. - would not wish any retaliation of any sort from said company. That being said, Utilities, Inc. sent all Lake Holiday residents a letter explaining the rate increase they are requesting. This rate increase is nearly triple what we are paying now. The average bill from Utilities, Inc. (only as gathered through speaking with members of our community) is between $50-$70. This would mean our average bills would now be over $150+. I haven't even had a gas bill that high in deep winter. This is much, much higher than the rates paid by surrounding communities. I do ask that the board please compare the rates paid by the surrounding towns i.e., Sandwich, Earlville, Plano, etc. before making a final ruling. Our community has been hard hit by unemployment, as many others have, and another rate increase will have a large, detrimental impact on many here. Thank you again for letting our voices be heard.
    Lake Holiday Resident