Case Number: 12-0555

  • 12/03/2012
    Transcript - Received

    Transcript - November 14, 2012, received.
  • 11/29/2012
    Service - Order

    Copy of Final Order served electronically to parties.
  • 11/28/2012
    Order Entered - Final

    Final Order entered.
  • 11/16/2012
    Service - Administrative Law Judge Ruling

    Notice given that the matter was marked “Heard and Taken” by the Administrative Law Judge on November 14, 2012. Notice served electronically to parties.
  • 11/14/2012
    Hearing Report - Heard and Taken-Yes

    Heard by Administrative Law Judge Benn and Taken.
  • 11/14/2012
    Hearing Report - Exhibits

    e-Docket: Exhibit 1.0 - Direct Testimony of Telephone Communications America, LLC - Scott Walker.
  • 11/14/2012
    Hearing Report - Exhibits

    Appendix A: Contact Information; Appendix B: Certificate of Formation;
    Appendix C: Certificate to Transact Business in the State of Illinois; Appendix D: Officers Biographical Information; Appendix E: Directors/Officers Report;
    Appendix F: AT&T, Inc. 2011 Annual Report.
  • 11/14/2012
    Hearing Report - Administrative Law Judge Ruling

    Applicant is granted 5 days to file a brief description of the procedure it will use to protect customers against slamming and cramming and a list of the jurisdictions where Teleport Communications America, LLC has authority to provide telecommunications services.
  • 11/14/2012
    Transcript - Pending

    Transcript pending.
  • 11/08/2012
    Service - Notice

    Hearing scheduled for November 27, 2012, has been advanced by the Administrative Law Judge to November 14, 2012, in Chicago at 11:00 A.M. Parties advised electronically.
  • 10/19/2012
    Service - Setting/Prehearing Conference

    Set for hearing by the Administrative Law Judge on November 27, 2012, in Chicago at 11:00 A.M. Notice served electronically to parties.
  • 10/05/2012
    Filing - Petition/Application

    Application for a Certificate to become a Telecommunications Carrier, filed by Teleport Communications America, LLC. (Electronic)