CommissionerResidenceCommissioner TermChairman TermAppointed By
James E. QuanChicagoJanuary 1914 to April 1915January 1914 to January 1914Edward F. Dunne
Walter A. ShawChicagoJanuary 1914 to February 1921 Edward F. Dunne
Owen P. ThompsonJacksonvilleJanuary 1914 to July 1917 Edward F. Dunne
Richard YatesSpringfieldJanuary 1914 to July 1917 Edward F. Dunne
Frank H. FunkBloomingtonJanuary 1914 to February 1917 Edward F. Dunne
William O'ConnellChicagoApril 1915 to May 1917May 1917 to May 1917Edward F. Dunne
Thomas E. DempcyE. St. LouisMay 1917 to July 1921May 1917 to May 1917Frank O. Lowden
Patrick LuceyChicagoJuly 1917 to January 1921 Frank O. Lowden
Fred E. SterlingRockfordJuly 1917 to January 1919 Frank O. Lowden
James H. WilkersonGlencoeMarch 1919 to January 1921November 1919 to January 1921Frank O. Lowden
Cicero J. LindlyGreenvilleFebruary 1921 to September 1926February 1921 to February 1921Len Small
Hal W. TrovillionHerrinFebruary 1921 to August 1929 Len Small
P. H. MoynihanChicagoFebruary 1921 to August 1929May 1928 to August 1929Len Small
James F. SullivanChicagoFebruary 1921 to September 1923 Len Small
Frank L. Smith April 1921 to September 1926April 1921 to April 1921Len Small
Alex J. JohnsonChicagoOctober 1921 to November 1923 Len Small
William J. SmithWaukeganAugust 1922 to August 1929 Len Small
William BurkhardtChicagoSeptember 1923 to January 1927 Len Small
Edward H. WrightChicagoNovember 1923 to September 1928 Len Small
David H. JacksonChicagoJanuary 1927 to May 1928January 1928 to May 1928Len Small
Alex J. JohnsonChicagoJanuary 1927 to September 1929 Len Small
Paul J. KuhnBataviaJanuary 1928 to February 1933 Len Small
James R. ClarkBloomingtonJuly 1928 to August 1929 Len Small
Daniel JacksonChicagoSeptember 1928 to May 1929 Len Small
Charles W. HadleyWheatonAugust 1929 to January 1932August 1929 to January 1932Louis L. Emmerson
G. Gale GilbertMt. VernonAugust 1929 to July 1933January 1932 to February 1933Louis L. Emmerson
William BrinkmanChicagoAugust 1929 to February 1933 Louis L. Emmerson
Phil W. CollinsChicagoAugust 1929 to July 1933 Louis L. Emmerson
Walter H. WilsonChicagoAugust 1929 to February 1933 Louis L. Emmerson
Paul SamuellJacksonvilleJanuary 1932 to July 1933 Louis L. Emmerson
Rice MillerHillsboroAugust 1932 to February 1933 Louis L. Emmerson
B. F. LindheimerChicagoFebruary 1933 to May 1936February 1933 to May 1936Henry Horner
Charles ByrneE River ForestFebruary 1933 to July 1941 Henry Horner
Andrew OlsonMolineFebruary 1933 to March 1940 Henry Horner
Ernest J. KruetgenChicagoMay 1933 to September 1933 Henry Horner
James D. MarnaneChicagoNovember 1933 to July 1941 Henry Horner
Harry A. BarrChampaignFebruary 1934 to December 1937 Henry Horner
James M. SlatteryChicagoMay 1936 to April 1939May 1936 to April 1939Henry Horner
William W. HartBentonJune 1939 to July 1941September 1939 to November 1940Henry Horner
Paul J. RaverOak ParkJuly 1939 to September 1939July 1939 to September 1939Henry Horner
Robert M. HarperEast MolineMay 1940 to July 1941 Henry Horner
Roy D. KeehnLake BluffNovember 1940 to April 1941November 1940 to April 1941John Stelle
John D. BiggsGreenvilleApril 1941 to February 1951April 1941 to February 1949Dwight H. Green
William ParrilloChicagoJuly 1941 to February 1949 Dwight H. Green
Frank PeskaChicagoJuly 1941 to February 1949 Dwight H. Green
Edwin RosenstoneCambridgeJuly 1941 to February 1950 Dwight H. Green
Val J. WashingtonChicagoJuly 1941 to February 1949 Dwight H. Green
Walter T. FisherWinnetkaMarch 1949 to January 1953March 1949 to January 1953Adlai E. Stevenson
Kenneth CampbellChicagoMarch 1949 to April 1951 Adlai E. Stevenson
James J. DanaherChicagoMarch 1949 to January 1953 Adlai E. Stevenson
Dale E. SuttonPekinMarch 1950 to January 1953 Adlai E. Stevenson
J. G. Van KeurenDuQuoinMarch 1951 to February 1961 Adlai E. Stevenson
Cyrus J. ColterChicagoJune 1951 to September 1973 Adlai E. Stevenson
George R. PerrineAltonJanuary 1953 to September 1961January 1953 to July 1961William G. Stratton
Jesse L. SimpsonEdwardsvilleJanuary 1953 to August 1963 William G. Stratton
William VicarsPontiacJanuary 1953 to February 1959 William G. Stratton
Alfred H. ReichmanChampaignMarch 1959 to May 1980 William G. Stratton
James W. KarberRidgwayFebruary 1961 to March 1969July 1961 to March 1969Otto Kerner
Edward PriceChicagoJune 1962 to May 1963 Otto Kerner
Robert PerbohnerChicagoMay 1963 to August 1969 Otto Kerner
Robert E. DolphAuroraSeptember 1963 to June 1968 Otto Kerner
David H. ArmstrongAuroraNovember 1968 to April 1969April 1969 to January 1973Samuel H. Shapiro
C. Burton NelsonRockfordSeptember 1969 to January 1980October 1977 to November 1977Richard B. Ogilvie
Haynes E. ReeseCarbondaleSeptember 1969 to May 1973 Richard B. Ogilvie
Marvin LiebermanDecaturJanuary 1973 to September 1977January 1973 to September 1977Daniel Walker
Helen D. SchmidGlen EllynMay 1973 to June 1983 Daniel Walker
Charles E. FreemanChicagoSeptember 1973 to December 1976 Daniel Walker
Charles G. StalonCarbondaleSeptember 1977 to November 1984 James R. Thompson
Charles P. KocorasOak LawnNovember 1977 to January 1979November 1977 to January 1979James R. Thompson
C. Burton NelsonRockfordJanuary 1979 to March 1979January 1979 to March 1979James R. Thompson
Michael V. HastenChicagoMarch 1979 to January 1983March 1979 to January 1983James R. Thompson
Andrew C. BarrettChicagoMay 1980 to September 1989 James R. Thompson
Daniel RosenblumChicagoFebruary 1981 to January 1985 James R. Thompson
Philip O'ConnorChicagoJanuary 1983 to December 1985January 1983 to January 1985James R. Thompson
Ruth K. KretschmerMedinahJune 1983 to December 2002 James R. Thompson
Mary B. BushnellStillman ValleyNovember 1983 to October 1989December 1985 to October 1989James R. Thompson
Susan C. StoneChampaignJanuary 1984 to October 1989 James R. Thompson
Stanford LevinEdwardsvilleNovember 1984 to January 1986 James R. Thompson
Calvin K. ManshioChicagoJanuary 1985 to March 1992 James R. Thompson
Raymond G. RomeroChicagoDecember 1985 to February 1990 James R. Thompson
Paul G. ForanDanvilleDecember 1985 to June 1993 James R. Thompson
Lynn Shishido-TopelChicagoOctober 1989 to April 1995 James R. Thompson
Ellen C. CraigChicagoOctober 1989 to April 1994February 1992 to March 1994James R. Thompson
Jerry BlakemoreChicagoFebruary 1990 to March 1992 James R. Thompson
Terrence L. BarnichSpringfieldFebruary 1992 to November 1993October 1989 to February 1992James R. Thompson
Karl A. McDermottHomerApril 1992 to May 1998 James Edgar
David S. WilliamsChicagoApril 1992 to May 1995 James Edgar
William M. DicksonChicagoJune 1993 to May 1996 James Edgar
Dan MillerChicagoApril 1994 to May 1998April 1994 to May 1998James Edgar
Richard E. KolhauserSpringfieldApril 1994 to January 2000 James Edgar
Brent S. BohlenSpringfieldMay 1996 to February 1999 James Edgar
Richard L. MathiasWinnetkaMay 1998 to September 2002May 1998 to September 2002James Edgar
Terry S. HarvillChicagoMay 1998 to January 2003 James Edgar
Edward C. HurleyChicagoFebruary 1999 to September 2005April 2003 to September 2005George H. Ryan
Mary Frances SquiresSpringfieldMarch 2000 to June 2004 George H. Ryan
Kevin K. WrightSpringfieldSeptember 2002 to February 2007September 2002 to April 2003George H. Ryan
Lula M. FordChicagoJanuary 2003 to February 2013 Rod R. Blagojevich
Erin M. O'Connell-DiazChicagoApril 2003 to March 2013 Rod R. Blagojevich
Robert F. LiebermanChicagoFebruary 2005 to May 2009 Rod R. Blagojevich
Martin R. CohenChicagoSeptember 2005 to November 2005September 2005 to November 2005Rod R. Blagojevich
Charles E. BoxRockfordJanuary 2006 to January 2010January 2006 to January 2010Rod R. Blagojevich
Sherman J. ElliottSpringfieldJanuary 2008 to March 2012 Rod R. Blagojevich
John T. ColganSpringfieldNovember 2009 to January 2015 Pat Quinn
Manuel Flores (Acting)ChicagoJanuary 2010 to March 2011January 2010 to March 2011Pat Quinn
Douglas P. ScottRockfordMarch 2011 to January 2015March 2011 to January 2015Pat Quinn
Ann McCabeChicagoMarch 2012 to Present Pat Quinn
Miguel del ValleChicagoFebruary 2013 to Present Pat Quinn
Sherina E. MayeChicagoMarch 2013 to Present Pat Quinn
Brien SheahanChicagoJanuary 2015 to PresentJanuary 2015 to PresentBruce Rauner
John RosalesChicagoMarch 2015 to Present Bruce Rauner
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