Case Number: 13-0468

  • 02/02/2015 10:00 AM

    Evidentiary Hearing.
  • 01/07/2015 10:00 AM

    Evidentiary Hearing. No hearing continued to 2/02/15 @ 10am.
  • 12/04/2014 9:00 AM

    The Formal Complaint seeks: 1) Customer Charge Proration and 2) Monthly Meter Readings. North Shore Gas Company’s Motion to Dismiss seeks dismissal of the request for Monthly Meter Readings. The Commission’s rules only require actual meter readings every second billing period, pursuant to 83 Ill. Admin Code 280.80. It is not alleged that North Shore fails to read the Complainant’s meter every other billing period, rather Complainant seeks more readings than required. There is no factual dispute in this respect. There is no alleged violation of the Commission’s rules; Mr. Zhang seeks a service above that required by the Commission’s rules. This request was already denied by the Commission in Docket 09-0128. For these reasons, the Motion to Dismiss filed by North Shore Gas Company is granted and the request for Monthly Meter Readings is dismissed. \\\ With respect to the timeliness of service of various documents, no prejudice has been shown. If service was made in an untimely manner, the proper course of action is to request additional time to respond. Mr. Zhang was able to respond the Company’s filings in a timely manner. \\ The remaining issue, Customer Charge Proration, was not the subject of the Motion to Dismiss. An evidentiary hearing will be held on January 7, 2015 at 10:00 to address the Customer Charge Proration issue.
  • 10/28/2014 5:00 PM
    Replies to Response

    North Shore's reply is due October 28, 2014.
  • 10/21/2014 5:00 PM
    Responses to Motion

    The Complainant's response is due October 21, 2014.
  • 09/30/2014 5:00 PM

    North Shore's Motion is due September 30, 2014.
  • 09/04/2014 11:00 AM

    STATUS. REOPENING. Hearing went as scheduled and Continued Generally.
  • 08/06/2014 5:00 PM

    Deadline for Commission action.
  • 05/21/2014 11:00 AM

  • 04/24/2014 11:00 AM

    Evidentiary Hearing. NO HEARING - CONTINUED TO 5/21/14 @ 11AM FOR EVIDENTIARY HEARING.
  • 02/19/2014 11:00 AM

  • 11/05/2013 11:00 AM

  • 09/30/2013 11:00 AM

    Pre-Hearing Conference.