Ameren Transmission Company's Illinois Rivers Project

What and Where: Ameren Transmission proposes to build a 345,000-volt transmission line across Illinois from Palmyra, MO, to Sugar Creek, IN. The total project is approximately 330 miles in length, including a 41-mile line between Meredosia and Ipava and a 28-mile long line linking the Rising and Sidney substations in the Champaign area. Link

Why: The company cites reliability improvements, the growing demand for electricity, access to renewable energy, and enhancement of market efficiency in support of the transmission line project. Link

Process: The law's expedited procedures required Ameren Transmission Company to hold at least three public meetings in each county in which the transmission lines would be located. The meetings were intended to provide area residents, landowners, and other interested persons the opportunity to learn more about the Illinois Rivers Project and its possible impact on the surroundings. They also allowed interested persons to communicate their views about the project to the company.

Ameren Transmission Company filed its application with the Illinois Commerce Commission for approval of the project on November 7, 2012. The company is seeking approval under the expedited procedures contained in section 8-406.1 of the Public Utility Act (220 ILCS 5/8-406.1 The final date for Commission action is August 20, 2013.

ICC Decision: The ICC entered a Final Order( approving the transmission line August 20 after considering evidence and testimony from all parties. Maps of the route are included in Appendix D parts 1, 2 and 3.

The Commission concluded the new transmission line is needed to provide adequate, reliable and efficient service and will promote a competitive electricity market by bringing in additional renewable energy resources. The cost of constructing the transmission line will be shared by all customers living within the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) region, which is a multi-state transmission area, rather than spread among Ameren customers in Illinois only.

The transmission line will run through parts of Adams, Clark, Coles, Douglas, Edgar, Moultrie, Morgan, Piatt, Pike, Sangamon, and Scott counties. Specifically, beginning at the point where it crosses the Mississippi River in Adams County, the main portion of the line will run through substations near Quincy, Meredosia, and Pawnee. At Pawnee, the approved segments of the line stop and then pick up again at the Macon County line east of Decatur and run through the Kansas substation and then on to the Indiana border. Another section runs from Meredosia to Ipava through parts of Cass, Fulton, Morgan and Schuyler counties. A separate line would wrap around the southwest side of Champaign County from Rising to Sidney.

In its order, the ICC noted that given insufficient time to consider evidence on certain portions of the proposed transmission project it declined to approve a section of the proposed transmission route, between Pawnee and Pana running through Christian, Macon, and Montgomery counties. The ICC concluded that the company failed to provide adequate evidence demonstrating the least-cost configuration of that leg of the route. The ICC also denied construction of new or expansions of existing substations at Ipava, Pana, Mt. Zion, Kansas, Sidney and Rising at this time, noting ATXI didn't provide sufficient evidence of need.

ATXI did not seek eminent domain authority as part of this case. If ATXI seeks eminent domain authority later, the Commission will have 45 days to consider the request.

Case Information: All information related to the case including the application, other filings, the case schedule and ICC rulings can be found on the ICC's e-Docket at