Case Number: 13-0537

PLEASE NOTE: If testimony is pre-filed, it does not automatically become part of the official evidentiary record. It becomes part of the official record only if it is admitted without alteration into evidence by ruling of the Administrative Law Judge. The admission into evidence of electronically pre-filed testimony will be reflected on the docket sheet portion of e-Docket.
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  • 11/06/2013
    Commission Minutes

    October 2, 2013 Bench Meeting Minutes
    Court Reporter
  • 10/04/2013
    Petition to Intervene

    Verified Petition to Intervene of the Citizens Utility Board
    Kristin Munsch
  • 10/03/2013
    Notice of Commission Action

    Special Permission Letter
    Elizabeth A. Rolando
  • 10/03/2013
    Voting Record

    Voting Record
    Scott Struck
  • 09/20/2013

    Verified Petition to Approval, on Less Than 45 Days' Notice and Without Suspension, Tariffs addressing refusals of lawful AMI Meter Installation
    E. Glenn Rippie