Tariff Filing

GRM #13-136

Ameren Illinois Company
d/b/a Ameren Illinois

Filing of Rider TAR – Recovery of Coal Tar Costs for November 2013 for Residential (GDS-1), Small General (GDS-2), Intermediate General (GDS-3), Large General (GDS-4), Seasonal (GDS-5) and Special Contract (GDS-7) are: Rate Zone II - $0.0002846/Therm., $0.0001481/Therm., $0.0001481/Therm., $0.0000000/Therm., $0.0000000/Therm. and $0.0000000/Therm., respectively.
Ill. C.C. No. 2 37th Informational Sheet (Supp. to Sheet Nos. 43-43.004)
Filed: October 11, 2013
Effective: November 1, 2013