Chairman and Commissioners

The Illinois Commerce Commission has five members, one of whom is designated as Chairman by the Governor. Each Commissioner is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Illinois State Senate for a five-year term. Under Illinois law, no more than three Commissioners may belong to the same political party. See the ICC Organization Chart.

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Office of the Executive Director

The Executive Director who reports directly to the five Commissioners holds the authority and responsibility for managing the Commission Staff and for all support activities. The Executive Director is responsible for the administration of the regulatory agency's budget and its staff of approximately 275.

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Human Resources

The ICC has much to offer prospective job applicants in the way of challenging careers in diverse settings with offices in Springfield, the state capital, Chicago, the third largest city in the US, and Des Plaines.

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Office of Retail Market Development

The Office of Retail Market Development (ORMD) works with electric utilities, alternative retail electric suppliers, relevant governmental agencies and consumer groups to promote retail electric competition and to educate residential and small business customers about electric choice programs throughout the state.

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Bureau of External Affairs

Office of Governmental Affairs

The Office of Governmental Affairs (OGA), a division of the Bureau of External Affairs, serves as the agency's liaison with the Illinois General Assembly and the U.S. legislative and executive offices in Washington as well as responding to legislative constituent concerns and inquiries.

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Office of Public Affairs

The Office of Public Affairs (OPA) works closely with the daily, trade and financial media to provide information about ICC actions and concerns. Additionally, it provides information to in-house and external entities by news releases, advisories, monthly newsletters and annual reports. Public Affairs is also responsible for the organization and oversight of public forums on public utility rate cases and other utility issues.

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Consumer Services

The Consumer Services Division (CSD), a division of the Bureau of External Affairs, responds to inquiries from customers served by the public utilities under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Commerce Commission and investigates informal complaints against public utility companies. CSD provides educational information to utility customers through booklets, website material, public appearances, panels and workshops. electric choice education is an onging function of Consumer Services. In addition, oversight of universal service programs, such as LifeLine and Link-up along with ITAC (Illinois Telephone Access Corporation) which manages TTY distribution and the Telecommunications Relay Service is included in the Division's responsibilities.

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Bureau of Transportation

Bureau Chief's Office

Bureau Chief's Office – Springfield (217) 782-6447
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Transportation Counsel

Transportation Counsel - Springfield (217) 524-4227
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Collateral Recovery (Repossession Licenses and Permits)

Applications for Agencies, Managers, Employees or Interns Recovery Ticket Orders


Police Office - Des Plaines (847) 294-4326
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Operation Lifesaver/Railroad Safety Education (312) 636-3034
Railroad Safety (217) 782-7660
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Review & Examination

Review & Examination (217) 782-4653
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Office of General Counsel

The General Counsel's Office represents Commission staff in matters coming before Administrative Law Judges and defends the ICC's decisions on appeal in State and Federal courts and advocates the ICC's position on public utility matters before federal regulatory agencies. In addition, the advisory section provides in-house legal assistance and guidance.

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Bureau of Public Utilities

Financial Analysis Division

Financial Analysis Division is comprised of accountants, financial analysts, and economists. The primary functions of this division include the review and analysis of: energy, water, sewer, and telecommunications financial issues; various public utilities' requests such as proposed affiliated transactions and mergers; and public utilities' rates and tariff filings. This division also implements applicable provisions of the Illinois Public Utilities Act.

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Accounting Department (217) 558-7163
Finance Department (217) 558-7163
Rates Department (217) 558-7163

Policy Division

The Policy Division provides analytical, technical, and policy support on all telecommunications issues coming to the ICC--tariffs, rules, federal requirements, alternative regulatory proposals, mediation/arbitration requests, or any other circumstances in which state or federal law is applied to telecommunication services in Illinois. The Policy Division also provides general economic policy research and analysis to the Commission regarding state and regional energy issues; intervenes on behalf of, and recommends intervention by, the Commission in electric utility cases before the FERC; participates in regional and national regulatory organizations on behalf of the Commission; reviews and investigates tariffs, petitions, and other utility filings; and monitors compliance with Commission rules and orders.

Office (217) 558-7163
Telecom Policy (217) 524-5073
Energy Policy (217) 785-1414
Federal Energy (217) 785-4046

Safety & Reliability Division

Energy Engineering (217) 785-5424

Reviews: utility plant additions and “used and useful” issues in electric and gas rate cases; infrastructure construction certificates; ARES, ABC, MSP and AGS certification applications; ESA complaints; PGA and FAC reconciliations; electric distribution reliability reports; electric and gas meter calibration facilities; technical issues in consumer complaints; electric and gas accident reports; liquid petroleum pipeline facility certifications; and mercury rules compliance verifications.

JULIE Enforcement (217) 782-5911

Enforces the Illinois Underground Utility Facilities Damage Prevention Act establishing responsibilities of underground utility facility operators and excavators for JULIE notification, marking underground utility facilities and excavating near underground utility facilities.

9-1-1 Program (217) 782-4911

Provide technical standards and guidance to local governmental entities and 9-1-1 system providers regarding 9-1-1 operational issues, and develops policy proposals addressing current and future regulatory and legislative issues surrounding 9-1-1 infrastructure and public safety requirements of Illinois citizens.

Pipeline Safety (217) 785-1165

Inspects natural gas pipeline facilities to assure compliance with all Federal and State safety rules and regulations pertaining to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of those facilities, and incidents involving natural gas resulting in injury requiring hospitalization, fatalities or significant property damage

Reliability Assessment (217) 524-0337

Provides analyses and policy advice regarding electric utility reliability reviews, power delivery infrastructure and distributed and renewable generation. Monitors investigations of power delivery infrastructure and environmental disclosure requirements. Provides representation on state and regional industry entities; and summaries and analyses as required on other issues as requested by the Division Director, the Executive Director and the Commission.

Telecom. Engineering (217) 524-5072

Provides technical expertise and guidance about operations of telecommunications services, retail and wholesale telephone service quality standards, telecommunications carrier ETC applications, central office/outside plant field inspections; monitors/evaluates service outages; evaluates carrier/customer complaints/inquiries; participates in legislation reviews; provides technical training/assistance to Staff, Commissioners, ALJs, carriers and other parties.

Water Engineering (217) 524-5017

Reviews tariffs and other fillings by public water and sewer utilities; provides expert testimony in litigated cases; performs field reviews and inspections of plant, facilities and operations; and reviews and recommends Commission policies on state and national-level water and sewer issues

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Bureau of Administrative Law Judges

The Administrative Law Judges Division (ALJ), through its administrative Law Judges, presides over all aspects of the hearing process in public utility dockets before the Commission.

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Office - Chicago (312) 814-6652
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Bureau of Planning and Operations

Records Management

The Chief Clerk is the official custodian for all Commission records relating to public utilities. These records are accessible to the public and may be viewed via the Internet. e-Docket is the electronic docket system of the Illinois Commerce Commission. e-Docket was developed to process and manage public information about the Illinois Commerce Commission's official cases and rule-making proceedings. Anyone interested in case proceedings conducted by the Illinois Commerce Commission may visit the e-Docket web site and view information about opened and closed cases initiated on or after January 3, 2000. Documents are also viewable in the Clerk's office in Springfield; there is a per-page fee for obtaining copies of some documents. The Chief Clerk's Office, a division of the Bureau of Planning and Operations, maintains public utility case files, public utility rates and tariffs, and hearing schedules.

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Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services, a division of the Bureau of Planning and Operations, provides support services, facility, budget, and financial management including comprehensive responsibility for the agency's computer systems, hardware, software, and training. Additionally, ASD audits travel expenses, processes public utility taxes and oversees purchasing and inventory control.

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Information Technology

Information Technology (217) 782-7529
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