Case Number: T13-0087

  • 10/02/2014
    Filing - Notice

    Final inspection provided by staff – 6/3/14.
  • 08/21/2014
    Filing - Compliance

    U.S. DOT AAR Crossing Inventory Form – completion notice (8/1/14) filed by Robert Buchanan on behalf of Evansville Western Railway.
  • 12/17/2013
    Order Entered - X Resolution

    Copy of X-resolution (X-13556) approved December 17, 2013, mailed to Mr. Omer Osman, Director of Highways – IDOT, ATTN: Jason Johnson; Mr. J. Thomas Garrett, Evansville Western Railway, Inc.; C T Corporation System, Evansville Western Railway, Inc.; Mr. Robert Buchanan, Evansville Western Railway, Inc.; Mr. Gregory S. Lupton, Illinois Department of Transportation; Mr. Terry O. Moore, Highway Commissioner, Mount Vernon Township Road District; Mr. Brandon J. Simmons, Jefferson County Highway Engineer.
  • 08/13/2013
    Filing - Form 3

    Copy of Form 3 (X-13556) filed by Robert A. Buchanan, EVWR.
  • 07/30/2013
    Filing - Agreement

    Copy of IDOT Agreement filed by Gregory S. Lupton