Case Number: 05-0287

  • 06/07/2005 10:00 AM

    Heard & Taken. Exhibits Admitted as Filed on E-Docket: [Ex. 1- Application for Certificate to become a Telecommunication Carrier.] [Appendix A.- Standnard Questions for Applicants.] [Appendix B- 911 Questions for Applicant.] [Appendix C- Financial Questions for Applicant.] [Appendix D- Prepaid Service Questions.] [Appendix E- Company Contacts.] [Appendix F.- Corporate Documents.] [Appendix G- TelNet Worldwide, Inc.] [Appendix H - Sample Bill.] [Appendix I - Customer Support Procedures.] [Appendix J - Financial Fitness Information.] [Appendix K - Facilities Information.] [Appendix L - Membership Application Agreement.]
  • 06/07/2005 10:00 AM

    Applicant's Motion for Confidential Treatment of Financial information was granted.