Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take part in Natural Gas Choice Programs?

Currently, residential and small commercial customers of Nicor Gas, North Shore Gas and Peoples Gas can choose to purchase their natural gas supply from a certified Alternative Gas Supplier (AGS). Natural Gas choice programs are currently not available in the Ameren Illinois territories or territories of other natural gas utilities.

What is an Alternative Gas Supplier (AGS)?

An AGS is a business that provides natural gas to residential and small business customers in a competitive market. To do business in Illinois, an AGS must be certified by the ICC and registered with the local utility.

Do I have to find a supplier?

No. If you do nothing, or don’t want to switch to an AGS, your utility will continue to supply your natural gas.

Who do I call if I smell gas, suspect a gas leak or have service problems?

You should continue to call your gas utility. Your utility is responsible for the safe and reliable delivery of the natural gas to your home or business, whether you purchase your gas from the utility or from another supplier.

How will I be billed?

It depends on the supplier you choose. You may receive one bill or two. You may continue to receive one bill from your gas utility that details the AGS charges separately on that bill. The AGS may also issue a single bill that includes the delivery charges for your utility. Or you could receive separate bills – one from your utility for delivery service charges and another from the AGS for supply charges. You should ask the AGS when you are shopping which billing method they will use.

Will I save money if I switch?

Whether or not you save money will depend on several things: How much you pay now for the natural gas you purchase; how much natural gas you use; and your agreement with the supplier.

I’m on a budget payment plan through my utility. Can I continue this plan if I enroll with an AGS?

Each AGS is different. Before switching, ask the AGS if they have programs that meet your payment needs.

If I choose to purchase my gas supply from an AGS, can I switch to a new AGS or choose to go back to purchasing my gas supply from the utility?

Yes. But, you should check the terms of your agreement for any early termination penalties that may apply. By law, an AGS may not charge a termination penalty greater than $50 on any contracts signed after April 10, 2009. If you choose to go back to purchasing gas from your utility, you must choose a new supplier within 120 days or you will be required to remain on utility supply service for a period of one year.

Who do I call if I have questions about my bill?

If your questions relate to the delivery portion of your bill, including the amount you are being charged for the delivery of gas, you should call your natural gas utility. For questions about the supply portion of the bill, including the price you are paying for the supply of gas, call the supplier. Your utility and all AGS are required to have a call center available to answer your questions during business hours. And if you have a complaint, your utility and AGS are required to have a complaint resolution process in place. Numbers for both the utility and the AGS can be found on your bill. If you are not satisfied with the outcome after contacting the utility or AGS, you may call the ICC Consumer Services Division at 1-800-524-0795.