Pursuant to 220 ILCS 5/10-101.1 and 83 Ill. Adm. Code 202, the Illinois Commerce Commission offers voluntary binding arbitration if requested by all parties to any complaint brought under the Public Utilities Act. The following lists identify the arbitrators and their respective locations for parties requesting arbitration to choose from. Parties must specify their first and second choice of arbitrator and are encouraged to identify a third choice. Parties are not restricted to choosing arbitrators closest to their locations, but should keep in mind that the location of the arbitrator will most likely determine the location of the arbitration.

Arbitrators Located in Springfield

  • John Albers
  • Stephen Yoder
  • Janis VonQualen

Arbitrators Located in Chicago

  • Ethan Kimbrel
  • Jessica Cardoni
  • Glennon Dolan
  • Heather Jorgenson
  • Leslie Haynes
  • Terrance Hilliard
  • John Riley
  • Claudia Sainsot
  • Sonya Teague