Case Number: 00-0763

    • Filed:December 1, 2000
    • Suspension:N/A
    • Resuspension:N/A
  • Case Type:
    Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity/Good Standing/Service Authority (8-406,13-403,13-404,13-405,13-900,15-401,16-108,16-115,16-115C,19-110,21-401) - New
  • Service Type(s):
  • Case Status:
    Initial - Closed
  • Administrative Law Judge(s):
    Terrance Hilliard
  • Title of Case:
    Utilities, Inc. Holiday Hills, Inc. Community Service Corporation
  • Nature of Case:
    Application for (1) authorization to carry out the terms of a Purchase Agreement between Utilities, Inc. and Community Service Corporation providing for the acquisition by the former of all of the assets of the latter (2) cancellation of the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity currently held by Community Service Corporation and authorization for it to abandon its public utility business (3) issuance to Holiday Hills Utilities of a certificate of Public Convenience and Neccessity for the properties and assets to be transferred to it under the Purchase agreement and the service area currently served by Community Service Corporation; (4) authorization for Holiday Hills Utilities, Inc. to adopr for the services area presently served by Community Service Corporation, the rates, rules and regulations presently applicable in that area; (5) authorization for Holiday H ills Utilities, Inc. to enter into a service contract with Water Service Corp., a subsidiary of Utilites, Inc., for the furnishing of certain administrative, engineering, operating, accounting, legal, construction, billing, and customer relations services by Water Service Corp.
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