Case Number: T14-0037

  • 12/10/2014
    Order Entered - Final

    Copy of Order entered December 10, 2014 mailed to All Parties of Record.
  • 09/30/2014
    Service - Proposed Order

    ALJ’s Proposed Order mailed to all parties of record. The times for filing Briefs on Exceptions and Briefs in Reply to Exceptions are 14 days and seven days, respectively.
  • 08/21/2014
    Filing - Draft/Suggested Order

    Staff Proposed Order electronically filed by Daniel Powers, Rail Safety Specialist.
  • 07/10/2014
    Transcript - Received

    Transcript received – 6/23/14.
  • 05/14/2014
    Service - Setting/Prehearing Conference

    Notice of Hearing scheduled for June 23, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. via video conference in Chicago and/or attendance in Springfield. Proposed exhibits must be served at least one week prior to hearing.
  • 04/11/2014
    Filing - Appearance

    Entry of Appearance electronically filed by Lawrence D. Parrish, Special Assistant Chief Counsel for IDOT.
  • 04/04/2014
    Filing - Appearance

    Entry of Appearance electronically filed by Thomas J. Healey, CN/IC Wisconsin Central Ltd.
  • 04/01/2014
    Filing - Petition/Application

    Petition electronically filed by attorney James B. Harvey of Tracy, Johnson & Wilson on behalf of the Village of Plainfield.