Case Number: 11-0590

  • 09/22/2011
    Service - Order

    Copy of Final Order electronically served to parties.
  • 09/21/2011
    Order Entered - Final

    Final Order entered.
  • 09/09/2011
    Filing - Response

    Response to Notice of Administrative Law Judge's Ruling, filed by Nu-Day Energy LLC. (mailed by USPS - September 3,2011)
  • 09/02/2011
    Service - Administrative Law Judge Ruling

    Notice given by the Administrative Law Judge that NU-Day Energy LLC (“Applicant”) must disclose whether it has had any complaints filed against it for its provision of any services in the electric or gas industry in this or any other jurisdiction. If any complaints have been filed against it, Applicant is directed to include in its response the nature of the complaint, the jurisdiction, and the ultimate resolution. Applicant’s response must be received by the Chief Clerk’s Office by September 9, 2011. Applicant shall serve a copy of its response on the Administrative Law Judge at Notice served electronically to parties.
  • 08/19/2011
    Filing - Petition/Application

    Application for Licensure of Agents, Brokers and Consultants, filed by NU-Way Energy LLC. (mailed by USPS - August 17, 2011)