• Filings for Wednesday, August 20, 2014

    • 14-0513 - Petition/Application

      Vodafone US Inc.

      Application for a certificate of authority to operate as a provider of facilities-based and resold local exchange, facilities-based interexchange services and resold wireless services in the State of Illinois.

      Filed: August 20, 2014

      ALJ: Bonita Benn

    • T14-0097 - Petition/Application

      BNSF Railway Company, Petitioner, v. County of Ogle, Illinois, Respondent.

      Petition for an Order of the Illinois Commerce Commission authorizing the installation of an additional railroad track at the grade crossing inventoried as DOT #069 848H (M.P. 114.75) at what is commonly known as Freeport Road near Polo, IL for determination of suitable and appropriate warning and traffic devices at or near the crossing, and for determination by the Illinois Commerce Commission of the division of costs between the parties.

      Filed: August 20, 2014

      ALJ: Latrice Kirkland-Montaque

  • Filings for Tuesday, August 19, 2014

    • 14-0511 - Petition/Application

      CCG Communications LLC d/b/a Lightower Fiber Networks

      Petition for Withdrawal of its Certificates of Service Authority.

      Filed: August 19, 2014

      ALJ: Katina H. Baker

    • 14-0512 - Order - Citation

      Illinois Commerce Commission On It's Own Motion -vs- Major Energy Electric Services LLC

      Citation for alleged violations of Sections 16-115A(b) and 16-115A(e) of the Public Utilities Act and of 83 Ill. Admin. Code Parts 412.110, 412.130.

      Filed: August 19, 2014

      ALJ: Claudia Sainsot

    • 13-0252 - Memorandum to the Commission - Reopen

      FutureGen Industrial Alliance, Inc.

      Application for a Certificate Authorizing the Construction and Operation of a Carbon Dioxide Pipeline.

      Filed: August 19, 2014

      ALJ: Janis Von Qualen

  • Filings for Monday, August 18, 2014

    • 14-0508 - Formal Complaint

      Robert Kriha -vs- Northern Illinois Gas Company d/b/a Nicor Gas Company

      Complaint as to billing/charges.

      Filed: August 18, 2014

      ALJ: Bonita Benn

      August 18, 2015 5:00 PM - Deadline for Commission action

    • 14-0509 - Petition/Application

      KWH Savings LLC

      Application for Licensure of Agents, Brokers and Consultants under Section 16-115C of the Public Utilities Act.

      Filed: August 18, 2014

      ALJ: Douglas E. Kimbrel

    • 14-0510 - Petition/Application

      Illinois Bell Telephone Company d/b/a AT&T Illinois d/b/a AT&T Wholesale and MCImetro Access Transmission Services LLC d/b/a Verizon Access Transmission Services

      Joint Petition for Approval of 3rd Amendment to the Interconnection Agreement dated August 8, 2014 pursuant to 47 U.S.C. § 252.

      Filed: August 18, 2014

      ALJ: Katina H. Baker

    • T14-0096 - Stipulated Agreement

      Illinois Central Railroad Company, the Village of Dowell, Pulaski County and the State of Illinois, Department of Transportation.

      Stipulated Agreement regarding improving public safety at the Union Avenue (AAR/DOT #295 063U, railroad milepost 293.38-M) highway-rail grade crossing of the Company’s track, located in Dowell, Jackson County, and the West Jefferson Street (AAR/DOT #299 046S, railroad milepost 340.89-M) highway-rail grade crossing of the Company’s track, located near Ullin, Pulaski County.

      Filed: August 18, 2014

  • Filings for Sunday, August 17, 2014

    There have been no filings accepted this day.

  • Filings for Saturday, August 16, 2014

    There have been no filings accepted this day.